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An Open Letter to my Quarter Life Self …

homesick for places

I write this blog post now, TO, FOR AND FROM the angle of the Person who DOESN’T SEEM TO FIT INTO A MOLD OF SOCIETAL EXPECTATIONS, MILESTONES, OR THINGS WHICH ARE COMMONLY HERALDED AS A SUCCESSFUL HUMAN EXPERIENCE OR THE ‘AMERICAN DREAM.’ Maybe you always felt ‘different.’ You may be at a point where you are truly HAPPY and relieved, that you didn’t ‘fit into the cage’ which your specific culture has built, just for you.  …Maybe you’re into Anarchy in every aspect of your life. Maybe you consider yourself to be StarBorn or a Wanderer. This is an homage to you and to me!  Spread the Word– Help others who seem to LOoooOoooOong: To Be Free by Living Free! 😛

Remembering to just a few years ago (hah!) to being a 25 yr old young woman… I was only 2 years into a positive, conscious Spiritual Quest, (including autodidactic research, also class and workshop taking and a personal practice of meditation which included primarily– study of Buddhism, at the time.) I have much fondness of remembrance to that time in my budding Spiritual Life– but also a lot of CONFUSION which I remember being amidst, too.
I always felt I was in a different stream than the MAINstream but I couldn’t help but peek over the banks of the stream which I indeed found peace and ‘true home’ to flow within …..and wonder why everyone found so much ‘joy’ in this Mainstream and flowing along with meeting ‘expected cultural milestones.’ Almost like, it was more they were all responding to programming of their parents, who responded to their parents, and they also respond to their parents, etc etc…. ~~~~ “WHY AREN’T YOU LIVING YOUR OWN LIFE, YOU ROBOTIC FREAKS?!!!” I wanted to scream…
I wasn’t naturally interested in following the flow towards the port of  ~~Marriage and Children~~ (Though there were a few happily married and also WITH children people around me, and GOOD ON THEM!)  But even with a few examples of nice couples around me, It never felt a natural inclination that I’d necessarily re-create a similar story of their white picket fence and 2.5 kiddos. Though, I was always and AM always interested in Human Relationships, Inter-minglings, Sexuality, Quarkyness, Peculiarities and the Psychology and quasi-dynamics of and all permutations within this earthly experience!
Anyway, I noticed quite a few friends around my age at the time of being 25, were engaged, or already married and heading towards procreation. In the back of my mind, I felt they were on the young side, per se, to be making ‘permanent-seeming’ life decisions at age 24, 25.  I had been asked to be a bridal party person in 5 weddings of good friends, by age 25 alone.  I started to feel like the ‘odd one out.’  Why isn’t dating and the road to this marital bliss and all this other ‘normal, common’ stuff which I was noticing others, my age, were doing …is not coming ….easy to me?

Because it’s not me…and never will be.

Ok without further ado: Here is the letter from me, to me. And if it applies to you and helps, How I am ever so Grateful to share!!…

Dearest Kate,
Your *almost* 10 year-older-than-you-are-self, here.  You are about to be 25.  I know you’re looking around and ye see most of your girlfriends and guy friends are in committed, conventional, monogamous relationships. They’re doing things like their parents did. They are buying houses. They’re thinking of having kids. They have lawns. They buy cars.  They like stock options.  I know you’re starting to wonder why they’re ‘blue pill’ addicted.  You do long for happiness, but you don’t think it will look like for you, as it does for how everyone else seems to obtain and cling to it. You are still walking around wondering– is it OK to not do things, as everyone else goes about them, on Earth? You are right now, in a relationship with a really vanilla wafer guy, who’s even downright unmindful to rude a lot of the time. He’s stable financially and you think it’ll make you more ‘normal’ to be with a financially stable, run of the mill guy.  I write you today to say:….. NO, STOP.

DUMP the Motherfucker, already!

Girl, you be YOUNG! You are going to feel sooo Good N Blissed — when…. you… dump….this dofus of a dullard guy. (I remember that day of dumpage well)!
It was your, well, our (haha) birthday.. when you made the dumping official.  THEN, You went out for a dinner for one and a silly movie and **it rocked** to be free of the deadweight dude. You can dump the MF’er sooner than this, though. Stop waiting around. Go enjoy time on your own! Go be Wild! Go be Free! Go Meet and Greet! Go Do!  Life gets better and better! And MOSTLY, STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS and TRYING TO FIT IN THE BOX OF ‘NORMAL!’

This is for all y`all young’uns thinking you MUST settle in to the majority –when it doesn’t feel right, intuitively, to live for others or comparatively….. HEY!: “You’ve felt it your entire Life. That there is something wrong with the world.
You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.”

Here’s some links, vids and book recommendations… I’m using the Terms ‘Quarter Life’ and speaking to a younger me, in this post, but really this speaks to the awakening process– ANYTIME in Life!


Give this a listen…. this man is speaking from his experience of marriage to a woman …but I am conversely taking his words and applying it to my life in other ways. I appreciate his channel and where he is authentically speaking out of. It may be offensive to some. Hey, I say, IsN’T It RoMaNTic ?????
This guy is a living Ron Swanson, if I may say so!
I share this as: Life isn’t a fucking bed of roses or a fairy tale whenst no effort is put forth to make it so! (IE: making oneself healthy and good to go, Eyes Wide Open, No Fear and Spiritually Awake is KEY!!)– And marriage and a relationship won’t make one complete, it can just ENHANCE a life which is ALREADY COMPLETE …if thee relationship is the RIGHT compatibility on all Levels!

Interesante Books, check ’em out!



Spiritual Awakening Support Links:










Peace and Graceful Awakening to all Sentient Beings on this Dimensional Vibeage where we be, temporarily floating on and traipsing upon!
ओं मणिपद्मे हूं



The illusion of separation and loss in Planetary Ascension.

Coming up, a Lotus in bloom … Spending most of this summer in deep process …. my writing has been on more of a back burner. However, part of my process now is taking that simmering pot and placing it to the front of the proverbial ol’ stove…. and gettin’ that writing BURNIN’ again!

I’ve been processing about what seems like separation and loss, very intensely, recently. Feeling a sense of abandonment and vulnerability has cropped up this year, more than ever before. I look around to some friends who are enduring some kind of loss, as well.
There’s loss of a long-term relationship or marriage, short relationships dissipating, loss of old paradigms, lifestyles which seem to have run their course are falling away & belief systems which have been limiting spiritual growth are broken through, circles of friends shifting, being called to move to different places, people and four-leggeds crossing over …. I do see this as all a part of the shakedown of 2012 and path divergence, to a new reality.

But also there is a LOT of BIRTH too!! Lotsa new souls comin’ in to witness this SHIFT & also, keeping in mind that space for new beginnings and deep healing waaaaaay opens up when it seems we’ve lost someone or something. The one’s we’ve lost are really quite near.  Their continuation goes on, they are in EVERYTHING, in every corner and nook in nature and they are within the essence of each of our compositions. Just because these loved ones have touched our lives, for a brief time or for many years– We are always connected. No Coming, No Going.

Right now, I’m taking solace in my healing process and gettin’ down and grimy — all up in the exact vibration of where I’m at. Either extremely hurt, irritable and fatigued ……or hopeful, bright and cheery for what’s to come…It’s been a detailed painting of the ALL, these past months.  Some days, during my process of seeming loss have been tough, but I come back to my breathing and my practice of meditation ~ whether it’s an engaged practice and mindfulness in my household tasks (sweeping, dishes, laundry) or doing walking meditation, I’ve just taking this ascension wave, a breath at time….and REALLY deep breathing, at that. At times, breath of fire has really helped.

~A new dawn~

~To a New Path~

~ To new UNIONS, COMMUNING, & Love with Wisdom~

Art by Jo Jayson ~


The feelings of seeming loss and other intense emotions and physical symptoms are all a part of the Ascension. What are examples of ascension symptoms and happenings?

Typical Ascension Symptoms

Here is a list of many of the symptoms which have been paired to the Earth vibrational change. This isn’t shared to elicit a sense of hypochondria, but rather to educate on how one’s body assimilates energy:

Extreme fatigue

Depression, anxiety and panic

Memory lapses, moments of confusion regarding time/schedules * (A few friends and I call this, ‘Ascensionheimers’ ;-> )

Cannot eat what you always liked to consume, in the past

Suddenly stopping of using substances ~ getting into sobriety or simply cannot tolerate being ‘altered’ by harsh chemicals

Needing to take a break from a circle of friends ~ Noticing some friends suddenly dropping off

Noticing more loss ~ pets crossing over and also those people who have been ailing, in health, may be crossing over in larger numbers

Intense or disturbing dreams, nightmares, terrors

Dreams of contact with positive, otherworldly Beings ~ Dreams of being in classrooms or on Retreat

Body tremor and shaking extremities

Strange skin ailments — itching, rashes which come and go

Extreme sensitivity to heat and cold

Heart burn, gastro intestinal upset, digestive issues

Emotional overload, sensitivity

Headaches, heaviness on the brow and scalp, blurry eyes which clear up suddenly

Revival of childhood ailments ie: Tonsillitis, poison ivy, earaches, allergies, old fears all arising.

Extremely cold feet and hands

Suddenly feeling intense emotions ~ and processing these emotions, sometimes, very quickly and shifting into bliss and happiness

What does this mean?
“As you take in more Light, increasing your energetic vibration or frequency, your physical body and emotions can and will experience “symptoms” which manifest sometimes as dis-ease or difficulty. The reason we experience these symptoms is because the body is working incredibly hard to assimilate the energy it is receiving, and to release in an offload of energy.  The body will demonstrate side-effects as a result.

These symptoms are natural and often can be treated with time, rest, meditation, walking meditation, yogic practices, talking with spiritual teachers & reading positive literature, speaking with like-minded friends, exercise and focus. I can personally attest to utilizing breathing to slow the heart rate, admist panic attacks, arising. However, if you are experiencing a symptom which is causing you any amount of consistent & long-term worry, extreme discomfort or fear, maybe simply consult, both Western and Homeopathic doctors. While these ascension symptoms are a bi-product of energetic Ascension, they can have very real and physical effects on your body. However, I’d recommend anyone to stay away from heavy, psychotropic pharmaceuticals, as they are often quite addictive and just a band-aid for a deep rooted issues.  Suggestions about why you may be having the symptoms you may be having….are in ~Louise Hay, You Can Heal Your Life. This book was one of main teachers to me, during the beginning steps on my spiritual path when I had questions about the root cause of some debilitating lower back pain and sciatica.    Consult a Western doctor, chiropractor or Homeopathic doctor as necessary, remembering your body is an important vessel in need of your mindful care and upkeep. So, Eagle medicine comes in to play here. Feet (talons) firmly in the Earth. Crown (wings) facing up, to the sky.”

Also, if you are grieving the loss of a person or pet from crossing over — and need support, I would invite anyone to seek help within not just one person– but perhaps a community & a variety of helpful avenues. In delectable books, beautiful transcendent music ….  and perhaps in a supportive meditation group– Sangha, Satsang. For me, my Sangha (Buddhist, Spiritual community) got me through the spiritual maturation which I sought to cultivate, in my 20’s. I sought support with Reiki Practitioners and also went to Reiki shares, but only while I *could* tolerate all that energy, from everyone. I am less able to do so, now. In receiving Lightwork, receiving massage & chiropractic alignment brings the visceral foundation support to the physical… through how the body is processing vibrational changes. And seeking Shamanic Practitioners for, perhaps, sound healing, crystal therapy, or working with techniques of the Land Ancestors’ way to heal fragmentation and displaced energy within the mental/emotional body, due to grief energies…
Also ~~

These books are also quite helpful:

Thich Nhat Hanh’s No Death No Fear
(This book is not solely about the loss of a person, but dealing w/ loss, in general, here, on Earth)

Steven Levine’s : Who Dies? An Investigation of Conscious Living and Conscious Dying

I Never Held you: Miscarriage, Grief and Healing Recovery by Ellen DuBois and Dr Linda Backman

The Art of Grief: by J. Earl Rogers

Crossing the Rainbow Bridge: Your Pet: When it’s time to Let go by Robert Scott

And these are only to name of a few grief and loss support books. There’s a myriad of support we can delve into within literature.
Also, There’s plenty of forums online which speak openly about ascension symptoms. A link below to click… to a great Facebook page with detailed posts, links & friends who can support what we’re all going through.

What can we do to nurture our environment (Space of Love)?

For Yourself:

– Not fighting sleep when you’re tired and not being hard on yourself if you’re uber lazy feeling– when you’re going through an energy lull.
– Not answering the phone at night….take a break from cell phone radiation. Do your friends have Skype? Using the compi to speak rather than the bluetooth/cell phone is a bit better, for me, I find.
– Turning away from watching asinine programming on the TV and instead– reading inspiring, books of useful wisdom.
– Meditating
– Taking soaking baths
– Watching inspiring videos & listening to uplifting, resonate music for you
– Smudging your space either with elixir sprays or herbs
– Doing ceremony for the grounds where you dwell

For Others:
• Send a heartfelt email or card to a friend whom you haven’t spoken to in a while, let ’em know you’re thinking positively of them.
Take some clothes or food to a space where you know the homeless are taking shelter in, within your town.
• Facilitate a circle in your home or community ~meditation, gifting circle, Shamanic Journey circle, dancing workshop, Positive literature/book discussion, world events discussion, drumming, trance dance, potluck…
• Share about your process in a video or a blog …Share your ART– join a poetry circle, attend an art meetup group, get a table to share your art at local festivals, expo’s … Join an ‘Artist’s Way‘ Process group.
•  Spend some quality time w/ good friends, share some Light, Energywork, Massage, Shamanic Healing, Positivity-speak, Resources and HUMOR!
• Asking about bartering your wares and what you’re growing in you garden with folks in your local town
• Peace activism! If you don’t like how things are going down in your town, let’s all get out N mindfully oust !! Voice at the city/town meetings!

Here something we need to be reeeeally mindful, in these times:

• Doing something for others and expecting something in return, including praise and recognition
Not Violating Natural Law (Karma’s a Bitch, only if you are.) — Meaning, no stealing or violence on ANY level for any purpose. Non Aggression Principle. Honoring everyone’s free will to not be harmed in any way. (Also, Being mindful not to have violence in our words. Keeping this in mind for the protest line, in our work, with children and in our homes. ((Non Violent communication.)) Summing it up: Keep self-righteousness and entitlement in check. We’re all in this together and we need to BAND together. I hope all sides and Beings can see this, and BE this, NOW.
• Not flinging platitudes disguised as spiritual advice at people. ((ie, “If you really wanted to manifest (fill in whatever people think is lacking) God would have sent it to you, if you really needed it.” ~~ Sorry, but, Eff off, LOA. ))
• Doing something for others that gives the message they are weak, helpless or incompetent.
• Constantly rescuing loved ones, clients, friends from getting the consequences of their behavior and preventing them from learning about cause-and-effect. This can also be called, ‘enabling.’
• Seeking retribution or retaliation
• Holding resentment
• Playing the victim/blaming others/playing small
• Being mindful to not go into rabbit holes of topics with those who asked not to know facts of atrocities of what is really going on here on Earth. We don’t have to shake awake, everyone whom, we meet. Plant seeds, Be Peace.

Keep it simple in these times …. Just Shine on, you crazy diamond. 😉

REBIRTH, new human!

 What I’ve found to be a yummy honey-heart-healing, through my recent catalyst of seeming separation and loss is a deepening to SEE the present moment. Through seeing the present moment, I am a stonger, more grounded in energy & see who is really there for me, now and take deep gratitude, in that.

Either way, the pangs or sentimental longings …. I’ve been riding the waves…. And found a deeper gratitude for the loves ones who are actively, there for me, loving me in the moment!

I came across this song …. Fear no Pain by Willy Mason

Gonna be leavin’

I’m gonna be leavin’ soon,

this I know I’m gonna be leavin’ soon

Where the water tastes like moonshine

Leavin’ soon, this I know

Don’t you miss me then

Don’t you miss me when I go

Don’t you miss me then

Just sleep my lady friend

And wait ’til I come home

I ain’t gonna fear no pain

I ain’t gonna fear no pain anymore

Ain’t gonna fear no pain ~ Ain’t nothin’ worth that strain

I’m gonna walk in the hands of the Lord~ And God won’t do me wrong

God won’t do me wrong, this I know God won’t do me wrong

My steps became so strong Now I know He won’t do me wrong


Allow the stories, the attachments and grief, the anxiety to wash away…. And trust that your process is bringing you to the truest Love & Peace, always.  We are ultimately SAFE & and ALL will be OK!

How are you going through your process? Please, feel free to share in comments!

~ Wabi Sabi Love ~ ☇ A shared writing ….✍

A very dear friend sent me an email today which inspired me to write this post.

The writing within the email is REALLY REAL ~ writing regarding relationship. It’s spun beautifully from the wabi sabi philosophy. The writing  is published by “The Soulmate Secret” by Arielle Ford…the text is in italics, at the very bottom of this post .

Here’s a link for a book about wabi sabi and love ->

What is Wabi Sabi? A Definition:

“The ancient Japanese art form of Wabi Sabi honors all things old, weathered, worn and impermanent by perceiving the beauty in imperfections. It discovers grace in things modest, humble and unconventional.

Wabi Sabi love is the art and practice of appreciating the quirks and imperfections in our self and our partner. Listening with our heart, we come to see with it, too. Discerning the hidden dance between partners brings emotional maturity to our relationships as we shift our focus from what’s wrong to what’s right. This new, true view deeply bonds us and is a key to everlasting love—and any harmonious relationship.” —

And here’s wabi sabi style, manifested in dwellings for living … Very Organic and simple.

This pic from:

If you’re not coupled in this time….That’s cool!

Again, if deep down– you’d like to have a romantic, life partner — please, please, join with me in putting the kabash on that terrible rumour or thought paradigm which you may hear from time to time: (Is it some kind of compliment, with an interwoven insult?!) It goes something this, usually: “You’re so spiritual, starborn, cosmic, artistic, ‘different’ & far out groovy– that…I guess there’s no one on Earth quite like you– for you ….to partner with. You’ll die an ol’ spinster with a bunch of cats crawling in  your yarn and fabric. Poor you.”  FRACK THAT.
Unless that’s what ye want. If not, the next time you hear this from someone, invite the person who is saying such a thing to the fact that: “I Live WabiSabi, either by myself and with someone else. I’m sorted, and also unsorted. I’m quirky and unconventional and loveable. But thanks. Nay, nay-nay on trying to re-bin me. Also, keep your odd compliments which seem also like insults about me to your personal journal entries.”

Here we go….

Help yourself to a bit of what is all…. yummy ….sensuous ….Life-Giving….around you. You are never alone.

I know I’m having fun, while being single– getting together with friends (who, if you’re like me, your friends are sprinkled all over the land). So I go here and there and everywhere and friends come to my lil hut in the woods, too. Also, I’m Skyping w/ dear friends who happen to be far, far away. And, hey, I’m enjoying quiet solitude, as well– walking in nature, catching up on my hobbies, finding new kitschy hobbies, enjoying writing, finding new arts, creating new art, researching and learning, spending time with blood family, & mostly relishing the enjoyment of not being rushed or squeezing into an overly tight schedule. (Now, I know that a relationship doesn’t have to cause a tightening to one’s schedule such to keep you from the things I’ve listed above, but hey, let’s be real– You do wanna create time for your partner, so you paint ’em into the picture. Things do shift around and thus, manifests a desire to re-balance to honour your beloved and yourself.)

I welcome in re-balancing adventures if this is of the Highest and Best good, in this time, to invite in New Love Adventures!!

Love, Love, Love… my people, You know!!!! 😀

~Most of the cats that you meet on the street speak of true love

Most of the time they’re sittin’ and cryin’ at home

One of these days they know they better be goin’

Out of the door and down on the street all alone~


Here is Arielle Ford’s writing which I spoke of at the opening of this posting:

Dear Soulmate Manifestors,

Single men and women, who have read my book The Soulmate Secret, and are actively seeking to manifest the love of their life, often ask me if I can share with them the secret to speeding up the process. They tell me they are tired of waiting, wishing, hoping and yearning for the day the One will arrive. While I know and believe that you can consciously manifest the love of your life. (I’ve done it as have thousands of my students around the world) you don’t get to choose the speed at which it all comes together.

I believe that “savoring the waiting” is an important part of the process….this is where you get to really enjoy your last days of being single, a time where you can relish the journey and joyfully anticipate your soulmates arrival. You can choose to allow yourself to feel desperate and alone or you can choose to feel happy and blessed.

One way to adopt the “happy and blessed” mindset is to understand the ancient Japanese aesthetic known as wabi sabi which honors all things old, worn, weathered, imperfect, and impermanent. In fact, it seeks to find “beauty and perfection in the imperfections.” You can now choose to adopt a wabi sabi perspective to your final days as a “single”rather than choosing to succumb to weeks or months of simply “enduring” the wait. Think of it this way: when the seeds of a flower have been planted in the ground and the first leaves begin to sprout, the gardener does not tug on the leaves every day to make the plant grow fast. He trusts that Mother Nature will play her role and then when the time is right, the flower will blossom.

Like a gardener, you have planted a seed and invited love to unfold in your life. Another benefit to practicing wabi sabi is that it will become infinitely beneficial once you are with your beloved. I call this the practice of Wabi Sabi Love. Why would you take the time to learn how to apply Wabi Sabi Love to your relationship? Because 50% percent of first marriages, 67% of second marriages and 74% of third marriages all end in divorce! We aren’t born with the innate knowledge of how to “do” relationship. Even worse, we’ve been brainwashed by modern day society to look for and seek perfection, which leads to an ongoing state of frustration and dissatisfaction.

 In truth, we all know that perfection is not possible. But with Wabi Sabi Love we can come to appreciate our own and the other’s imperfection, and can actually experience a more natural state of grace than we thought possible. By learning and practicing Wabi Sabi Love you begin to accept the flaws, imperfections, and limitations – as well as the gifts and blessings – that form your shared history as a couple. Acceptance and its counterpart, understanding, are crucial to achieving relationship harmony. It’s is sacred love, the highest form of love, and like most things worth striving for in life requires patience, commitment, personal responsibility, and practice.

 Imagine how great you will feel when you know your partner accepts all of you, all the time? The good, the bad, and everything in between! My soulmate of fourteen years, Brian, and I credit the success of our relationship to applying Wabi Sabi Love to everyday life…


Sun~Love UBER release into the cosmos and all around ye! ❤ The MoonShaman Love Intrepid

I’m Happy where I’m at! ♡ …continued…

I truly enjoy writing articles/blogs about relationships  and interactions.

*Please keep in mind, my postings of the ‘Relationships & Life’ category are my own personal musings/rantings/sharings, not directed personally, but just on and about observations of the world at large. (The prequel to this writing today –> )

Firstly, I wish to express gratitude for the womyn friends right now, around and about me and the amazing essence each one does radiate. Each weaving their own Gorgeous Path, Painting their own canvas, and Enjoying exactly where they’re at, ups and downs, ever being present, ever evolving, in each moment.

Some pics of beauty & fun ~~ Just to depict a few womyn of & in my life ….

Strong,  intuitive, smart, beautiful, lovely, awesome women!!!

We keep on Truckin’ and hold down the proverbial fort, in this World.

Through the years, I’ve noticed– Some people along the way will ask what things I may do to change my current state of Being. Why change my current state of Being? I’m truckin’ along. I’m ok. I’m happy where I’m at.

So….regarding some the inquiries….

Questions may include:

When will you get pregnant?

When when you find your soulmate/husband?

Are you going to relocate ever?

Will you change your career?

When will  you buy a house?

Will you erect a lil dolmen mound and dwell underground in it, on the Irish moors?

Will you live on a farm?

Have you thought about what a tattoo will look like in old age?!


Very pushy, presumptuous and also quite hot button issues, in question, much of the time. If you ask any of these questions in hounding/anxious fashion to your daughters, relatives and friends. Please, please… keep your ponderings, to your journal, ok? Stop bugging folks with your annoying ponderments! And if you’re getting these questions… I hope my writing today can be a cathartic release for you. When we get these questions, do you notice, all the while, there’s an underlying  ‘well-meaning-ness’??  This is somewhat phantasmal & lurking about. I just can’t quite put my finger on it!

Along these lines, also, there may be times, I was sharing about a topic or a situation of which I was working through. Sharing deeply about touch-y topics may provoke questions like thee above, from some people.  The ‘fix it immediately’ mentality finds this to be opportune & rears up with a barrage of questions. Questions like the ones above– PLUS, to boot, statements chock full of solutions. These solutions,  not particularly asked for or welcomed with open arms, could have been put aside and left quietly to oneself. Through these many moons, I’ve learned to be more discerning and private, now, about whom with and where that I share my personal goals & challenges, endeavors, & dreams. In turn, overall, I don’t need to rap about it everywhere…I can just declare here, very simply — I’m happy where I’m at. : ….And Thus, my deep responses, RESOUNDING, through the land…to the questions above …

  •  I’m JUST BEING.
  • I’m working through it, at my pace.
  • I don’t desire, TAT TALL, of what you’re asking of me.
  • I don’t agree with what you’re asking of me.
  • I just wanted someone to HEAR and listen about where I was at. No Solutions. Just hear me, just listening.
  • I’m not quite ready for that yet, for a variety of reasons.

It’s ok to be in the thick of it, feel it & be with it. This too shall pass. In our society, a ‘pop a pill and make it go away, real fast’ world…. This, not allowing self-reflection, not allowing time to just be and also not allowing healing of the root cause issues prevents the un-tanglement the habit energy. Our silence and holding space for someone, thus, does assist for deep healing, preventing a constant reoccurrence of a habit energy. This is why I keep a box of tissues in near reach for clients, in my office…as to that, I do not hand a tissue to a client when tears come. This allows clients to opt to get as slobbery & tearful as they’d like, and help themselves to a tissue, at their own rate. Let the release flow….

Another good example of this, is that– Today a good friend posted a status which read, “I think sometimes people forget there’s a difference between being angry and being an angry person.” It then becomes taboo to be angry, at all, ever. Anger is a very natural emotion. Expressed in healthy ways, it flushes out of your system. No problem.

The stigma around anger is silly and also, I think planted by design. So let’s wake up, and cease feeding into the mamby-pamby-ness our society is propagating.

W walk around, being conditioned? Do we suppress ourselves around certain others or places, to be on the ‘safe side’ to avoid ‘trouble’ or ‘bullshiite’??

Do we get annoyed when one tries to label us, simply from a fleeting moment?

Do we just wanna be left in peace to release and then, to go back to homeostasis? YES YES YES! I think, the issue at hand is that we just have a ‘quick to judge’, knee-jerk culture/society. (In the substance addiction Recovery world, we call this archetypal-ness:  ‘King Baby.’  <~~”I want it my way and I want it fast. My way’s the only way. I’m on the only one existing on this three dimensional plane. I’m always right. Fuck your needs.” This is along the lines of Solipsism.)

Let us make a go of allowing our friends, loved ones and clients to be where they are at. Either: Angry, Uber slap-happy, making seemingly dumb decisions (which aren’t harming others, of course), indecisive at the moment, at peace with a decision, overly loving without wisdom, co-dependent, cultivating wisdom through trial and error, distorted, PMS-y, irritable, etc.

Today, I’m putting this out into the ether– to no one specific at this time…. and for myself as a reminder to not try to . 😉

But, for a final rant….For the Love of all that is Divine… All you wondrous womyn who are with me, share this, comment about it…. This goes out to those whom: *ahem*….–>Especially, If you(‘ve been) finding yourself ask(ing) your daughters, sisters, female relatives and friends when will they have a baby/ a husband~~ Please cease and desist. NOBODY, in any scenerio LIKES to be HARRASSED with this type of question. If somebody shared this blog with you today, and you DO ask this kind of question(s), the sharing individual is trying to kindly ask you to STOP asking these kind of questions. The kinda question about babies and marriage is the coup de grâce of ’em all. Ok, if we really were able and wanted to have either of those two things or ANY the things mentioned above, for that matter– we’d be doing/have it all, by now. Do you realize?

I stand up to this, I stand up to society and the ‘norms’ and claim…
I’m happy where I’m at.

Gratitude for ~what is~ WITHIN me…

~Aho! Mitakuye Oyasin~

Me … in a time of pure bliss . One very Green & ALIVE, Summer day…

Happy where I was ~ Happy where I’m at … Happy where I’ll be……