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Need for Grief Rituals…


By thee awesome, Mizz Order of the Good Death herself… link below.

Talking about …Celebrating all aspects of Life … Birth, Sustentation, Death, Rebirth, Continuation…WITH NO FEAR!
In our culture we have such fragmentation and distraction, deep-looking escapes many… that yes, we benefit from living deeply and mindfully. Also, our culture lacking mortality awareness, in alot of ways… and lacking death rituals Like: “In Madagascar, where the whole family disinters the corpse, wraps the bones in new cloth, and dances with the bones to live music.”
I know for for me, Drumming & Singing with some of my friends after my Father’s services was very healing, grounding, and enLIGHTening… but I didn’t do this with *everyone* about at the services, as it’s not ‘custom’ nor even *for* everyone due to affinities, personal blockages & fears, cultural programming…etc….But for me… ritual has really assisted upon my grief process…

Order of the Good Death Article, HERE: