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Orgonite Adventure

~ The making of Orgonite ~

A finished product! ~ Hardened poly resin with metals, copper, gold flakes and crystals within.

Orgonite is a composition of catalyzed organic resin, metals & crystals coalesced together, to create a generator which does attract and purify etheric energy– this energy also known as Chi, Prana, the Fifth Element– or Orgone.

Orgone energy is not a new invention, but the name given by the late psychoanalyst and scientist Dr. Wilhelm Reich to the omnipresent life force. This etheric force is also known as prana, chi or ether to different ancient traditions. With Orgonite, we have a universal and very potent healing tool that can help us reverse the negative influences of aggressive human technologies on the environment.” ~~

When searching online about articles of a variety of activist responses to the world stage issues, I came across a group of folks who were still creating and sharing with one another, this substance called Orgonite. My ears perked up when coming to understand that these easily created pieces of resin, copper & metals and crystals could be a very assisting tool from the barrage of chemicals and or ‘negative energy’ which is afoot, in our world. It is found through Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s work, that metal will attract orgone (etheric, life force energy) and then release it. This process of attraction of orgone energies, with metal happens very, very quickly. So, in a concentrated piece of Orgonite, with metal shavings within, it effectively can attract all energy. Energy which is distorted or ‘armored’ as Dr. Reich called it, gets shaken loose, most easily by the concentrated metal and crystals, in Orgonite. Then, upon being released, the energy becomes free flowing energy, again. I made an immediate connection to this process of energy purification with the Shamanic Modality healing practice of Extraction.  From the shamanic perspective: No energy is ‘bad,’ perse, but more, perhaps, not in accord with the environment (the human body, or the body of land.) So when we find this discordant energy, we may see dis-ease begin to form. With utilizing Shamanic extraction techniques upon the body, such as sucking & spitting, drumming & rattling, cutting and brushing, are ways we can see misplaced, disharmonious energy shake loose and thus– healing can come forth in the body.

Holy Hand Grenade ~ Orgonite ~ Finished Product — into setting sun!

Also in my Shamanic healing practice, I find the aid of crystals to be very beneficial. I, then, thought that integrating Orgonite with crystal healing would be fun & helpful! Via having a piece of Orgonite in a healing room, under a Reiki table, or actually utilizing the Orgonite in tandem with crystals placed on a client’s body, Orgonite could potentially be a wonderful assistant in Shamanic modality sessions with Reiki or any holistic healing technique. So, this is all coupled with how Orgonite’s composition does breathe in energy & then release energy, more purified. This purification is through the metaphysical ability of the metals attracting energy and the Quartz– to aid, also, in the purifying. A new tool to aid in Shamanic modality practice seemed clear, to me! I decided to begin the project of creating Orgonite.

Some links regarding Orgonite creation:

To make it even more fun, I invited a friend to join and assist me in the process of my Orgonite creation! 🙂

My friend, Vinny, with chopstick, evening out the metals and crystals within the resin.

When working with these metals and resins, taking proper precautions to protect yourself is necessary.

The poly and epoxy resins are very heavy chemicals with toxic fumes & quite dangerous for your skin. You definitely want to do any Orgonite making project in the OUTDOORS & also wear safety goggles, gloves and even a mask.

To begin creating Orgonite, is relatively easy project and not too expensive to gather the needed materials. An Orgonite piece calls for a balanced ratio of  metal and resin (polyester, urethane or epoxy.) Quartz is called for to be added in varying amount and can be positioned in a cross pattern (the four directions).

Indeed, you can get as creative as you’d like with your creations. As long as it’s organic material which you’re using, allow your mind to expand to create your piece of Orgonite HEALING art. I’ve heard that people at times will also use ‘Tree resins’ or ‘Bees’ wax’ for less of the chemical quality that the poly and epoxy resins do have. Using smaller or larger crystals, various semi precious stones than depicted in the photo above is also a wondrous option. “The resin in orgonite shrinks during the curing process, permanently squeezing  the quartz crystal inside which creates a well-known piezoelectric effect inside  the crystal, meaning its end-points become polarized electrically, this  apparently causes it to function more effectively as a positive energy  generator. Although crystals improve the function of orgonite, they are not  necessary for the orgonite to work.” ~~

Image from 

And the USES for Orgonite expand in varieties too!: combat pollution and cell-tower radiation, clear energies in homes and offices, protect from psychic attack, utilize as cloudbusting technologies and to enhance the growth of plants in gardens. In my eyes, the healing shaman of modern society, (YOU reading this article!) finds resources to bring healing to all facets of life.

And of course, Orgonite seems to work, also, really well in healing work.

In this picture above, the piece of Orgonite (with mostly copper as the metal consistency and also quartz & moonstone) is with a raw piece of Chrysocalla, here. In this healing session, I asked a friend to participate in feeling the vibratory difference, in a Reiki session, with the use of crystals with the addition of Orgonite. Originally, as my friend was on the Reiki table, I asked for her to describe the feeling she had with solely the Chrysocolla near her Throat Chakra. One of the specialities of the blue-green Chrysocolla is metaphysical healing and balancing of the throat chakra. My friend noted that the Chrysocolla felt very powerful for her, on this day. It felt, to her, almost as though the Chrysocolla was very strongly ’pulling out’ some remnant grief energy. I, then, asked permission if I could add the piece of Orgonite, next to the Chryscolla, pictured above. Indeed, my friend felt it appropriate to add the Orgonite piece. After adding it, my friend did then, immediately, report the intensity which she was feeling, was taken down, quite a few notches. She reported feeling now, more at ease. Hence, then, my friend was able to relax more, to receive some Reiki. ((I usually do not leave any stone on a client longer than 12 minutes. I usually remove the stone and may just place the stone around the table or underneath the table.  I keep this true, even for Orgonite.))

Information about Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla Heart: Image from:

I went into this Orgonite adventure feeling hopeful, but not certain that I’d find drastic differences with utilizing Orgonite. I am truly delighted to report that this session and sessions beyond were all beautifully assisted well, by Orgonite. The composition of Orgonite really brought assistance of balance through its ability of the re-uptake of energy, purification and release. Orgonite seems to be a great compatible stone to other crystal healing friends.

Another way Orgonite has assisted friends of mine, is a testimony from a couple with a new baby in their household. This couple had been reporting to me that they were having not only physical vibration disturbances in their home, interfering with their peace, but also sound vibrational disturbances. Smudging and also salting around the corners of their home, just didn’t seem to bring about any substantial changes to these mysterious disturbances. So, I decided to give four pieces of small Orgonite pendants to this couple to place in the four directions, around their bedroom. I didn’t know what they’d report back to me. Soon, I received a report via a phone call, that, to my friends’ joy, — all vibrational disturbances had ceased in their home, since the Orgonite has been placed in their space! The assistance of how Orgonite extracts misplaced energy, balances energy and purifies, shows, yet again, how it is a SHAMANIC TOOL for healing and peace.

And for me, personally, this past month, being in a series of many ups and downs, I’ve kept my Orgonite near, during & through it all.  Whenever I’ve felt like I was struggling with staying grounded, I found that even glancing my eyes upon the Orgonite on the altar in my home, the Orgonite served as a mindfulness bell. It would remind me to bring myself back to my breathing and thoughts of Healing, Balance and Purification.– Indeed, this is what the Orgonite represents: Potentials which we all have inside ourselves to bring transformation and healing, to all facets of Life.

Whether working with tools for healing or simply using our breath, Let us all come back to the truth that… All we need for healing will be brought to us and through us, in the present moment.

From the FaeryLand & Orgonite Ranch, my neck of the woods to yours…Aho! Mitakuye Oyasin! ❤


⊕ Shamanic Endeavors ☼ : Plant Realm

The Green realm calls us to our hearts….and it’s that time of year ….

pic by Kate Bee Moon

Our Heart Center being of Green Vibration, our High Heart of Pink…..

Balancing, to the Crown Chakra!!
Lotus, Divine!

Down by the pondside ~ the breath of plant-life and the cooling water….

pics by Kate Bee Moon

We can connect to the Green realm of plants through our JourneyWork or basking in the healing of that Nature which Plant Deva’s share with us in LIVING GREEN …

Kate Bee Moon in pic, taken by friend … 😉

In a Journey circle which I participated in years ago, herbs and flowers were brought into the center, of where we all sat together. I felt drawn to choose Lavender, in Shamanic Journey amongst the variety of herbs. After some journey work…moving with the drumbeat into the alternate reality with the the Lavender, I meet the deva of the wondrously smelling purple herb. She, being Purple w/ a black mask across her eyes, it was a very peaceful journey to be with this potently relaxing deva. When I emerged from the Journey, I found another Journey- mate in our circle, also was journeying with Lavender. This person shared aloud to the circle, that within the journey– the same, exact vision of the purple fae-like being, of Lavender, appeared. How I love the syncs in Journey circles!

Yes, Gathering with friends to do Journeywork, this Spring and Summer to integrate and commune with the elementals of Nature…to Love and Healing of the Devas!

Happy Fernal Vernal, My friends!

~For the Love of Green Crystals~

In honor of a month of Green, of Life, New Beginnings, Vernal Equinox….

Yet again, March has been SOME MONTH, ALRIGHT!

AND NOW…Time for the Green Crystal Homage!!! I wrote about my love for some Pink Crystal favs, in February … and knew I’d write a lil something for the Green Ray, as well!

I’m going to open the gates to this all– with a Ruby in Zoisite. I’m hugely in love crystals which are pink and green– in one.

Pic from

“This powerful stone transmutes negativity into positive energy. It relieves lethargy and boosts physical energy. It offers stamina to the mental processes, facilitating advancements of the wearer’s goals. Ruby often grows in zoisite matrix and the addition of ruby creates an energetic combination of stones helps to reach and maintain trance states, stimulating the mind and powerfully amplifying both mental and psychic talents. It helps the wearer to maintain both their individuality and their connection to others, as it awakens the crown chakra.”


I’ve been meditating with Ruby in Zoisite lately…thus– is also why I place this stone firstly. I feel like this stone combo has been assisting with placing a fire under my butt, all while having the cooling LOVE-energy of GREEN. It’s been a great motivator with loving energy, to back it up. 🙂


Green Tourmaline

Always feeling like I literally want to eat Green Tourmaline…It’s a stone which I feel strongly associates to abundance. Communing with this stone, along with meditations & intentions, definitely assists with the flow of either greenbacks or abundance of LIFE force energies, supporting you. Invite in LIFE-GIVING situations, today!

Green tourmaline is called Verdilite. The green form of this stone was often confused with the emerald until the 18th century.”

“Green tourmaline is said to regulate blood pressure and can strengthen the heart and nervous system. It is also said to stimulate digestion and strengthen the immune system.”

Green (energy: receptive, element: earth) Use this stone to draw money and success in business, it is worn to stimulate one’s creativity.”

“There is an old Egyptian legend that tells the story of how the tourmaline, when making the long trip from the earth heart up towards the sun, it traveled along a rainbow, and on it’s travels it collected all the colors in the rainbow.”

Spirit Candy! YUM!


Emerald (Beryl Love!)

. In 1994, an exceptionally large natural emerald crystal was discovered in Africa. Reports of its origin were disputed and ranged from Zambia to Madagascar.”

“Chemically, it is a beryllium-aluminum silicate whose color is due to small quantities of chromium compounds. The emerald was highly esteemed in antiquity; the stones were used for ornaments in early Egypt where some of the first emeralds were mined. “

“If you would like to bring love into your life, purchase an emerald, charge it with your magical need through visualization, perhaps by using a green candle as well. After the ritual wear or carry the stone somewhere near your heart, but do it in such a way that it can not be seen by others.”

Emeralds are known to heal both the physical heart as well as emotional love. They can help backaches when worn on the index finder of the left hand of a healer. The power of the Emerald is highest at the full moon.

Myself, I enjoy meditations with a raw Emerald crystal deva. If a client or friend was seeking healing and they are the brink of just about the soar after substantial healing from a break up or a matter of the heart, I find that raw emerald gives that ‘air under your wings’ feel. Well I’m feeling particularly confident and happy, I’ll seek to put on an emerald Irish Calada ring which I was gifted many, many years ago. Again, there’s something about how Emerald buoys one’s confidence.  Let’s think about Emerald City, for a moment here. Dorothy was buoyed very confidently, after being there– that HOME IS INSIDE, ALL ALONG!



Another Yummy Green Stone!

“Dioptase is an excellent stone for furthering spiritual attunement.  It stimulates past life memories, promotes prosperity on ALL levels and is very beneficial in eliminating perceived “lack”.  Dioptase can be used to balance the yin-yang energies and aligning the chakras with the ethereal plane.
Dioptase is healing of body and mind.  Dioptase can help ease the pain/hurt.”

I can say, that as soon as I held this stone in my hands, I felt immediate relief from emotional bog & fog. What a beautiful crystal friend whom can assist in clearing lower density consciousness which may be weighing down the Heart from soaring. This stone can strongly aid in feelings of: “Grief, Abandonment, betrayal, and heartache.” That primal wound beneath it all– the feeling of being abandoned by God– Just left here on Earth…Dioptase can aid you with reuniting the Heart to the great Truth that you are always connected to the One Infinite Creator. You are never Alone. ❤


Green Garnet ~ Grossularite

“Garnet is a stone of romantic love and passion. Metaphysically it is used to enhance sensuality, sexuality and intimacy. It is said that garnet will bring positive thoughts and boost energy.

It is an excellent stone for manifestation, and can assist mystically with building one’s self-confidence.  A garnet gemstone under a pillow is said to prevent bad dreams, as well, wearing the gemstone in jewelry is told to help generate popularity amongst peers, and help alleviate depression; it will also bring constancy to friendships.

Garnet is also a protective energy stone which is especially effective for protection from negative energies. Garnet will assist you in grounding. It is also often used for gentle spiritual healing. Lore tells that garnet can heal the blood, heart and lungs.”

For Me, Green Garnet reminds me to DRINK the LIFE-GIVING energies IN! It’s time to LIVE today!


“Green Moss Agate 

….occurs in a variety of different shades from light green to deep green… many with dendritic inclusions through the stone. It is an excellent healing stone that will particularly help you if you have had a long-term illness.

This green crystal has excellent spiritual grounding energy. It helps to correct imbalances between the left and right sides of the brain… and this may stimulate creativity. The meaning of stones such as this aid you to understand how you may attract nature spirits and help you to increase abundance and prosperity in your life.”

For me, Moss Agate brings me closer to the Faeries, reminds me to bound about in Nature. Play around the Trees’ roots, romp in the Moss, splash in the creek, give/receive with the Forest.


Green SeleniteGreen Selenite crystals will resonate with the higher chakras above the heart chakra, but their dominant influence is within the heart chakra and thymus chakra. Green Selenite will help you to forgive both yourself and others, and they will encourage friendship.

For me, Green Selenite reminds me that magik of the heart happens, healing is NOW and I am THEE alchemist…

“Don’t await it, create it!!!”


“Green Apophyllite is a heart chakrastone that resonates with the natural world and nature spirits….

It will aid communication with nature spirits, elementals and animals. It helps you to bring in and utilize the energy you need from the source of all energy. Excellent to use to aid telepathic communication with animals.”

For me, Apophyllite is a beautiful healer for our four leggeds, just because it’s so gentle and smooth in it’s vibrations. Also, I love to commune with the Nature elementals, the fae realm and Light Beings when doing Journeywork, meditations and healings with this Stone.

Much Love & Gratitude to the Green Realm!!!

Please leave in the comments about your adventures with your fav Green Crystals!

Aho, Mitake Oyasin ❤

I dream of endless sunflower fields...

I’m a budding plant enthusiast. So when exhibits and events such as the annual Flora Filipina that cater to such audience, I should never let it pass.

Being a tropical country where there is quite a bipolar weather- either too hot, humid, or tropical monsoon washes the landscape, tropical flora has well adapted to these conditions. As such, tropical plants are sturdier, and very beautiful indeed. Diversity can be seen especially on these tropical fauna, from vast shapes, colors, textures, height, and properties, either exotic or endemic. To see a lot of plants would really be overwhelming, not to mention the blooming orchids, from the aromatic sanggumay to the world class waling- waling. Nonetheless I can say that tropical fauna never fails to amazes me- to see such God’s wonder and diversity on a very rich tropical foliage is really beholding.

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Continuation ∞

“If you look deeply into the palm of your hand, you will see your parents and all generations of your ancestors. All of them are alive in this moment. Each is present in your body. You are the continuation of each of these people.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

We are not separate from the ones on the otherside…. No Birth, No Death.

Great question: What is the source of Mindfulness?

Radiate your Heart in full Bloom ~ ’tis all we are here to do. By this, we honor our ancestors & ourselves, deeply, in each moment, when we are present & fully living.