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You can’t save anyone nor should you waste time trying. Instead, shine your light. Inspire.


However, perhaps– Something you’re doing, small or gargantuan, may inspire someone to take that lil shift, in their world to more happiness and peace.

Who is to say that one’s action, unless one is harming another person or violating Natural Law — is not just be the catalyst that one needs. What one may be doing can be catalyst which may lead soon to no further suffering with insanity, for that very person.

I invite you to allow the image of a time where you worried and also you were completely sweatin’ an outcome, to find that everything fell into it’s right place. Also, bring into your mind’s eye, a time where you, simply, surrendered. You just said, “Ok, I can’t do anything about this, it’s too big…that’s it. I turn it over.” What was the outcome then? Did you find also everything just fell into the right space? Hmm…and THAT is for your consideration.

By no means, don’t suppress worrying or concern. Play it out...allow THAT to be (the theme, of this writing.) However, I’m talking about rumination and story telling. ((My ol’ habit energy.)) As a human race, learning to give the mind a rest from spinning stories is a wonderful practice for us to begin and…um, it’s practice. Be patient. Be gentle but dilligent with your practice. A day a time.

Being a counselor at a Drug and Alcohol addictions therapy clinic and also being a holistic practitioner ~ towards my clients, sometimes I THINK that I foresee the best for them. Sometimes I’M even SURE how a client could best act, to free themselves from suffering . “If you just drop ______________ , (fill in the thing which I think is bullshit), I think THAT’S the answer for you. ”  And yes, we can shine the Light on issues, which a client (or friend) is having, BUT ONLY IF the client or friend is directly asking for help to be brought forth. Again, as long as it’s not harming the free will of another human-being– which DEFINITELY would have to stop: Shaking someone awake isn’t a nice thing to do, and that goes for: physically or spiritually.

Reflections of self inquiry w/ Gangaji, here …


I see loving and caring by others, friends in my life. And, through the days, they project their wishes for me, regarding the mundane, or relationships or with career. I understand that these loved ones want the best for me. However, at times, I wish that the projecting wasn’t BEAMLINE-ing right into my 3rd eye!!!!! “Ok, give it a rest, man…I got this!”

A ‘Balihigh’ mask

However, I accept the care and love.
And…as they say in the 12 step program..if it doesn’t apply, LET IT FLY!

So, I think of how I feel, and I apply this in my response to others’ potential feelings. Am I projecting? Am I worrying too much? Am I giving unsolicited advice? And if we can all take into consideration…a mindfulness of the human condition, perhaps we can all flow so much more easily, in communication.


Remembering to LOVE, Love with wisdom. Love that shows Truth. Each moment, each day. Remember what you’re here for.

Peace all and the ALoHA,


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  1. Love to you…xoxo

  2. Awesome article, thanks for that

  3. Excellent article, I couldnt agree more. Do you plan on writing a follow up

  4. Excellent article, thanks.

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