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Since we were kids ~glancin’ at the clock… seeing 2:22, 12:34, 3:33, …11:11 …we said, ‘Make a Wish.’

As an adult…. Metaphysics becoming a piqued research interest– I looked meaning of numbers, beyond just the numerology studies of birth dates…but more esoteric meanings of numbers and math…and into sacred geometry!

For instance — Golden Ratio! <– Vid in Link!

The 11:11 doorway as it’s sometimes called, I started to think about how cool that, as kids, we’d ‘make a wish’ for those moments of time — These moments of seeing 11:11 were like a blank canvas of  where we could co-create w/ the Universe.

But you’d do this wishing…with a clear mind–Just stopping the busy-ness of the day, for one minute & thinking of what you’d like to wish for. In the energies of late, YOU’LL DEFINITELY GET ITwhatever you’re thinking about! Anyone noticing lightning fast  manifestation, especially, in this ‘11 YEAR?!  These are usually little things you’re LEAST expecting to come to immediate pass, because you’re LEAST thinking about them. Honestly, this is because you’ve TRULY MADE SPACE for the manifestation by just FUHGETTIN’ ABOUT IT! As one of my teachers simply just put it, “If you want it, go get it. If you really want it, go get it.”

So, if you’re not gettin’ it … why dontcha want it? And once you figure that out…maybe you still don’t want it, maybe you do. :-/ I think the inward looking, and lots of it, would do us all good, right now,– to really be able to move forward with >> RIGHT ACTION<<  (especially in the state of affairs of the World Stage.)

Actually– any moment we can intend clearly, not just 11:11, of course. ..BUuUuUT..The 11:11 … It’s kinda like the double helix strands of DNA…Basically because of this, it’s in our cellular memory to deeply awaken to a new level with each 11:11!!! It is considered ‘a pre-encoded trigger’ for you — A bell of mindfulness to clear the cobwebs & to go deeply within yourself for a  moment. A WAKE UP CALL To — get clear — intend — pray — make a wish– to put it simply! 😉

~ Journey of the Wounded Healer ~ Alex Grey

Often times, when a really cool synchronicity happens or when you notice the 11:11 (or any sequence of duplicate or consecutive numbers, for that matter) on your clock or on a license plate  in front of you, etc..– After you take a moment to breathe– go back and..kinda, go over — What were you JUST thinking or feeling? Often, the synchronicity (or the digit sighting) is a positive confirmation for you, about the vibe which you’re having. What the confirmation specifically means….? Well, delve into the intuition, baby. (Also, if you’re seeing, the same number pattern, over and over again, like, say 563… you may want to check into the meaning of that specific pattern of numbers, with a book like ‘Angel Numbers’ by Doreen Virtue. OR, again, delve into the intuition banks, within, baby.)

11:11 <– info about 11:11 phenom …

Angels …<— click this link for an amazing story and soul-created images of Angelic encounters, all ascension related. all inter-connected to the phenomenon experiences of the new Earth….This visions depicted in that link are from a near death experience. Most definitely, these VISIONS, if you allow– will become all too common in your Shamanic Journeys, Your dreams, your WAKING REALITY. We are already in the reality of the new Earth because ALL TIME is now.

~Sepharic by Alex Grey ~


Let go of what you think you know.

Weird is the new normal.

Honestly, my new practice– Surrender to the way it’s goin’….And Share your experiences, ideas, art w/ your local and surrounding community groups which are gathering. I’ve been more than pleasantly supported and loved for EXACTLY where I am at. Weirdness N all!

Pass through the doorway of limitlessness, each time you see synchronicities, my dear friends. And feel free to leave your boggy baggage of the old paradigm livin’, at the door.

You are free!


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