The realms of Spirit, Breath, Life ~ Shamanic Endeavors

The word ‘shaman’ coming from Siberian Tungus … with two meanings which I’ve come across ‘the one who knows’ or ‘the one who can fly.’

“The Tao Te Ching describes the master (shaman) as “A man or woman whose life is in perfect harmony with the way things are. This is not an idea; it is a reality. The master (shaman) has mastered Nature; not in the sense of conquering it, but of becoming it.” (Tao Te Ching, translated by Stephen Mitchell pg. ix)”

Please enjoy some traversing w/ Mari Boine into some Medicine Realm work!

When I say, Medicine Realm, this means:  A place where you’d go within, to HEAL YOURSELF. The Medicine realm can be accessed via  meditation, Shamanic Journey, Self reflection…for some examples.

Click on these embedded links below for some readings on Shamanic techniques of healing w/ modalities and also elements around you.

Shamanic Journey

Working with Crystals

Sound Healing

I invite you today, to connect with one little corner of nature near you. Whether, it’s a tree, directly outside of your door, a park which you walk by, or an overhead flying bird, these examples all can be Mindfulness Bells ringing and awakening you to a deeper reality — the Medicine realm. Even deeply connecting w/ your dog, on a walk– allow him or her to guide you to some beautiful corners of your surroundings. The jist here is to follow your breathing, clear the hectic mind, as you cast your line of vision upon an element of your natural surrounding. Now, upon following your breathing while you are in concentration on your connective point in Nature, allow some time to elapse while enjoying your breath, in and out. And then, deeply LISTEN. Are you feeling any sensations in your body? Where do you feel the sensations? Do you feel like you can hear a verbal message, through reflecting in this silence? Is it a call to action? Is it a call to peace? Just be with this, whatever which is coming up.

I share this technique because I find it a beautiful practice to become quite comfortable to connect with the nature surroundings. Nature, elements, plants, animals, minerals have all, A LOT to say. Even if we live in the city, of course, there is still raw nature. Look, the signs are around you.

When we make a connection with nature, this point of connection is where we can deeply go within. (This point of concentration is bringing you BACK to yourSelf…. bringing you INWARD) Going inward is the way to find the solace. We may be searching for solace in other people, in our relationships and in material things. However, yes, there is beauty and life in relationships, but often times we rely very heavily on our loved ones and spiritual teachers to bring us happiness and insight. As Rumi says: Everything in the Universe is in you. Ask all within yourself.” If we are to seek teachers to support us, let us seek teachers that direct us, back to our inner knowing, ultimately.

Also…while practicing the meditation on nature which I mentioned above, know that the point which you are choosing to connect– has an actual medicine for you. If you see a Hawk flying overhead and choose to connect there, Look up ‘Hawk totem,’ online or in a book like ‘Animal Speak.’ Also, let’s say you are drawn with a specific tree to connect– Look up the tree name and see if there are any metaphysical meanings with the Tree deva. If you are drawn to a certain landscape, check out about the landscape, in ‘Nature Speak!!’ Read up & marvel at synchronicities of where you are drawn!

Maybe then you’ll create a lil space of Love in your home, simple, with some elements of nature. In this space, you practice your inner work, more often, in your days. Maybe you’ll tidy up your space of Love, already existing– or ReCreate it, breathe new Life INTO it!

Happy Connecting!!

Zip away from the heavy, matrix reality and feel the love, wisdom, healing, and peace within the Alternate, medicine realms.

~ AHO! Mitayuke Oyasin ~

~Untold Story~ by Josephine Wall

“As the planet evolves, humankind increasingly leaves the cities to seek peace and consolation in the country. There nature awaits with all her gentleness and beauty to welcome humanity into a more fulfilling way of life.” ~Josephine Wall


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