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☸ John Lash ~ Navigator Briefings ⊕

This writer has been blessed to have been directed to the Navigator Briefings of John Lash on ….

John Lash is a teacher, a lover of the muse, an author, a student of the Goddess, a shaman, a glorious articulater of language and a cosmic and earth terrain traveler.


John Lash’s book,  “Not in His Image,” comes highly recommended if you are looking into the research and mystic schools of Gnostic Vision & Sacred Ecology, the Great Goddess, Gnosis, the myths of Sophia and Gaia


Not in His Image tells the story of that loss. It exposes the most massive campaign of cultural genocide in human history. It probes—as no other book before it—the hidden roots of the ecological crisis that now threatens life on the planet. This investigation leads deep into the realm of the predator reality in which we now live, engulfed and lost to the point of either denial or impotent fury. And it shows how predators and prey have become locked into a vicious cycle of collusion.

Not in His Image describes the rich spiritual world of pre-Christian classical Europe—the Pagan Mysteries, the Great Goddess, Gnosis, the myths of Sophia and Gaia—and its future as a force for rebalancing our lives and reconnecting to the earth. In his riveting account of who the Gnostics really were and what they were protesting against, John Lash identifies who we once were, and what has become of our original genius. He describes the decisive arc of history from the dawn of the Christian Era to the present moment of global terror, a trajectory driven faith-based violence and fundamentalist politics. No scholar has yet plumbed the depths of the Nag Hammadi Library for the profound cosmological myth of our origins and our intimate bond with Gaia, the living planet.

The Gnostic story of the Wisdom Goddess, Sophia, is directly counterpoised to the one Christianity and other monotheistic religions teach us. It explains why a species made in the image of the Father God cannot live peacefully on earth. In Sophia we discover the true foundations of deep ecology. For those of us perplexed by the state of the world and the plight of the planet, Not in His Image gives us back our true story, a myth to guide us beyond faith-based violence toward a sacred ecological path for the future.”

An interview with John Lash….

John Lash’s website is
“Metahistory is a path beyond the received scripts of history and culture, toward a world free from enslavement to historical lies and unexamined beliefs.”


And how I enjoy, revel, am ecstatic and grateful when I see on when a new Nav Briefing arises and also  listening to the archives!!…
One of my most adored Briefings is that was posted on day of my Father’s crossing over.

This Briefing is entitled, “Going Forward in 2013.”


The Scorpion RESETS THE SCALES … How so?

“If things go wrong in the social order, due to the operation of psychopaths and archonic zombies, then, it’s necessary to re-establish the correct order, the workable order of society. There is a workable order in the principles of fairness and equity.
How can you reset it? Well, there has to be a FORCE applied. If one is ROCKING the boat you’re in and will not stop because they *cannot* stop, you HAVE to throw them overboard.
The Scorpion is that Deterrent Force, it is the FORCE of VENOM. We cannot return the scales to balance without a REAL deterrent force. That force is VENOM. Predators & Psychopaths operating in Power *cannot* STOP what they’re doing, thus, *will not* stop what they’re doing. The only thing that can stop them IS the astronomical and poetic syntax, of…how the Scorpion *resets* the scales, in FORCE.”


I’ve been channeling Kali Ma and a devotee of her’s for many years, and calling to her for Wisdom and Strength, especially as of late. I felt Matangi’s blade on my Heart, in 2009. This was a calling to her Path of the Peaceful Warrior Wisdom.
~ Om Mata Kali ~ Jai Kali Ma ~

.. I’m soooo beyond tired and through of the mamby-pamby WEAK spiritual shitte out there. The Spiritual Path is of and for THE STRONG OF Heart. Those who only want to be solely happy, happy, never angry and never take action (not RIGHT action, nor wrong….just no action) because they’ve been weakened by too much Distorted “New Age” garbage & have been misguided. I ask, if those who are seeking Spiritually– catch themselves becoming weakened by a Spiritual Practice, If one is really losing ‘teeth’ in taking Right Action in the world,  One may turn to STRENGTHENING practices. These practices may include yogic pathic,  practice fire-breathing, exercise, lift weights, consume mindfully & ayuvedically, fire element foods. Even– perhaps learn to practice fire spinning poi and also– read empowering literature, as well, may all be helpful in gaining your strength, power and cojones…(metaphorically speaking.)  Join an Activist group, somehow– get involved in the Gaia Correction Process!!

I am WITH NOW the Power of the Goddess, the Shaman, The Wise Ones and all that which is associating and weaving into Consciousness– STRENGTH, GROUNDEDNESS IN NOT ALLOWING FREE WILL TO BE INFRINGED ON SELF & OTHERS, TRUTH, & LOVE WITH WISDOM!

Thank you, John Lash for your teachings, wisdom, Navigation & LOVE for the GODDESS which you radiate so beautifully!!

Kalika Warrior ~ Aho!!