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⊕ Shamanic Endeavors ☼ Portion l’un: Nature !!

The word ‘shaman’ coming from Siberian Tungus … with two meanings which I’ve come across ‘the one who knows’ or ‘the one who can fly.’

“The Tao Te Ching describes the master (shaman) as “A man or woman whose life is in perfect harmony with the way things are. This is not an idea; it is a reality. The master (shaman) has mastered Nature; not in the sense of conquering it, but of becoming it.” (Tao Te Ching, translated by Stephen Mitchell pg. ix)”

Please enjoy some traversing w/ Mari Boine into some Medicine Realm work!

When I say, Medicine Realm, this means:  A place where you’d go within, to HEAL YOURSELF. The Medicine realm can be accessed via  meditation, Shamanic Journey, Self reflection…for some examples.

Click on these embedded links below for some readings on Shamanic techniques of healing w/ modalities and also elements around you.

Shamanic Journey

Working with Crystals

Sound Healing

I invite you today, to connect with one little corner of nature near you. Whether, it’s a tree, directly outside of your door, a park which you walk by, or an overhead flying bird, these examples all can be Mindfulness Bells ringing and awakening you to a deeper reality — the Medicine realm. Even deeply connecting w/ your dog, on a walk– allow him or her to guide you to some beautiful corners of your surroundings. The jist here is to follow your breathing, clear the hectic mind, as you cast your line of vision upon an element of your natural surrounding. Now, upon following your breathing while you are in concentration on your connective point in Nature, allow some time to elapse while enjoying your breath, in and out. And then, deeply LISTEN. Are you feeling any sensations in your body? Where do you feel the sensations? Do you feel like you can hear a verbal message, through reflecting in this silence? Is it a call to action? Is it a call to peace? Just be with this, whatever which is coming up.

I share this technique because I find it a beautiful practice to become quite comfortable to connect with the nature surroundings. Nature, elements, plants, animals, minerals have all, A LOT to say. Even if we live in the city, of course, there is still raw nature. Look, the signs are around you.

When we make a connection with nature, this point of connection is where we can deeply go within. (This point of concentration is bringing you BACK to yourSelf…. bringing you INWARD) Going inward is the way to find the solace. We may be searching for solace in other people, in our relationships and in material things. However, yes, there is beauty and life in relationships, but often times we rely very heavily on our loved ones and spiritual teachers to bring us happiness and insight. As Rumi says: Everything in the Universe is in you. Ask all within yourself.” If we are to seek teachers to support us, let us seek teachers that direct us, back to our inner knowing, ultimately.

Also…while practicing the meditation on nature which I mentioned above, know that the point which you are choosing to connect– has an actual medicine for you. If you see a Hawk flying overhead and choose to connect there, Look up ‘Hawk totem,’ online or in a book like ‘Animal Speak.’ Also, let’s say you are drawn with a specific tree to connect– Look up the tree name and see if there are any metaphysical meanings with the Tree deva. If you are drawn to a certain landscape, check out about the landscape, in ‘Nature Speak!!’ Read up & marvel at synchronicities of where you are drawn!

Maybe then you’ll create a lil space of Love in your home, simple, with some elements of nature. In this space, you practice your inner work, more often, in your days. Maybe you’ll tidy up your space of Love, already existing– or ReCreate it, breathe new Life INTO it!

Happy Connecting!!

Zip away from the heavy, matrix reality and feel the love, wisdom, healing, and peace within the Alternate, medicine realms.

~ AHO! Mitayuke Oyasin ~

~Untold Story~ by Josephine Wall

“As the planet evolves, humankind increasingly leaves the cities to seek peace and consolation in the country. There nature awaits with all her gentleness and beauty to welcome humanity into a more fulfilling way of life.” ~Josephine Wall


I’m happy where I’m at.

You can’t save anyone nor should you waste time trying. Instead, shine your light. Inspire.


However, perhaps– Something you’re doing, small or gargantuan, may inspire someone to take that lil shift, in their world to more happiness and peace.

Who is to say that one’s action, unless one is harming another person or violating Natural Law — is not just be the catalyst that one needs. What one may be doing can be catalyst which may lead soon to no further suffering with insanity, for that very person.

I invite you to allow the image of a time where you worried and also you were completely sweatin’ an outcome, to find that everything fell into it’s right place. Also, bring into your mind’s eye, a time where you, simply, surrendered. You just said, “Ok, I can’t do anything about this, it’s too big…that’s it. I turn it over.” What was the outcome then? Did you find also everything just fell into the right space? Hmm…and THAT is for your consideration.

By no means, don’t suppress worrying or concern. Play it out...allow THAT to be (the theme, of this writing.) However, I’m talking about rumination and story telling. ((My ol’ habit energy.)) As a human race, learning to give the mind a rest from spinning stories is a wonderful practice for us to begin and…um, it’s practice. Be patient. Be gentle but dilligent with your practice. A day a time.

Being a counselor at a Drug and Alcohol addictions therapy clinic and also being a holistic practitioner ~ towards my clients, sometimes I THINK that I foresee the best for them. Sometimes I’M even SURE how a client could best act, to free themselves from suffering . “If you just drop ______________ , (fill in the thing which I think is bullshit), I think THAT’S the answer for you. ”  And yes, we can shine the Light on issues, which a client (or friend) is having, BUT ONLY IF the client or friend is directly asking for help to be brought forth. Again, as long as it’s not harming the free will of another human-being– which DEFINITELY would have to stop: Shaking someone awake isn’t a nice thing to do, and that goes for: physically or spiritually.

Reflections of self inquiry w/ Gangaji, here …


I see loving and caring by others, friends in my life. And, through the days, they project their wishes for me, regarding the mundane, or relationships or with career. I understand that these loved ones want the best for me. However, at times, I wish that the projecting wasn’t BEAMLINE-ing right into my 3rd eye!!!!! “Ok, give it a rest, man…I got this!”

A ‘Balihigh’ mask

However, I accept the care and love.
And…as they say in the 12 step program..if it doesn’t apply, LET IT FLY!

So, I think of how I feel, and I apply this in my response to others’ potential feelings. Am I projecting? Am I worrying too much? Am I giving unsolicited advice? And if we can all take into consideration…a mindfulness of the human condition, perhaps we can all flow so much more easily, in communication.


Remembering to LOVE, Love with wisdom. Love that shows Truth. Each moment, each day. Remember what you’re here for.

Peace all and the ALoHA,

11 : 11 ~ Go thru ~

Since we were kids ~glancin’ at the clock… seeing 2:22, 12:34, 3:33, …11:11 …we said, ‘Make a Wish.’

As an adult…. Metaphysics becoming a piqued research interest– I looked meaning of numbers, beyond just the numerology studies of birth dates…but more esoteric meanings of numbers and math…and into sacred geometry!

For instance — Golden Ratio! <– Vid in Link!

The 11:11 doorway as it’s sometimes called, I started to think about how cool that, as kids, we’d ‘make a wish’ for those moments of time — These moments of seeing 11:11 were like a blank canvas of  where we could co-create w/ the Universe.

But you’d do this wishing…with a clear mind–Just stopping the busy-ness of the day, for one minute & thinking of what you’d like to wish for. In the energies of late, YOU’LL DEFINITELY GET ITwhatever you’re thinking about! Anyone noticing lightning fast  manifestation, especially, in this ‘11 YEAR?!  These are usually little things you’re LEAST expecting to come to immediate pass, because you’re LEAST thinking about them. Honestly, this is because you’ve TRULY MADE SPACE for the manifestation by just FUHGETTIN’ ABOUT IT! As one of my teachers simply just put it, “If you want it, go get it. If you really want it, go get it.”

So, if you’re not gettin’ it … why dontcha want it? And once you figure that out…maybe you still don’t want it, maybe you do. :-/ I think the inward looking, and lots of it, would do us all good, right now,– to really be able to move forward with >> RIGHT ACTION<<  (especially in the state of affairs of the World Stage.)

Actually– any moment we can intend clearly, not just 11:11, of course. ..BUuUuUT..The 11:11 … It’s kinda like the double helix strands of DNA…Basically because of this, it’s in our cellular memory to deeply awaken to a new level with each 11:11!!! It is considered ‘a pre-encoded trigger’ for you — A bell of mindfulness to clear the cobwebs & to go deeply within yourself for a  moment. A WAKE UP CALL To — get clear — intend — pray — make a wish– to put it simply! 😉

~ Journey of the Wounded Healer ~ Alex Grey

Often times, when a really cool synchronicity happens or when you notice the 11:11 (or any sequence of duplicate or consecutive numbers, for that matter) on your clock or on a license plate  in front of you, etc..– After you take a moment to breathe– go back and..kinda, go over — What were you JUST thinking or feeling? Often, the synchronicity (or the digit sighting) is a positive confirmation for you, about the vibe which you’re having. What the confirmation specifically means….? Well, delve into the intuition, baby. (Also, if you’re seeing, the same number pattern, over and over again, like, say 563… you may want to check into the meaning of that specific pattern of numbers, with a book like ‘Angel Numbers’ by Doreen Virtue. OR, again, delve into the intuition banks, within, baby.)

11:11 <– info about 11:11 phenom …

Angels …<— click this link for an amazing story and soul-created images of Angelic encounters, all ascension related. all inter-connected to the phenomenon experiences of the new Earth….This visions depicted in that link are from a near death experience. Most definitely, these VISIONS, if you allow– will become all too common in your Shamanic Journeys, Your dreams, your WAKING REALITY. We are already in the reality of the new Earth because ALL TIME is now.

~Sepharic by Alex Grey ~


Let go of what you think you know.

Weird is the new normal.

Honestly, my new practice– Surrender to the way it’s goin’….And Share your experiences, ideas, art w/ your local and surrounding community groups which are gathering. I’ve been more than pleasantly supported and loved for EXACTLY where I am at. Weirdness N all!

Pass through the doorway of limitlessness, each time you see synchronicities, my dear friends. And feel free to leave your boggy baggage of the old paradigm livin’, at the door.

You are free!