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♒Angels εїз in the Sky♒

Chin up ~ Please don’t forget — Look to the Sky for inspiration ….

A friend posted an amazing pic of light emitting angelic-like form from a cloud (there ’tis, below) …. I don’t know who took this pic or where it’s at (so,– much props and due acknowledgment to this photog/artist) … I do believe it to be a manifestation of LIGHT, healing to our Earthly grid. Lord knows we need it.

Connecting with the fact that I’ve been seeing alot of INTERESTING clouds / Beings in the sky and also those lil rainbow prisms (sundogs) lately….more than ever!!

Ok…so, for my pictures ~~ Sundog, below (speaking of the floating, lil rainbows in the sky) with…. what I think is a sweet golden Archangel orb here…(Gabriel)


It still moves…baby… 😉  “Watchin’ a stretch of road…miles of LIGHT explode. Driftin’ off a thing I’ve never done before….You’ll be right here forever, we’ll go through this thing together. And on Heaven’s Golden Shore, we’ll lay our heads.”

And more pics o’ mine … the SHORE ~ with protective Light beings…against — a chem trail? I dunno– perhaps dispelling that energy, if so.


A Fairy in the sky with Diamonds…. and…with a wand 😉 hehehe


And Hearts and Angels ….


Sometimes more discreetly there …

What are your thoughts? Do you have Angel-sky pics? If so…post via imgur in comments below ~~~~

May the Light of the ONE INFINITE CREATOR radiate forth from YOU to ALL! Knowing these signs, and seeing them w/ a clear EYE — understanding that we are protected & shall — ultimately, BE ALriiiiight.

ALoHa, Peace ~ & Angelic Light,

Kate Bee Moon

Stone walls do not a prison make,
Nor iron bars a cage;
Minds innocent of quiet take
That for a hermitage;
If I have freedom in my love
And in my soul am free,
Angels alone that soar above
Enjoy such liberty.

Richard Lovelace


☀ Prayers to the Sacred Flames ☀


Dedicated to my ‘Ra Class’ …my rockin’ friends & teachers…

The Seven Sacred Flames are spiritual camps, if you will, within the cosmos, the ethers and within ourselves. Celebrated often times by chanting prayers to invoke the energies within, with which we are not separate from ~ hence awakening those facet seeds within us.

Over July and August ~ Myself, going through profound letting go and healing… I asked many-a query to friends and teachers about the emotional pain which was coming up. “Why is this discomfort happening, what should I do…yada yada.” As I spun my wheels in the constantly whirring mind–  One of my lovely, bas ass, quick-witted, cosmic teachers asked me to pause all of this thinking– and succinctly referenced a classic Platoon quote– “TAKE THE PAIN!”

 Watching war movies, (if you haven’t actually served yourself or lived in such a situation & if you can stand it) I find can be great equalizers of the mind and perspective-givers. So,  yeah, When your spiritual teacher tells you to stop being a pussy ~ Usually it’s a green light revelation for– delving into some good ‘shadow work.’  (Shadow Work: AKA Facing those quarks that keep you PLAYING SMALL, feeling separate– And WHY the quarks are working in the way they do, within you, at certain precipices on the Journey. So, at those times– Go ‘head leap!! Legions of Angels PROTECT YOU…call on them, baby!)

Henceforth, deciding that I’d delve headfirst into some medicine for the Soul through ~ the quitting of dipping one toe into the flames of transformation. (Then getting an ouchie, wincing, flinching and then REPEAT) ~ I took to action and  invoked one of the great teachings from an amazing SELF INQUIRY teacher, Gangaji.  My summary of her words: ~ HEY, THROW YOURSELF in THE FLAMES~ cinge up the pain, it dissipates through your true surrender and you’ve become a shaman of transmutation! This all can be done by ~~ sitting ~~ Breathing ~~ BEING as is.

Hell, maybe even DO A FIREWALK, with your local CELTIC SHAMAN ~ to bring to LIFE the process of FIRE AND TRANSMUTATION!

….where we walked….

So now from the Prayers to the Seven Sacred Flames book by Aurelia Louise Jones …. This goes out to the human condition which we all endure…

An Offering of the Broken Heart

“I come to the altar of Mercy to offer my broken heart. This day, I offer my sorrows, my tears, my fears, my worries, my pains, my grief and loneliness to the altar of Love, knowing that it is only through drenching of the Heart into the fires of pure Divine Love that all human attributes of the broken heart can be miraculously healed and transformed.

As I allow myself too feel the pain with surrender,  I allow myself to release  it, to be transformed into the most wondrous gift. I also know  that my pains and sorrows are a learning tool, the cleansing catalysts that will help me perfect the Divine gift of Love that will open wide THE REALMS OF LIGHT upon my Soul…. Beauty in all its Celestial perfection, health in all its full magnificence, wisdom in its unlimited glory are the gifts bestowed upon those who possess this GREAT LOVE.”

May we face with grounded-ness & the Shaman’s way– all aspects of the Self, (Higher Self, the human personality, the shadow & all) in these amazing, accelerated and sometimes freaky times…

Aloha & Peace!

Gratitude so deep, that it is un-sayable, going out to my Friends & Teachers!

Kali can help with your emotional transmutation ~ Just remember to ask for help w/ GRACE & EASE as you call on her, in help in letting go of what is no longer serving your highest and best good ~ Aaaand check out this Awesome song of gratitude, transformation & CONSCIOUSNESS BLISS w/ Kali-ma!