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Major Arcana ~ XVII 🌟 Star 🌌 🌠

“If our minds are glorious mansions,
and our spirits are the surrounding landscape,
then the Tarot is a doorway
revealing a wide realm of ever-increasing
beauty, insight, and mystical experience.” –Avia Venefica

stargazingfoxStar-Gazing Fox by~ Elspeth McLean .-artist-

“The cards give you images and symbols to focus your vague intentions and transform them into action. Your will is the magic. In other words, you are the magic. If you can create something in your heart and then act on it to make it happen, that is magic.” Theresa Francis-Cheung


In a Celtic Cross lay out this weekend with a fellow reader, the Star card came up for me… the Wondrous Reader and friend of mine, Fast Horse said ~ “Make 9 Wishes, just for you, and when they start coming true, let me know..”

celtccroslayout~~~Well, now, it’s YOUR Turn…~~~~


If you’re reading this blog, then the STAR is coming into your life! Write down or type out Nine Wishes! Maybe make a Vision Board about them…as well. When the wishes start coming true, make a note in the comments of this post!
START with YOU in writing the Wishes… start with YOUR Health, Your Intentions, Your Dreams, Your Goals, Your Highest and Best Visions. ((Hold Positivity within you, as your write the wishes, as if they are already coming to fruition.)) If you do want to expand outward, in making the wishes– to friends, family, a community, Humanity, Mamma Gaia, do so — and THEN, make the 9th Wish, all about coming ‘Home,’ coming back to you again!
Happy Wishing and Seed Planting! (I write this on a newly waxing moon!)


💙 💚 💛 💜




~ Tasseomancy ~

Tasseography (also known as tasseomancy or tassology) is a divination or fortune-telling method that interprets patterns in tea leaves, coffee grounds, or wine sediments.

The terms derive from the French word tasse (cup), which in turn derives from the cognate Arabic word tassa, and the Greek suffixes -graph (writing), -logy (study of), and -mancy (divination).

Divination attempts to gain insight into the natural world through intuitive interpretation of synchronistic events.


Tea Leaf Reading How-To!

METHOD: A Written How-To!
Via —

“First of all sit, down and enjoy a nice cup of tea. Remembering of course, that you need to make your tea the old-fashioned way using a teapot, so that you end up with some tea leaves! You need a teacup with a wide mouth, sloping side of cups, and a plain, undecorated surface inside of cup. Do not strain the tea as you pour it.

If you prefer coffee, simply brew your favourite variety of coffee and add a pinch or two of dry coffee grounds to the coffee so that there will be enough grounds to read. If you add the grounds before drinking, then let the cup sit for a few minutes so that the grounds sink to the bottom. Otherwise add the grounds to the remaining coffee dregs after you have drunk your cup of coffee. You will find that different varieties of coffee, such as Turkish or Greek coffee, are more suitable for coffee reading.

Part of the ritual of this form of divination is to actually sit down and enjoy the tea and the company of your fellow drinkers before you get started. This is not as silly as it sounds as it allows you to relax and also gather your thoughts.

Before you even start the reading , there may already be some early signs to interpret:

* Bubbles on the surface of your tea or coffee means that money is on its way.
* If any tea leaves are floating on the surface, then visitors are imminent. The number of leaves shows how many days away they are.
* If two teaspoons are accidently placed on a saucer, then you can expect news of twins soon.
* If a teaspoon is placed upside down onto a saucer then you will hear news of the ill-health of a close relative.

Finish your tea leaving a small amount of liquid in the bottom of cup of the cup. Holding the cup in your left hand, swirl the tea leaves round three times in a clockwise direction. Make sure that the remaining tea swirls around the whole of the cup.

Then, up-end the cup on the saucer and let the liquid drain away.

Coffee drinkers can use the same method with the remains of their coffee, or they can pour the remains across a plate and interpret the patterns that are left on the plate.

Now you can examine the cup and the patterns of the tea leaves inside.

As a general first impression, just a scattering of leaves inside the cup indicates a tidy mind and disciplined life. A lot of leaves indicates a rich, full, busy life.

To learn to read your own tea leaves, you will need loose tea leaves which are somewhat large. It is best to use a teapot with a wide spout so that when you pour the tea out of it and into your cup, the leaves can easily pass through. Some tea leaf readers recommend using only the highest grade teas and your best china, and all readers advise against using a mug, which makes it hard to look at the leaves sitting at the bottom of your cup.

The person wanting their tea leaves read should concentrate on a question or area of their life that they would like insight into. Drink the tea quietly until about a half of a teaspoon’s worth of tea is left in the cup. Swirl the tea leaves at the bottom of the cup three times while thinking of your question. You can ask a question about yourself, about the past, about the future, or even about someone else in your life. Turn your cup over onto a saucer and let the moisture drain out for about two or three minutes. Then turn your cup back over gently and see how the tea leaves have settled. If all the moisture is removed, you are ready to have the leaves interpreted.

The cup is held so that the handle points towards the questioner. The handle represents the questioner and his or her home, and the tea leaves are read in relation to the position of the handle.

The rim of the Cup represents recent events. Leaves lying closer to the bottomof the Cup indicate events that are more distant in time. The very bottom of the Cup represents misfortunes.

Leaves that lie to the right of the handle indicate the future, and leaves to the left of the handle indicate the past.

The further away the leaves lie from the handle, the further away the events are in either time or even physical distance.

First take a quick look inside the cup to see if there are any signs that jump out at you:

* Any distinct drops of tea or coffee that remain in the cup despite the swirling and emptying of the cup, represent tears.
* A very large clump of tea leaves indicates trouble. Near the handle – trouble caused by your own making. Opposite the handle – the trouble is not your fault.
* Tea-stalks indicate people. Long stalks indicate men. Shorter stalks indicate women. Pale or dark stalks indicate colouring. Slanted stalks indicate untrustworthy people.

Symbols and Positions in a Reading

Tea leaf readers from all cultures based their readings on objects and images which were common in everyday life. Natural forces like the weather, or animals, people, and even man-made objects each may turn up as a tea leaf symbol. Some modern readers have added contemporary symbols to the list of possible images, for example, using cars to represent travel or roller coasters to represent drama. Other readers are more old-fashioned and like to stick with the universal images that all people have witnessed in their daily lives for thousands of years. As long as the reader is good at interpretation, the images that they choose to work with don ‘t really matter.

Position of the Leaves

In a tea leaf reading, it is not only the shape that the leaves form which counts. Readers also place importance on which area of the teacup the leaves stick to. For instance, leaves that land near the handle represent events which will happen to the questioner. Leaves on the opposite side from the handle indicate events outside of the questioner’s life, perhaps happening to a family member or friend. Traditionally, leaves that end up near the rim of the teacup are good luck. Leaves settled closer to the bottom of the cup may show disappointment or challenges.

A good reader, though, recognizes his responsibility to be helpful and clear with the person receiving a reading from him. It is not a reader’s place to scare or depress his subject. All omens and shapes in the cup can be seen as positive, because as we all know, it is sometimes necessary to endure great challenges before we can reap the appropriate rewards. We make many choices in our life’s journey, and each choice is an essential step towards learning and growth. A good reader will respect this and guide his questioner in working through any upcoming challenges.

The Four Types of Symbols

Tea leaf symbols are broken down into four main categories. They are:

These include all symbols having to do with the outside elements and their influence on us. They can be seen as influences beyond our control, because nobody controls Mother Nature! Sometimes they can provide a warning of potential danger, or the coming of good luck, but mostly they represent the backdrop upon which we are staging our lives.

These symbols are types of people or parts of the body (i.e. face, hands, eyes). These images are reflections of what role we are playing in our personal lives and which stage of wisdom we have reached. A person symbol can act as a short-term or long-term influence.

Animal shapes represent our helpers on the Earth plane. The types of animals which appear in a tea leaf reading often mirror our hopes, fears, or dreams. They can also reveal personal qualities that we are expressing or show us the inner truth of how we are feeling.

These include all the things that man has physically invented. They include tools, toys, clothes – you name it. When these kinds of symbols show up in a reading, they show us what we are doing withour lives. They reflect what we are creating and generating, be it positive energy or chaos.

The best book I can recommend on tea leaf reading is “The Complete Guide to Tea-leaf Reading” (Paperback) by Helen Farley.”




wild shamanic reiki


~~~~Wild Way To Heal~~~~

Rose De Dan, Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing LLC, is a mesa carrier in the Peruvian shamanic tradition, animal communicator, Reiki Master Teacher, author and artist.

She invites us to:

~Unleash Your Animal Spirit~

“When the animals share with us who they are, they also show us the way back to who we are.”
Rose De Dan, Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing

Think Outside the Cage…in Life (Live Free) and Supporting Freedom alongside our beloved Four-Leggeds…

  1. Stop using paper towels for everything.

  2. Look for new ways to reuse everything.

  3. Start thinking about planting a garden.

  4. Cook it yourself.

  5. Conserve resources.

  6. Learn how to make things yourself.

  7. Switch to simple cleaning solutions

  8. Use and enjoy what you’ve got.

  9. Buy quality items and share them with others ~~Bartering practice or just GIVING from the Heart~~.

  10. Shop locally.


  11. And speaking of our four-leggeds and not least here, …start making food for them– especially for cats, getting them off the kibble.Links to click about Natural feeding for our animal friends:

How about Animal Healing, Wild Reiki, Utilizing Crystals to Healing Animals and Animal Massage?
Check out some vids here!

Crystals for wear on animals with Hibiscus Moon and Topaz!

Crystal Grid for animals healing

Massage for our large animals

Massage for dogs

Cats love TO Massage

Now it’s time for CATS to receive ~ Scratch ’em good!

For the rabbits of the world whome we Love and Love…

Wild Animal Reiki in Sanctuaries, wherein they are healing..

If you have any other video’s for other varieties of animals or other  modalities of animal healing, Share in the Comments, please! Thank you!

And finally a vid
Rose, our Wild Reiki womyn sharing in an interview….

Today there are many “lineages” or modalities of Reiki and other LightWork Healing, some utilize what are considered more traditional methods, some non-traditional.

I like to weave in Shamanic Practice into my healing sessions, as I find the nuances of Shamanism to be very Grounding and Healing to one becoming more comfortable inside the body.

Excerpt via:
“Shamanic Reiki draws its foundations from concepts of shamanic journeying and channeling the living energy to create healing techniques that are powerful and effective. Treatment involves chakra healing techniques, the use of stones and quartz crystals as well as herbs and oils. The Shamanic Reiki energy, together with crystals, helps increase the flow of spiritual energy, thereby regaining the balance that was lost.

Another unique aspect of Shamanic Reiki healing is that often, ancient spirit and animal guides are often called upon to help with healing and giving energy to a patient. The practitioner or the patient may be in direct communication with these guides, who can greatly assist with the patient’s healing.

The Shamanic Reiki session is an interactive session which involves both the patient and the channeler as she takes the patient through a guided meditation which begins with the patient visualizing that she is floating up from her body to the ceiling and then turning around and viewing her body in a crystaline form, so that she can find any obstructions that may be causing her physical, emotional or spiritual problems. Once the obstruction is located, the Reiki practitioner helps her patient neutralize this object. For example, if it is rough, she asks the patient to imagine that it is becoming smoother; if it is cold, she prompts the patient to make it a little warmer, and so on. The protocol continues until the object has been totally neutralized. At this point, the Reiki practitioner asks her client whether she would like the object to be assimilated into her body or removed. If the client requests that it is removed, then the practitioner proceeds to slowly move the object with her hand up to the client’s right shoulder and down her arm until it reaches her hand. The practitioner then places a special rock or crystal into the client’s hand so that the energy of the obstruction is absorbed. After the client indicates that the obstruction has been fully absorbed into the rock or crystal, the practitioner removes the stone and drops it into a bowl of seasalt water, which clears away all remaining energy.”

I also, personally, consider Shamanic Reiki to include EnergyWork, working with the Orgone or Prana …& also with the use of Nature elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air…)  Usually how this is represented in session, in having these elements in that: Fire–used in Smudging, the Smoke Deva cleasning, Water— a bowl of water under the table, used to catching and cleansing released energies, Air— Feathers used in Session or actual blowing into the Chakra, inviting in wholeness to any energy fragmentation and also this can include the spraying of elixirs into the air, Earth— Crystals, Branches, Plants, Herbs used in a variety, intuited and creative ways during the session._ ….Also, to me, Shamanic Healing includes sound healing, other sacred objects such as Dorjes, Obsidian or Stone Arrowheads, Soul Catchers, Orgonite, Sacred artworkings, mindfully ulitized sacred object of and selflessly gifted by our Animal teachers, chanting, Interdimensional travel. The processes are beautiful, nature and full of Light and Play, as well!

I’d like to invite everyone to this book: I’ve taught some ongoing Shamanic Reiki Classes at The Reiki School and Clinic and this book’s exercies were homework and reading material  but I also intuited exercises for the students to practice, to hence, find their own unique way to facet their Reiki and Holistic Healing Practice.


I am so grateful to be practicing Shamanism, Native American Modalities and my unique ways of utilizing EnergyWork in Healing for Others, as a conduit. I am also grateful that the Universe has allowed perfect conditions to come together, for a community to develop around me and my local area! We are working with humans and animals to bring in Healing, Harmony, Transcendence, Healthy eating, Healthy Body/Mind/Spiritus, Awareness, Togetherness and Cohesiveness. Here is an example of the type of Community Healing Work we’re makin’ happen, as a Union of Lightworkers, monthly:

Join us for a Day of Healing Modalities, Sharing Spirituality, and Community!!!
Shamanic Practice, Medicine Wheel Readings, Soul Retrieval Sessions
~Energy Chelation
~ Reiki and Chakra Balancing
~ Scrying, Intuitive Artistry, Tea Leaf Readings
~ Shiatsu, Reflexology, & Massage for PEOPLE AND ANIMALS!
~Tarot Card Readings
~Spiritual Counseling
~Angel Readings and Mediumship
~BodyWork , Yoga, Tai Chi
~Healthy, Organic Foods


~A Day of Healing ~

Enjoy Nature and Beauty of the Gardens

On Most 4th Sunday’s of the Month
For more event info or navigate to
Check our website for many events of Healing, Expositions, Art and Music!



~ My eTarot ‘Animal Helpers’ Reading via ~

From: <– Awesome site, quite a variety of layouts and tarot decks, all free! This Deck is the ‘Shapeshifter Deck’ by DJ Conway. I did this reading as a personal layout for my processes but also as support through the present and the astrological aspects we’re in.
I hope this can inspire you too, to do online readings sometimes. I find them often, just as helpful as pulling out a deck!  ‘Online-Divination-it-up’ !!!
Threw some online I-Ching and Runes, as well!


In the Healing position
Primary healing helpers.

Meaning: Change, movement, and travel are indicated. Power represents your ability to do many things simultaneously. Allow yourself to blend your cosmic and earthly powers, understanding the boundlessness of existence.



In the Material position
Primary material helpers.

Meaning: Goals, plans, and dreams can now be fulfilled. Balance the incoming success and prosperity with spiritual study.

Goddess of Fire: Bridget

Goddess of Fire: Bridget

In the Protection position
Primary protection helpers.

Meaning: Drawing this card marks the need to cultivate the impersonal observer and the all-seeing mind, focusing on clear, objective, and centered thoughts.

The Sun

The Sun

In the Talents position
Primary talents helpers.

Meaning: Achievements in all fields of study, especially those that bring the darkness to light, are favored. Seek out your own enlightenment, finding your personal path to Oneness.



In the Spiritual position
Primary spiritual helpers.

Meaning: By gaining rapport with the Earth element, you bring prosperity and wealth into your life. You may seek to improve your home environment.



In the Healing position
Secondary healing helpers.

Meaning: Acquaintances out of your past may be reentering your life soon. If their presence is undesirable, politely make the separation final; if pleasant, enjoy the reunion.



In the Material position
Secondary material helpers.

Meaning: Self-control will help you to work with others to accomplish a task or goal. You can achieve an emotional balance at this time.



In the Protection position
Secondary protection helpers.

Meaning: A time of balance and harmony is achieved after difficult times. You are at peace with yourself and others.



In the Talents position
Secondary talents helpers.

Meaning: A cycle has ended, and a place of reward, completion, and success soon will be reached.



In the Spiritual position
Secondary spiritual helpers.

Meaning: Riches of the body, mind, and spirit are at your fingertips. A healing will come as you communicate your positive emotions and feeling to someone close.


All About ~ April 2014 Energies ~ The Grand Cardinal Cross!

Seems like we got quite a Spring, upcoming, energetically, spirituality, emotionally, physically!!

Heralding Spring!

We have a New Moon in Aries… kicking off, later, this weekend.
~Each of us has a different destiny, a different calling. That’s what Aries’ energy moves us to explore…We’ll activate our Aries energies in a big way with Uranus in Aries very close to this New Moon. Uranus is the great Awakener, the revolutionary and the **mad genius** of the zodiac.~” Cathy Pagano from her Wisdom of Astrology:

Check out here, for some Zodiacial forecasting for your sign, this April!


I started hearing of the Astrology of April 2014…
A Grand Cardinal Cross is coming! Can I say ‘Weeeeee!’ here?

What is a Grand Cardinal Cross?

“In astrology, a Grand Cross is said to occur when four planets are all separated from each other by Square aspects (90 degrees apart). A Grand Cross can also be viewed as two oppositions (180 degrees apart) separated from each other by a square. In a Grand Cross, there is one planet in each astrological element (fire, earth, air and water) but all the planets are in signs of the same modality or quality.

Because all the aspects in a Grand Cross are considered difficult aspects, the Grand Cross is seen as a source of extreme tension whereby various aspects of the personality (represented by the planets) are working at cross purposes that serve to nullify each other. This pulls the native in many directions, ultimately leading to indecisiveness and an inability to produce concrete achievements. It is said to take extraordinary effort to overcome the conflicts in a Grand Cross.”

Meet the Cardinal Cross Planets


Let’s start at the beginning and get to know the planets, the aspects and the events inspired by this group of planets in recent history. Each of these planets represents a rich spectrum of energy:

Jupiter symbol

Jupiter governs knowledge, encounters with foreign lands and cultures, religion, philosophy, principles and beliefs. It turns raw information into meaningful knowledge and also disseminates that knowledge. As much as this planet can be used for assessing and understanding, it can also be used to judge or blame. It is also the planet of expansion, which often needs a boundary or limit to balance it out and keep it from becoming too much of a good thing.

Saturn symbol

Saturn rules structure, authority and governing through rules, expectations and consistency. It represents what was called the “Establishment” in the 1960s. Although Saturn is often regarded as a killjoy or as boring, its goal is to manifest something through a slow process of development. When its energy is used in a healthy way, it supports our growth and gives it stability. When it’s overdone, it can become conformist, rigid, oppressive and overcautious.

Uranus symbol

Uranus is connected to mass media, communication and technology. It is involved with groups, clubs, organizations and causes. It is a crusader for humanitarian ideals, an advocate for anything that breaks away from the ordinary, and believes in rebellion to solve most problems. It is associated with uniqueness, as well as the qualities that can leave us feeling like outsiders. It is often called the Great Awakener, since its purpose is to bring us out of simply following the crowd into a state of consciousness and awareness.

Pluto symbol

Pluto is the agent of transformation and rebirth. It is connected to death and it can sometimes lead us to encounter and deal with death in the world. However, physical death is just one of the many layers of meaning in Pluto. It is about endings that reach so deep they spawn a regeneration process. Transformation is the transition of change between the old and the new; between death and rebirth. Pluto’s endings are a necessary end to what was, in order to release energy which then fuels the transformation process and then facilitates the rebirth into a new form.


Below text I found on:
Written by Lorna Bevan of

“Surviving is important. Thriving is elegant” Maya Angelou.

Without any exaggeration, the astrology of April 2014 is epoch-making . The focal point is a Grand Cardinal Cross with Uranus, Jupiter, Mars and Pluto all at 13 degrees of cardinal signs on April 23. The Uranus/Pluto Square is the fifth of seven between June 24, 2012 and March 17 ,2015, the most powerful outer planetary combination which is reshaping our world personally and globally. Think of grinding tectonic plates where irresistible change occurs below the surface for years, until one day a Krakatoa volcano or a tsunami erupts seemingly out of the blue. The planetary pattern that was the catalyst happened earlier, in this case back in 1965/66 at the Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo.

Now the Uranus/Pluto Square is pulled into a Grand Cross by Jupiter in Cancer and Mars in Libra. Think crossroads, think centrifuge, think helicopter with four propeller blades, think of four riders on the storm galloping in different compass directions.Then factor in that this Grand Cross—the watershed of the 2012-2015 period of upheaval—is sandwiched between two powerful eclipses: a Lunar eclipse on April 15 which will turn the Moon red, followed by a Solar eclipse and a New Moon on April 29.I will write more about this astrology in my next article.


Your Map for the Journey

Much has been written about the likely global ripples and repercussions of this pattern, but very little on the imprint on psyche and soma. The most powerful strategy you can adopt to avoid fear and passivity is to understand these archetypes, to assign them meaning and to work creatively with them in your own life.

My Cycle of Personal Psychosynthesis looks at the four archetypes as an evolutionary spiral from Process Breakdown to the Regulating Self, mapping the elements, the Major Arcana and the Rays on to each, eliciting the gift or shadow from working at the Transpersonal or Egoic level of awareness.

Grand Cross Personal Map by Lorna Bevan

The Cycle starts with Uranus in Aries the First House of the World Chart, moving through the fields of Jupiter in Cancer in the Fourth House, Mars in Libra in the Seventh, to Pluto in Capricorn at the MC, the Tenth House. If you are on solid personal ground, consciously directing your sub-personalities like the conductor of an orchestra so that no one planet dominates, you can stand in the center of your Self and your life. You are unlikely to be struck by one of the four outer planet propellers, and you’re able to have lift-off. This cycle and field of influence ripples through your psyche in cascading epiphanies and insights, not in a linear timeline of “Now I’ll focus on Uranus and tomorrow Jupiter”.

Uranus at 13 Degrees Aries

  • Cardinal Fire
  • JungianTypology: Feeling
  • Modus Operandi: Breakdown and breakthrough through mental awakening
  • Catabolism: the process of disintegration of the old forms to set in train the pulse of manifestation of the new
  • Major Arcana : the Tower;  the World
  • Ray:the 1st Ray of Will and Power
  • Archetype:  The Great Awakener; Prometheus Unchained
  • Transpersonal Gift: Service to evolution
  • Egoic Shadow: Eccentricity and maverick selfishness.

Voyager Tarot - Universe (The World)

Wherever 13 degrees Aries falls in your birth chart is the area of life where you are being pushed to break your own rules, to overthrow outdated beliefs and behaviours and think out of the box. Signs are restlessness, nervousness and the search for greener grass.

Question: What in me is waking up?

Jupiter at 13 Degrees Cancer

  • Cardinal Water
  • Jungian Typology: Intuition
  • Modus Operandi: expanding your awareness to the meaning of the bigger picture
  • Wisdom and Experience: nurturing the seeds of Aries
  • Major Arcana : The Star; the Devil
  •  Ray: the 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence in the passionate pursuit of truth
  • Archetype: the Great Benefic The Priest
  • Transpersonal Gift: How can I best serve the world?”
  • Egoic Shadow: ”How can I best serve me?”

Voyager Tarot - Star

Wherever 13 degrees Cancer is in your chart is where you are moving from separation consciousness to inclusivity. You nurture and care for yourself, your family, your friends, your tribe and extend that compassion to everyone on the planet

Question: Where and how do I over- or underestimate myself?

Mars at 13 Degrees Libra

  • Cardinal Air
  • Jungian Typology: Thinking
  • Modus Operandi: Activating the will to act on the feeling and wisdom of Aries and Cancer
  • Anabolism: Initiating the process of building
  • Major Arcana: The Chariot; The Sun
  • Ray:The 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence seeking the point of balance.
  • Archetype: The Warrior
  • Transpersonal Gift: Evolution of the Personal Skilful Will
  • Egoic Shadow: Aggression, destruction and criminality

Voyager Tarot - Chariot

Wherever 13 degrees Libra is in your chart, you are mastering right relationship and greater I/Thou sensitivity.

Question:  How easily do I allow others their map of the world?

Pluto at 13 Degrees Capricorn

  • Cardinal Earth
  • Jungian Typology: Sensing
  • Modus Operandi: Eradicating and destroying the old like a wrecking ball to make way for new spiritual growth.
  • The Regulating Self: Personal Autonomy
  • Major Arcana: the High Priestess; The Hierophant
  • Ray:The 1st Ray of Will and Purpose, mastery of life, a supreme transmitter
  • Archetype: The Great Eliminator the Lord of the Underworld
  • Transpersonal Gift: Evolutionary Power and Intelligence
  • Egoic Shadow: Ruthless drive for power over others

Voyager Tarot - High Priestess

Wherever 13 degrees Capricorn is in your chart is where repeated losses are clearing the psychic ground for practical mastery.

Question: Am I secure in my personal autonomy? How congruently do I walk my talk?

♪ Sounds of the Chakras ♫

The Chakras


A Chakra is a center of energy that receives, assimilates, vibrates, and expresses life force energy, as you may or may not know. The word Chakra is Sanskrit for wheel or disc. There are 7 main Chakras. We also understand there is an Earth Star Chakra,  which is the transpersonal energy center which is ‘located approximately three feet below the soles of the feet. The Earth Star Chakra firmly connects the individual’s energies into a harmonious relationship with the planet and anchors the body into the time and space coordinates of the planet. The Earth Star Chakra connects us to the Earth’s Core as well as the Earth’s Electromagnetic Fields.’
There is a also SoulStar Chakra which is the Transpersonal Point which is located about 9 inches above the center of the head. Try this, ‘Place a hand there and a tingling sensation in the palm identifies the center. Its color is clear and is activated by selenite or zircon stones. Through the Transpersonal point, the soul is manifested into matter, it carries the individual’s reasons to incarnate into this lifetime. Other names for this center are “Heavenly Chi”.

Each of the seven musical notes and seven colors corresponding to the Chakras have emotional and physical vibration correlated, to them.



Sounds of Chakra Meditation, Jonathan Goldman

Tibetan Bowl, Sound Healing Chakra Series

Root Chakra Hz

Sacral Chakra, Second Chakra Hz

Solar Plexus, Third Chakra Hz

Heart Charka Hz

Throat Chakra Hz

Ajna, Third Eye, Sixth Chakra Hz

Crown Chakra Hz

Cymatics: from Greek: κῦμα “wave”) is the study of visible sound and vibration, a subset of modal phenomena. Typically the surface of a plate, diaphragm, or membrane is vibrated, and regions of maximum and minimum displacement are made visible in a thin coating of particles, paste, or liquid.[1] Different patterns emerge in the excitatory medium depending on the geometry of the plate and the driving frequency.
Shown here, the sacred geometry within and without…


~ Sacred Surrender ~

~ The Shape of Sound ~

~ We are this Sacred Geometry, micro and macro cosmically ~

☸ John Lash ~ Navigator Briefings ⊕

This writer has been blessed to have been directed to the Navigator Briefings of John Lash on ….

John Lash is a teacher, a lover of the muse, an author, a student of the Goddess, a shaman, a glorious articulater of language and a cosmic and earth terrain traveler.


John Lash’s book,  “Not in His Image,” comes highly recommended if you are looking into the research and mystic schools of Gnostic Vision & Sacred Ecology, the Great Goddess, Gnosis, the myths of Sophia and Gaia


Not in His Image tells the story of that loss. It exposes the most massive campaign of cultural genocide in human history. It probes—as no other book before it—the hidden roots of the ecological crisis that now threatens life on the planet. This investigation leads deep into the realm of the predator reality in which we now live, engulfed and lost to the point of either denial or impotent fury. And it shows how predators and prey have become locked into a vicious cycle of collusion.

Not in His Image describes the rich spiritual world of pre-Christian classical Europe—the Pagan Mysteries, the Great Goddess, Gnosis, the myths of Sophia and Gaia—and its future as a force for rebalancing our lives and reconnecting to the earth. In his riveting account of who the Gnostics really were and what they were protesting against, John Lash identifies who we once were, and what has become of our original genius. He describes the decisive arc of history from the dawn of the Christian Era to the present moment of global terror, a trajectory driven faith-based violence and fundamentalist politics. No scholar has yet plumbed the depths of the Nag Hammadi Library for the profound cosmological myth of our origins and our intimate bond with Gaia, the living planet.

The Gnostic story of the Wisdom Goddess, Sophia, is directly counterpoised to the one Christianity and other monotheistic religions teach us. It explains why a species made in the image of the Father God cannot live peacefully on earth. In Sophia we discover the true foundations of deep ecology. For those of us perplexed by the state of the world and the plight of the planet, Not in His Image gives us back our true story, a myth to guide us beyond faith-based violence toward a sacred ecological path for the future.”

An interview with John Lash….

John Lash’s website is
“Metahistory is a path beyond the received scripts of history and culture, toward a world free from enslavement to historical lies and unexamined beliefs.”


And how I enjoy, revel, am ecstatic and grateful when I see on when a new Nav Briefing arises and also  listening to the archives!!…
One of my most adored Briefings is that was posted on day of my Father’s crossing over.

This Briefing is entitled, “Going Forward in 2013.”


The Scorpion RESETS THE SCALES … How so?

“If things go wrong in the social order, due to the operation of psychopaths and archonic zombies, then, it’s necessary to re-establish the correct order, the workable order of society. There is a workable order in the principles of fairness and equity.
How can you reset it? Well, there has to be a FORCE applied. If one is ROCKING the boat you’re in and will not stop because they *cannot* stop, you HAVE to throw them overboard.
The Scorpion is that Deterrent Force, it is the FORCE of VENOM. We cannot return the scales to balance without a REAL deterrent force. That force is VENOM. Predators & Psychopaths operating in Power *cannot* STOP what they’re doing, thus, *will not* stop what they’re doing. The only thing that can stop them IS the astronomical and poetic syntax, of…how the Scorpion *resets* the scales, in FORCE.”


I’ve been channeling Kali Ma and a devotee of her’s for many years, and calling to her for Wisdom and Strength, especially as of late. I felt Matangi’s blade on my Heart, in 2009. This was a calling to her Path of the Peaceful Warrior Wisdom.
~ Om Mata Kali ~ Jai Kali Ma ~

.. I’m soooo beyond tired and through of the mamby-pamby WEAK spiritual shitte out there. The Spiritual Path is of and for THE STRONG OF Heart. Those who only want to be solely happy, happy, never angry and never take action (not RIGHT action, nor wrong….just no action) because they’ve been weakened by too much Distorted “New Age” garbage & have been misguided. I ask, if those who are seeking Spiritually– catch themselves becoming weakened by a Spiritual Practice, If one is really losing ‘teeth’ in taking Right Action in the world,  One may turn to STRENGTHENING practices. These practices may include yogic pathic,  practice fire-breathing, exercise, lift weights, consume mindfully & ayuvedically, fire element foods. Even– perhaps learn to practice fire spinning poi and also– read empowering literature, as well, may all be helpful in gaining your strength, power and cojones…(metaphorically speaking.)  Join an Activist group, somehow– get involved in the Gaia Correction Process!!

I am WITH NOW the Power of the Goddess, the Shaman, The Wise Ones and all that which is associating and weaving into Consciousness– STRENGTH, GROUNDEDNESS IN NOT ALLOWING FREE WILL TO BE INFRINGED ON SELF & OTHERS, TRUTH, & LOVE WITH WISDOM!

Thank you, John Lash for your teachings, wisdom, Navigation & LOVE for the GODDESS which you radiate so beautifully!!

Kalika Warrior ~ Aho!!