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☠ Halloween tribute to Danzig ~ Mucho Necessary before the day is out….

Hey, I’m having a weird Hallowe’en day ~ Anyone else? Just wonky energies and everyone seems a lil ‘off’??  Just thought I’d share that tidbit fact….

So for the past few days, I had been thinking I wanted to write about my theory on Glenn Danzig’s karma, and what better day, than today???….


My fav~!!!

Since I began my meditation practice, I noticed alot of sensitivities to certain things which I used to enjoy…ie Staying out late, drinking alot of beer, waking up to punk rock music, watching horror movies and going on dates with pricks. All of these things do not have anything, necessarily, to do with each other,– But they can correlate on certain days. **(Also, it’s not wrong or bad to enjoy such things…just sharing, simply, of my side symptom of meditation.)

One niche ‘like’ that has not ceased to change is that appreciation for the Misfits / Sir Glenn Danzig. Since this ‘like’ has stayed strong, I began to contemplate …and just,– look deeply into the lyrics of Danzig’s music….

Oh yeah!

So, this lyrical content, even though violent and disturbing when read outside of the sound vibration of the song  …   I thought to myself– there’s some kind of energy of pure catharsis made without anger, when recording/performing these songs, themselves– that causes the song to be digestible and enjoyable ..without that nauseous feeling you might incur from watching a gory horror flick ((which most probably has little soul refinement or social responsiblity of the director/writer.)) **(Disclaimer: And this nausea, which I speak of towards Gore, of course, is depending on who you are, your affinities and what movie, to have such a response.)

I started to ponder a few years ago and then proclaim– to myself — and..also to my boyfriend at the time, who I thought would care about my theory… (He also love, love, loved Danzig/the Misfits)… that Glenn Danzig was indeed an enlightened, evolved being who is here to do service work, helping us to purifying our darkest of urges, our most low vibe, sinister thoughts….Yes, thoughts so deep in the recesses of your mind, you may not even feel their stirrings. But Glenn, he shines the LIGHT on ’em…so you — may not– unconsciously ACT ON EM!!!!

Keep on rockin’ in the free world, Bodhisattva Danzig.

Peace y’all ~ through purgation of the Shadow ~

And Happy Halloween.



❦ Relationships, Haikus, the Past. (All time is NOW.) ⌛

When hanging out with some ol’ friends this Friday ~ which was…the theorized ‘end’ to the calendrical system of the Mayans… THEE 28TH was the day. Twas the day that Carl Calleman theorized was IT!

And…There was definitely something noteworthy from Friday…get ready for this — this is HUGE, ascension crew:

The unexpected nuances of fun in a day…Love in a family…enjoyment with friends…cute, new smiling baby with dimples, sunshine, falling, colourful leaves and yummy food from a vegetarian Asian cafe ….

Yeah. That really happened. 😉 Great last day of the world as we know it!

And I’m damn grateful to be in this body, in this time, in this place! Effin’ A, yeah!

So, My friends, whom I visited, create some awesome books. They showed me the Hardcover of their latest creation. I was particularly inspired by one of their Haiku’s, within the book…and this is why I create this entry today. :::::

I have no regrets

I didn’t live a clean life.

The Past is not mine

That’s by my buddy, Chal.

It made me think about my life…the story which I tell, up until this point…I think about how Eckhart Tolle invites us to drop the stories & BE PRESENT.

(So firstly, check out my friends’ book here:)

Spiritual Gardens: A Guide to Meditating in Nature

How do you tell your story? What would happen if you dropped your stories? What would you manifest differently, in the moment? Would your relationships be different?

A Story which I often tell after a relationship dissipates:

Love Haiku After a Bitter Break Up
Broken no repair
happy couples bug me now
Scald them with coffee

written from:


I flunked chemistry
Just like our relationship...
Too combustible

written from:


But then sometimes the stories aren’t so lousy…And there’s a happy ending … without the bitterness and hurt…just movin’ on W/ gratitude, baby…

Sentimental me
You liked rockin’ metal bands
Sexy Dark Man Love.

It’s ok where ever you’re at, in relationship with another human or with God, Nature, yourself …. In a sappy, honey soaked cosmic union, or releasing something which was good/bad, or on an even keel. In neutrality, or in uncertainy, more like a Koan than a Haiku ;-), or having a new baby w/ your partner, or already balancing raising a fam,  or planting a garden w/ your sweetie, or planning a ceremony to exchange vows or even in a messy breakup … Hey, Enjoy that beauty — whether a CHAOTIC mess or blissful goodness. It’s a fingerprint which can’t and won’t be duplicated. Let it inspire and CREATE something out of it. Share the merit!


Mayan Calendar ♁
Love reigns on the New Earth, now.
Show your love in Art.

~~written by k8Bee~~

**If you have a HAIKU which you’d like to share ~ post it in the comments (… let it loose on the New Earth!)

((Letting go of the past ~ into the presence of NOW!))

☄ Auroras, CME ~ and you! ☀

Peter Henshaw,
Moodys, OK

Taken from…

“Auroras, the beautiful and often eerie curtains of light in the night skies of the far north and south, have been enjoyed for millennia. In the Northern Hemisphere, they are popularly called Northern Lights, and officially known as “Aurora Borealis” (meaning “northern dawn”); in the Southern Hemisphere, they are known as “Aurora Australis” or the Southern Lights….” are to me…portals…teachings of beauty and inspiration to LOOK UP <<to be transported>> &  inspired.

Mike Hollingshead,
Blair, Nebraska, USA

A CME hit Earth’s magnetic field on Oct. 24 at 1800 UT, sparking a strong (Kp=7) geomagnetic storm. Auroras were sighted in the United States as far south as Arkansas, Texas and California”

“A flare is defined as a sudden, rapid, and intense variation in brightness. A solar flare occurs when magnetic energy that has built up in the solar atmosphere is suddenly released. The amount of energy released is the equivalent of millions of 100-megaton hydrogen bombs exploding at the same time! The first solar flare recorded in astronomical literature was on September 1, 1859

Solar flares extend out to the layer of the Sun called, The Corona.

“A coronal mass ejection (CME) is a massive burst of solar wind, other light isotope plasma, and magnetic fields rising above the solar corona or being released into space.

“When the ejection is directed towards the Earth and reaches it as an interplanetary CME (ICME), the shock wave of the traveling mass of Solar Energetic Particles causes a geomagnetic storm that may disrupt the Earth’s magnetosphere.”

~~Now hence, this is how, we humans are affected by CMEs…our electronics, our land, our etheric environment, our emotions.

So…check out some updates on our Magnetosphere here:

The aurora’s tie into the CMEs because “Essentially, the light of auroras is emitted when charged particles in the solar wind excite the electrons of atmospheric atoms through collisions. As the electrons return to their original energy levels, these atoms, primarily oxygen and nitrogen, emit photons of visible light of distinct wavelengths to create the colors of the auroral display.”

These displays are so beautiful, however, as we can understand, they do come out of a great release, change of atmospheric conditions and commotion.

Can we reflect now of our experience here…as we begin to REALIZE what does not serve our own highest and best good, any longer and currently in our life? Hence, then, we take steps to RELEASE, REMOVE, MAKE SPACE, MEND, EVOLVE ~ What does it look like throughout this process, and ulitimately as we step back and view….the present moment once we have gone through the oceanic healing motions of change of eradication? And then…healing … and then….


What’s up with the 28th? Shift happens! ∞

I must say I’m anticipating a really lovely Friday.

Maybe because it’s the Friday before Samhain/Hallowe’en/Dia de Los Muertos weekend…the veils will naturally be thin…

Maybe it’s because I requested a day off of work for then…

Maybe it’s because I’m meeting my friends new baby on that day…


Teehehe  ~ I feel, fine.

What makes me say this, anyway? What’s so special about Friday….????

So what are these vids saying? Well, according to Calleman’s theory and view of the Mayan Calender, and this is just my synopsis– We’ve entered the highest level of consciousness and we are about to embark into timelessness. A liberation, a new beginning beyond description. This embarkment will truly begin, on– the 28th. I mean, I’m sure you’ve been feeling SOMETHING happening…of for about…I dunno, EVER?! So yes…we may be beginning a new phase, the WORLD AS WE KNOW IT…becoming INCREASINGLY unveiled to– the Ultimate dimension!! We shall see…(use your third eye, >>here<<.)

However…I’d like to assert as a wee reminder, to not overthink – no one will know the day or the hour – 😉

So, Keep on Truckin’, y’all!

For me the changes which I felt in my body or ‘ascension symptoms’ came, really strongly in 2007. Ya know, those unexplainable symptoms, manifestations, feelings, tweakings and/or physical irregularities which you seem to have in common, in some cosmic way, to the people who are around you. These seeming threads to my community, seeing true evidence that I was NOT alone on this crazy ride, gave me hope and new refreshment for human-ness, our experience. ALL towards this process of our cellular vibration raising to…Ascension/Remembrance/Oneness/Enlightenment

Some More Links of the ‘What’s going on’ type:


An album that is quite awesome, ‘Endgame‘, by Rise Against…good stuff, good message here…RIGHT ACTION!

RIGHT THOUGHT! To all the thoughts which lead to non-harmoniousness action…I Love You, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive me. Thank you.

We can change this world.


So, What are you feeling may happen on this Friday…with the theory, that it is the true last day of the Mayan Calendar??

Regardless ~ ALL LIGHT, Love, Ever deepening wisdom and peace to you, on all traversing of the Light Realms. ṍNE LṍVE!