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Soul Retrieval: Living IN the Whole of the Soul.

“In shamanism it is believed that part of the human soul is free to leave the body.  The soul is the axis mundi, the center of the shamanic healing arts.  Shamans change their state of consciousness allowing their free soul to travel and retrieve ancient wisdom and lost power.

Because a portion of the soul is free to leave the body it will do so when dreaming, or it will leave the body to protect itself from potentially damaging situations be they emotional or physical.  In situations of trauma the soul piece may not return to the body on its own, and a shaman must intervene and return the soul essence.”

Art, Living Free by Being Free, Aligning with Life Giving People and situations, Receiving and giving healing work, Meditation, Movement, Dance, Nature, Music,  Sound Healing, Holistic Care, Being in a positive Community, Nurturing…
All that which can bring the Soul back to Wholeness ….

Soul Retrieval is Shamanic healing brought forth, after fragmentation of one’s energy due to ‘soul loss’.
Soul Loss can come from a number of sources…. from, for one example, abuse from childhood. It can come from a traumatic event. It can come after a nasty or even amicable relationship ending. It can come within a co-dependent relationship. It can come by giving away too much of one-self. It can come after disappointment. Soul loss has to do with hurt or trauma.
Persistent soul loss symptoms occur from not having a supportive community or healer to help one through such an ‘initiation’ or challenging process or event.

I came across the process of Soul Retrieval, shortly after I began practicing Shamanic Journey, in a really supportive, lovely, local community gathering, which was a monthly event. Through learning about Shamanic Journey, and being within a community where we practiced Journeying together & supported one another– my  heart opened so much in creativity and LOVE– for understanding totems, animal medicine, teachings from our land ancestors and taking time to go INWARD and explore. All while, having community support and acceptance of our visions and sharings.
A friend who had attuned me to Reiki III also is a Shamanic Practitioner, so I asked him if he’d facilitate a Soul Retrieval session for me, as I too, wanted to receive a deep healing, from the base, which Soul Retrieval offers….
I desired to really deeply take a look at and heal traumas from my past.
After some time of integrating the healing, after the Soul Retrieval, I decided, I too, wanted to learn this process as a healing modality in tandem with my Reiki practice, & thus, mentee about it with my healer friend. I saw how clearly Soul Retrieval fits as a much needed,  powerful way to bring healing, to a fragmented culture, of America.

Intersestingly, syncromystically…
Just previously to receiving my first Soul Retrieval, I viewed, the animated movie, ‘Iron Giant.’  Tying this all in…
…At one point (spoiler alert) the robot utilizes a beacon on the top of his head (pineal gland) to call back his broken, strewn parts.
I thought, YES, this is Soul Retrieval! Our intention to feel whole again invites in our strewn soul-PARTS, where we’ve felt traumatized, hurt, BROKEN, these parts come back together, STRONGER– in wholeness.

Movies with more shamanic allegory to this… I find the image of Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas, sewing her limbs back together…. as an empowering symbology– that after an initiation/challenging point, taking one’s own power in one’s hands by helping one’s self.


Symptoms of Soul Loss
-A feeling of depression and feeling incomplete, ‘something is missing.’
-Saying things like “I haven’t been the same since the (divorce, accident, a specific event, a relationship ending, the death of ((a friend or loved one.))
-Post Traumatic Stress-like symptoms.
-Inability to move passed the past, ruminating over and over, even after having intentions and doing activities to try to heal.
-Feeling disconnected from life, like you don’t really feel anything, or you feel you can’t connect to the good and positive, or new things.
-Memories of an incident in your past when you can say, “I feel that I lost something that I never got back.”
-Lost time, cannot remember from the past.
-Negative patterns, –ie. doing the same (negative/non-helpful) thing over and over & expecting different, better results.
-A sense that someone took a part of you, a piece of your heart, or that you were not the same once the person, left the relationship, or perhaps, after someone crossed over.
-You keep wanting to return to a person, or a location that seems unhealthy or unlikely, even though there is no apparent reason for you to do so.
-Can’t seem to connect with your true self, a happy part of yourself, your ‘old’ self.
-The feeling that soul retrieval may help you.

— Soul Retrieval ~ How its done —
First off, if you’re a practitioner, and practicing any type of powerful, life changing modality of healing & taking on clients, I say …. ask your clients challenging questions.
The UBER, Self-Inquiry Question of Soul Retrieval Preparation is, “Are you ready for Change?” Sandra Ingerman talks about this in her book, “Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self Through Shamanic Practice.”

Let us work ourselves as healers, out of a job by healing people at the ROOT, by helping our clients understand what is at the root of their health symptoms, that bring them in, intending to receive a session, like Soul Retrieval.

Here’s some questions which I like to ask clients — or if you are thinking about receiving a Soul Retrieval…ask yourself these questions, before receiving a healing session, such as a Soul Retrieval. (Or before any intentional, ritual healing.)

~ Are you willing to have POSITIVE change occur in certain or all aspects your life? What needs to change?
~ What brought you to the Spiritual Path?
~What draws you to Shamanism/Shamanic Healing?
~ Who have been major spirituual or supportive teachers in your life?
~Have you been on any Spiritual Retreats? How do you benefit from time, to just yourself & sacred Space, dedicated for healing, learning and solace?
~How has Sound Healing or Music shaped and supported you through the years?
~Do you have something specific you’ve been intending to manifest in your life or bring a change to?
~Who do you have in your life whom you can call on for support for your manifestation or change? What qualities make these folk most reliable and supportive?
~What practices, communities and events would support your intention to integrate wholeness? Are you looking for a new community? What qualities do you look for in a supportive community?
~In what ways are you willing to commit to sustaining a more fulfilling and love centered existence?
~Are you ready to let go of any lingering pain/heaviness/negativity/confusion which may be present in an aspect of your life? How So?
~Describe a dramatic change you’ve had in your life. What lead up it?  What came out of it?
Are you Ready to Change?

When receiving Soul Retrieval, as a client…the client will being laying down during a Soul Retrieval Session. At times, the Practitioner may lay next to you, or sit very close and drum & rattle, in order to go into a relaxing, trance-state, to Journey. The Practitioner sometimes may choose to utilize a drumming/music track.
((As soon as one does make an intention, to receive a Soul Retrieval, truly, the healing, it is done. Though, hands on healing and the process/ritual of Soul Retrieval, really helps ‘ground in’ the energy. In addition, The Soul Retrieval practice creates a space to share about what is the healing focus & what can be done to solidify this healing & bring positive change, onward.))
During a Soul Retrieval the Practitioner is doing a Journey to retrieve the energetic fragmentations of the past. Perhaps, the Practitioner can very specifically relay when and how fragmentations happened at various ages/stages of life. The Practitioner will return this energy, in a ritualistic, unique modality, which does vary from shamanic healer to shamanic healer.


This is a beautiful video, showing a bit about how Shamanic Soul Retrieval works.

If you are a practitioner, please also be mindful to look for in clients receiving life changing healing modalities:

  • Addictions, to alcohol and/or pharmaceuticals / life threatening substances with dangerous withdrawal and a need for referral to medical detox.
  • Signs of Abusive Relationships/ Danger to a client to return to their home environment. Need for referral to a community agency.
  • Addictions to less life threatening substances / habit energies to destructive patterns which need to be fearlessly addressed, by the practitioner! Unleash the Big Cat totem or Wolf energy! Speak Truth to your client on concerning patterns, which you see!
  • If your client has NO ONE supportive in their life, I’d encourage any practitioner to not be the sole contact point for the client. Make referrals to community agencies, other safe, supportive healing circles or other practitioners, in the community. Or, suggest clients to websites like for other healing gatherings in the area to connect with positive, new friends & healers.

~Things to look for IN a practitioner~
~Are you seeking Soul Retrieval or Shamanic work? Some questions to ask yourself, before getting started with a Shamanic Healer.
~Do you feel comfortable / safe / resonate with the healer?
~Ask the practitioner about their methods ~ does the practitioner drum and rattle during the session, and/or do sound healing/ would you prefer that to a recorded track?
~Is the Healer asking you these important questions, which I’ve listed above, about your Path and your Intentions?
~Being mindful of your needs– do you feel comfortable with the pricing of the energy exchange?
~Is the Healer asking if you if you have other support? Does the healer say you’ll have to solely keep coming back them to be able to heal fully?
~If anyone tells you the teacher/healer is outside of yourself, and doesn’t SHOW YOU techniques to self heal… — DEFINITELY SPLIT & keep on with the seeking the of right one for you.



Things to do for yourself to self-heal & nurture, after Soul Retrieval

  • Drinking lots of water
  • Being gentle/tender — act a though you’re bringing a newborn baby home.
  • Play
  • Take the day off from the usual
  • Journal ~ Reflect on the Changes which you intend to invite into your life
  • Listen to your body, how would you like to nurture, yourself, today?

The Positive Affects, to follow a Soul Retrieval:

“-You may find it easier to move forward on an issue that has been troubling you.
-You may feel a sense of being more fully present in your life.
-You may find it easier to make certain decisions or make certain changes.
-You may find that some characteristic you have struggled with such as hopefulness, confidence,.. may improve after a soul retrieval.
-You may find that you can connect to loved ones, things more easily.
-You may feel more fully present.
-Issues that you have previously been unwilling to deal with can come to the surface.
-You may find that you can no longer stay in a situation which you have been living with – such that you find you must make changes in your life.
-You may find feelings that you previously did not wish to deal with assert themselves, such as grief or anger.
-You may begin a long healing process.”