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~~~~Wild Way To Heal~~~~

Rose De Dan, Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing LLC, is a mesa carrier in the Peruvian shamanic tradition, animal communicator, Reiki Master Teacher, author and artist.

She invites us to:

~Unleash Your Animal Spirit~

“When the animals share with us who they are, they also show us the way back to who we are.”
Rose De Dan, Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing

Think Outside the Cage…in Life (Live Free) and Supporting Freedom alongside our beloved Four-Leggeds…

  1. Stop using paper towels for everything.

  2. Look for new ways to reuse everything.

  3. Start thinking about planting a garden.

  4. Cook it yourself.

  5. Conserve resources.

  6. Learn how to make things yourself.

  7. Switch to simple cleaning solutions

  8. Use and enjoy what you’ve got.

  9. Buy quality items and share them with others ~~Bartering practice or just GIVING from the Heart~~.

  10. Shop locally.


  11. And speaking of our four-leggeds and not least here, …start making food for them– especially for cats, getting them off the kibble.Links to click about Natural feeding for our animal friends:

How about Animal Healing, Wild Reiki, Utilizing Crystals to Healing Animals and Animal Massage?
Check out some vids here!

Crystals for wear on animals with Hibiscus Moon and Topaz!

Crystal Grid for animals healing

Massage for our large animals

Massage for dogs

Cats love TO Massage

Now it’s time for CATS to receive ~ Scratch ’em good!

For the rabbits of the world whome we Love and Love…

Wild Animal Reiki in Sanctuaries, wherein they are healing..

If you have any other video’s for other varieties of animals or other  modalities of animal healing, Share in the Comments, please! Thank you!

And finally a vid
Rose, our Wild Reiki womyn sharing in an interview….

Today there are many “lineages” or modalities of Reiki and other LightWork Healing, some utilize what are considered more traditional methods, some non-traditional.

I like to weave in Shamanic Practice into my healing sessions, as I find the nuances of Shamanism to be very Grounding and Healing to one becoming more comfortable inside the body.

Excerpt via:
“Shamanic Reiki draws its foundations from concepts of shamanic journeying and channeling the living energy to create healing techniques that are powerful and effective. Treatment involves chakra healing techniques, the use of stones and quartz crystals as well as herbs and oils. The Shamanic Reiki energy, together with crystals, helps increase the flow of spiritual energy, thereby regaining the balance that was lost.

Another unique aspect of Shamanic Reiki healing is that often, ancient spirit and animal guides are often called upon to help with healing and giving energy to a patient. The practitioner or the patient may be in direct communication with these guides, who can greatly assist with the patient’s healing.

The Shamanic Reiki session is an interactive session which involves both the patient and the channeler as she takes the patient through a guided meditation which begins with the patient visualizing that she is floating up from her body to the ceiling and then turning around and viewing her body in a crystaline form, so that she can find any obstructions that may be causing her physical, emotional or spiritual problems. Once the obstruction is located, the Reiki practitioner helps her patient neutralize this object. For example, if it is rough, she asks the patient to imagine that it is becoming smoother; if it is cold, she prompts the patient to make it a little warmer, and so on. The protocol continues until the object has been totally neutralized. At this point, the Reiki practitioner asks her client whether she would like the object to be assimilated into her body or removed. If the client requests that it is removed, then the practitioner proceeds to slowly move the object with her hand up to the client’s right shoulder and down her arm until it reaches her hand. The practitioner then places a special rock or crystal into the client’s hand so that the energy of the obstruction is absorbed. After the client indicates that the obstruction has been fully absorbed into the rock or crystal, the practitioner removes the stone and drops it into a bowl of seasalt water, which clears away all remaining energy.”

I also, personally, consider Shamanic Reiki to include EnergyWork, working with the Orgone or Prana …& also with the use of Nature elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air…)  Usually how this is represented in session, in having these elements in that: Fire–used in Smudging, the Smoke Deva cleasning, Water— a bowl of water under the table, used to catching and cleansing released energies, Air— Feathers used in Session or actual blowing into the Chakra, inviting in wholeness to any energy fragmentation and also this can include the spraying of elixirs into the air, Earth— Crystals, Branches, Plants, Herbs used in a variety, intuited and creative ways during the session._ ….Also, to me, Shamanic Healing includes sound healing, other sacred objects such as Dorjes, Obsidian or Stone Arrowheads, Soul Catchers, Orgonite, Sacred artworkings, mindfully ulitized sacred object of and selflessly gifted by our Animal teachers, chanting, Interdimensional travel. The processes are beautiful, nature and full of Light and Play, as well!

I’d like to invite everyone to this book: I’ve taught some ongoing Shamanic Reiki Classes at The Reiki School and Clinic and this book’s exercies were homework and reading material  but I also intuited exercises for the students to practice, to hence, find their own unique way to facet their Reiki and Holistic Healing Practice.


I am so grateful to be practicing Shamanism, Native American Modalities and my unique ways of utilizing EnergyWork in Healing for Others, as a conduit. I am also grateful that the Universe has allowed perfect conditions to come together, for a community to develop around me and my local area! We are working with humans and animals to bring in Healing, Harmony, Transcendence, Healthy eating, Healthy Body/Mind/Spiritus, Awareness, Togetherness and Cohesiveness. Here is an example of the type of Community Healing Work we’re makin’ happen, as a Union of Lightworkers, monthly:

Join us for a Day of Healing Modalities, Sharing Spirituality, and Community!!!
Shamanic Practice, Medicine Wheel Readings, Soul Retrieval Sessions
~Energy Chelation
~ Reiki and Chakra Balancing
~ Scrying, Intuitive Artistry, Tea Leaf Readings
~ Shiatsu, Reflexology, & Massage for PEOPLE AND ANIMALS!
~Tarot Card Readings
~Spiritual Counseling
~Angel Readings and Mediumship
~BodyWork , Yoga, Tai Chi
~Healthy, Organic Foods


~A Day of Healing ~

Enjoy Nature and Beauty of the Gardens

On Most 4th Sunday’s of the Month
For more event info or navigate to
Check our website for many events of Healing, Expositions, Art and Music!




~ My eTarot ‘Animal Helpers’ Reading via ~

From: <– Awesome site, quite a variety of layouts and tarot decks, all free! This Deck is the ‘Shapeshifter Deck’ by DJ Conway. I did this reading as a personal layout for my processes but also as support through the present and the astrological aspects we’re in.
I hope this can inspire you too, to do online readings sometimes. I find them often, just as helpful as pulling out a deck!  ‘Online-Divination-it-up’ !!!
Threw some online I-Ching and Runes, as well!


In the Healing position
Primary healing helpers.

Meaning: Change, movement, and travel are indicated. Power represents your ability to do many things simultaneously. Allow yourself to blend your cosmic and earthly powers, understanding the boundlessness of existence.



In the Material position
Primary material helpers.

Meaning: Goals, plans, and dreams can now be fulfilled. Balance the incoming success and prosperity with spiritual study.

Goddess of Fire: Bridget

Goddess of Fire: Bridget

In the Protection position
Primary protection helpers.

Meaning: Drawing this card marks the need to cultivate the impersonal observer and the all-seeing mind, focusing on clear, objective, and centered thoughts.

The Sun

The Sun

In the Talents position
Primary talents helpers.

Meaning: Achievements in all fields of study, especially those that bring the darkness to light, are favored. Seek out your own enlightenment, finding your personal path to Oneness.



In the Spiritual position
Primary spiritual helpers.

Meaning: By gaining rapport with the Earth element, you bring prosperity and wealth into your life. You may seek to improve your home environment.



In the Healing position
Secondary healing helpers.

Meaning: Acquaintances out of your past may be reentering your life soon. If their presence is undesirable, politely make the separation final; if pleasant, enjoy the reunion.



In the Material position
Secondary material helpers.

Meaning: Self-control will help you to work with others to accomplish a task or goal. You can achieve an emotional balance at this time.



In the Protection position
Secondary protection helpers.

Meaning: A time of balance and harmony is achieved after difficult times. You are at peace with yourself and others.



In the Talents position
Secondary talents helpers.

Meaning: A cycle has ended, and a place of reward, completion, and success soon will be reached.



In the Spiritual position
Secondary spiritual helpers.

Meaning: Riches of the body, mind, and spirit are at your fingertips. A healing will come as you communicate your positive emotions and feeling to someone close.


I’m happy where I’m at.

You can’t save anyone nor should you waste time trying. Instead, shine your light. Inspire.


However, perhaps– Something you’re doing, small or gargantuan, may inspire someone to take that lil shift, in their world to more happiness and peace.

Who is to say that one’s action, unless one is harming another person or violating Natural Law — is not just be the catalyst that one needs. What one may be doing can be catalyst which may lead soon to no further suffering with insanity, for that very person.

I invite you to allow the image of a time where you worried and also you were completely sweatin’ an outcome, to find that everything fell into it’s right place. Also, bring into your mind’s eye, a time where you, simply, surrendered. You just said, “Ok, I can’t do anything about this, it’s too big…that’s it. I turn it over.” What was the outcome then? Did you find also everything just fell into the right space? Hmm…and THAT is for your consideration.

By no means, don’t suppress worrying or concern. Play it out...allow THAT to be (the theme, of this writing.) However, I’m talking about rumination and story telling. ((My ol’ habit energy.)) As a human race, learning to give the mind a rest from spinning stories is a wonderful practice for us to begin and…um, it’s practice. Be patient. Be gentle but dilligent with your practice. A day a time.

Being a counselor at a Drug and Alcohol addictions therapy clinic and also being a holistic practitioner ~ towards my clients, sometimes I THINK that I foresee the best for them. Sometimes I’M even SURE how a client could best act, to free themselves from suffering . “If you just drop ______________ , (fill in the thing which I think is bullshit), I think THAT’S the answer for you. ”  And yes, we can shine the Light on issues, which a client (or friend) is having, BUT ONLY IF the client or friend is directly asking for help to be brought forth. Again, as long as it’s not harming the free will of another human-being– which DEFINITELY would have to stop: Shaking someone awake isn’t a nice thing to do, and that goes for: physically or spiritually.

Reflections of self inquiry w/ Gangaji, here …


I see loving and caring by others, friends in my life. And, through the days, they project their wishes for me, regarding the mundane, or relationships or with career. I understand that these loved ones want the best for me. However, at times, I wish that the projecting wasn’t BEAMLINE-ing right into my 3rd eye!!!!! “Ok, give it a rest, man…I got this!”

A ‘Balihigh’ mask

However, I accept the care and love.
And…as they say in the 12 step program..if it doesn’t apply, LET IT FLY!

So, I think of how I feel, and I apply this in my response to others’ potential feelings. Am I projecting? Am I worrying too much? Am I giving unsolicited advice? And if we can all take into consideration…a mindfulness of the human condition, perhaps we can all flow so much more easily, in communication.


Remembering to LOVE, Love with wisdom. Love that shows Truth. Each moment, each day. Remember what you’re here for.

Peace all and the ALoHA,