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Transformation ~ 2011 A Butterfly Year ~

Butterfly ~ Something which is Light, the process of Metamorphosis, Fairy Realm, Playful, Sharing (Pollinating). That sounds rather happy, right?  Was I MORE than joyous when, from the beginning of this year, January and February, to have a consistent visitation of butterfly symbology? Yes, I DO think so!  I thought, assuredly from GETGO of ’11, that  this would be a ‘Butterfly year.’  So, what did I think about this? What does it mean? — I formulated a story that this year would contain a spiritual transformation, perhaps (and hopefully) beyond any goodness I’ve experienced before. Hey, So much good change would happen, that I couldn’t even fathom. OK! HOORAY! As Celtic shamans say in exclamation, “Sea!” (sounds like Shah.)  Maybe it would look like the amazing evolutionary leap which I had in 2007. You know, those amazing times, I’m sure you have a time when– Suddenly you’re having HUGE downloads of new information, new teachers, amazing relationships, new friends, rekindling deeply– the wonder to be alive.

(Whatever you picked or wrote on the poll here…go over to to check out some sweet writings on the medicine. And I just wanna say, “Way to go shamaness,” to, I assume, Lin, who made that page happen!!!!)

So, alas, 8 months in to this year, how is this year shaping up? *sigh* Again, the teaching of impermanence — ah yes, I think Butterfly might have something to whisper in our ear about that. With the various world disasters of this year, just to mention a few~ OH, I dunno, um–horrendous earthquakes and tsunamis, the unstable nuclear power plants spewing radioactivity, birds and fish randomly dying without, uh explanation,  — I have felt SHOVED to transform, steeped into looking MORE deeply into all of this, every single day. But first I’ll stay with me and MY ACTIONS. HOW am I livin’? What am I wasting my time on?  Because ya know what, the TIME IS NOW, my friends. We are IN the quickening. It’s a pressure-cooker chrysalis. So baby, get ready to shed the old—You’re going to be a bEeeEeaUtiFul Butterfly!

Oh, Goodie gumdrops!

Is it not obvious that our reality is becoming LESS AND LESS VEILED? There is an energy of transparency afoot. And you know when that cocoon starts to become more clear and thinner ~ what happens? Emergence!!!

As I begin to emerge to the next level ~ My Self Inquiry goes like this: How is my non-action or distractions playing a part in the world stage? How is the non-action linked to my fear– to becoming a deeper, more authentic self~ Hence, staying in this distracted state, limiting my Service to Others.  That’s why today ~ I’m finally writing my first post here and getting ‘the car’ outta the ditch from my wheels spinning and kicking up the muck. This one, seemingly small action of expression begets MORE momentum to those wheels.

Ok, so, From one of our fav 90’s albums…Pinkerton, the song Butterfly ~ “””I’m sorry for what I did, I did what my body told me to– I didn’t mean to do ya harm. Every time I pin down what I think I want, it slips away. “””

Instead of me focusing on how bummed out that I’m overstimulated and that time seems to be moving too quickly or how this world can give me the creeps or how I’m saddened by other  humans, or what didn’t manifest exactly how I thought would bring me MOST happiness– I bring awareness back to: REDIRECT & REALIGN! Redirect to the Truth, Realign to the Center. This change of mind-frame was animated by a force which I’ve always been connected to.  But this year, this force seems ever more refined and powerfully directive. A force greater than the personality of  the woman, who is named Kate that moves this body (and fingers that type this right now.)  This force or redirection has brought me back to my research of metaphysics, rejoin the sitting with my ol’ Sangha, check out to new spiritual communities and yes– hence be aquainted with new teachers and new friends. As I felt brewing– ANOTHER evolutionary leap– not exactly like years before. Is anything ever exactly duplicated? However, this beautiful, messy, juicy, intricate experience, I’m truly loving it. I feel  this force of Transformation is how Butterfly Medicine is working for me. All this makes one think– that Butterfly is not just any ol’ spirit totem. IT’S A POWER TOTEM. And may that Butterfly, Faery, Magik, Wonderfulness BE WITH YOU ALL !!!! With grace, may you move through each phase. As we deepen soulfully in this incarnation, even if you have to take it just one breath at a time….you’re not alone. ❤