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Major Arcana ~ XVII 🌟 Star 🌌 🌠

“If our minds are glorious mansions,
and our spirits are the surrounding landscape,
then the Tarot is a doorway
revealing a wide realm of ever-increasing
beauty, insight, and mystical experience.” –Avia Venefica

stargazingfoxStar-Gazing Fox by~ Elspeth McLean .-artist-

“The cards give you images and symbols to focus your vague intentions and transform them into action. Your will is the magic. In other words, you are the magic. If you can create something in your heart and then act on it to make it happen, that is magic.” Theresa Francis-Cheung


In a Celtic Cross lay out this weekend with a fellow reader, the Star card came up for me… the Wondrous Reader and friend of mine, Fast Horse said ~ “Make 9 Wishes, just for you, and when they start coming true, let me know..”

celtccroslayout~~~Well, now, it’s YOUR Turn…~~~~


If you’re reading this blog, then the STAR is coming into your life! Write down or type out Nine Wishes! Maybe make a Vision Board about them…as well. When the wishes start coming true, make a note in the comments of this post!
START with YOU in writing the Wishes… start with YOUR Health, Your Intentions, Your Dreams, Your Goals, Your Highest and Best Visions. ((Hold Positivity within you, as your write the wishes, as if they are already coming to fruition.)) If you do want to expand outward, in making the wishes– to friends, family, a community, Humanity, Mamma Gaia, do so — and THEN, make the 9th Wish, all about coming ‘Home,’ coming back to you again!
Happy Wishing and Seed Planting! (I write this on a newly waxing moon!)


💙 💚 💛 💜




~ My eTarot ‘Animal Helpers’ Reading via ~

From: <– Awesome site, quite a variety of layouts and tarot decks, all free! This Deck is the ‘Shapeshifter Deck’ by DJ Conway. I did this reading as a personal layout for my processes but also as support through the present and the astrological aspects we’re in.
I hope this can inspire you too, to do online readings sometimes. I find them often, just as helpful as pulling out a deck!  ‘Online-Divination-it-up’ !!!
Threw some online I-Ching and Runes, as well!


In the Healing position
Primary healing helpers.

Meaning: Change, movement, and travel are indicated. Power represents your ability to do many things simultaneously. Allow yourself to blend your cosmic and earthly powers, understanding the boundlessness of existence.



In the Material position
Primary material helpers.

Meaning: Goals, plans, and dreams can now be fulfilled. Balance the incoming success and prosperity with spiritual study.

Goddess of Fire: Bridget

Goddess of Fire: Bridget

In the Protection position
Primary protection helpers.

Meaning: Drawing this card marks the need to cultivate the impersonal observer and the all-seeing mind, focusing on clear, objective, and centered thoughts.

The Sun

The Sun

In the Talents position
Primary talents helpers.

Meaning: Achievements in all fields of study, especially those that bring the darkness to light, are favored. Seek out your own enlightenment, finding your personal path to Oneness.



In the Spiritual position
Primary spiritual helpers.

Meaning: By gaining rapport with the Earth element, you bring prosperity and wealth into your life. You may seek to improve your home environment.



In the Healing position
Secondary healing helpers.

Meaning: Acquaintances out of your past may be reentering your life soon. If their presence is undesirable, politely make the separation final; if pleasant, enjoy the reunion.



In the Material position
Secondary material helpers.

Meaning: Self-control will help you to work with others to accomplish a task or goal. You can achieve an emotional balance at this time.



In the Protection position
Secondary protection helpers.

Meaning: A time of balance and harmony is achieved after difficult times. You are at peace with yourself and others.



In the Talents position
Secondary talents helpers.

Meaning: A cycle has ended, and a place of reward, completion, and success soon will be reached.



In the Spiritual position
Secondary spiritual helpers.

Meaning: Riches of the body, mind, and spirit are at your fingertips. A healing will come as you communicate your positive emotions and feeling to someone close.


~ I like to LED ~


Oh, HELL NO to CFL bulbs. Working on converting in the home to LED, solely… It may take a little bit of time to do this if one is not rolling in dough, due to the muy expensivo world we live in… Plus of course, depending how many lighting fixtures one has, but LED home conversion is not necessarily ridiculously out of price range, such as, for one example $13 for a 9.5W bulb that will probably last 23 years or more… thus…we have before us, a process which is thoroughly and of utmost importance and mindful for our own health and Momma Gaia…

Energy-efficient – An LED bulb that puts out the same amount of light as a 60 Watt incandescent only uses about 6 Watts.
Long-lived – LEDs can last for 30,000-50,000 hours. Presumably that means you could leave an LED on continuously for nearly 6 years.
Durable – LEDs are resistant to shock, extreme changes in temperature (although high heat can shorten their lives), and repeated cycling (turning off and on).
Safe – LEDs bulbs operate at lower temperatures than other bulbs. You can’t even touch a halogen bulb when it’s off for fear of the oils on your fingers heating to a point that it shatters the bulb.
UV free – LEDs don’t emit ultraviolet light, which can damage artwork and which attracts bugs
Interference free – LEDs don’t have ballasts like fluorescents, so they don’t interfere with radio signals
And they make ’em in golden warm hue, not only that white/bluish tint…

From Incandescent str8 to LED! <– An LED manufacturer…

LED, your everlasting Light!!!


Love ~ for ~ the Mother ♀

~Honoring the Mother, The Goddess, The Feminine~

Honoring the Goddess Within me and Wondrous goddesses womyn friends, in my life….

Whether you’re a Momma to a human, a four-legged or a winged one … With The selfless acts you do ~ The warm energy of Gratitude coming your way today & always!
… Keep nurturing yourself … Remember YOU, yourself, as well …

What can you do to Nurture yourself today?

  • Taking a Salt Bath
  • Going for a walk in the woods
  • Making quiet time & boundaries just for yourself to read/soak in some positiveness ~ Guess what, ask for what you need & make it happen, AND SO IT IS!
  • Delegate, ask for help
  • Receiving a massage and/or some Energy work
  • Go see some Live Music
  • Eating yummy, healthy Light-filled foods
  • Treating yourself to a beautiful new outfit!
  • Getting your hair done/did! 😉
  • Paint some Henna on yourself
  • Take some Photography of yourself in Nature
  • Call up your girlfriends, Have a lovely chat & a laugh!
  • Receive an Intuitive Reading
  • Connect w/ some wise elders
  • Pay respects, make an offering to the womyn ancestors in your lineage…ask them for some support, here, in this realm
  • Paint, Create, Hobby it up!
  • Work w/ your crystals, if you have ’em ~ Make a crystal elixir spray!
  • Meditate
  • Take a nap
  • Take a stroll down your fav street & Breathe in the sights

If you haven’t seen this video…. Beautiful, hypnotic homage to the Divine Mother

~ ॐ Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti OM ॐ ~

Much Love to my Momma & Sending out Love/Light and Appreciation to all the womyn, strong and beautiful, who came before me & are on the otherside…
I love you Gram, With you always, across space & time!!

~ Iceland RePeaces ~

Let us Americans take a lil note, hey, from the world of Iceland. A gorgeous landscape with music and people whom we very much love and enjoy…
…The people are arising in Iceland to have overthrown the long standing rottenness within their Government…
Hmmm.. can we relate to this?

When do you want ’em? NOW!

I want to really feel free. I want what we had with our forefathers and foremothers Declaration. I want to feel safe in the airport that I won’t be frisked because of my last name. I want the Truth and people to be AWAKE around me. I want the monstrous American culture which breaks peoples’ Spirits and creativity to come to a grinding halt & dissipate. I want everyone to think for themselves. I want to not be a slave to debts and corporations and oil.

So, why did I incarnate here, anyway?


I saw this post … solely on FB … very little in the mainstream media, of course, about this.!/werepeace <– From here “RePeace”

 “In Iceland, the people has made the government resign, the primary banks have been nationalized, it was …decided to not pay the debt that these created with Great Britain and Holland due to their bad financial politics and a public assembly has been created to rewrite the constitution.

And all of this in a peaceful way. A whole revolution against the powers that have created the current global crisis. This is why there hasn’t been any publicity during the last two years: What would happen if the rest of the EU citizens took this as an example? What would happen if the US citizens took this as an example.

This is a summary of the facts:

2008. The main bank of the country is nationalized.
The Krona, the currency of Iceland devaluates and the stock market stops. The country is in bankruptcy

2008. The citizens protest in front of parliament and manage to get new elections that make the resignation of the prime minister and his whole government.
The country is in bad economic situation.
A law proposes paying back the debt to Great Britain and Holland through the payment of 3,500 million euros, which will be paid by the people of Iceland monthly during the next 15 years, with a 5.5% interest.

2010. The people go out in the streets and demand a referendum. In January 2010 the president denies the approval and announces a popular meeting.
In March the referendum and the denial of payment is voted in by 93%. Meanwhile the government has initiated an investigation to bring to justice those responsible for the crisis, and many high level executives and bankers are arrested. The Interpol dictates an order that make all the implicated parties leave the country.

In this crisis an assembly is elected to rewrite a new Constitution which can include the lessons learned from this, and which will substitute the current one (a copy of the Danish Constitution).
25 citizens are chosen, with no political affiliation, out of the 522 candidates. For candidacy all that was needed was to be an adult and have the support of 30 people. The constitutional assembly starts in February of 2011 to present the ‘carta magna’ from the recommendations given by the different assemblies happening throughout the country. It must be approved by the current Parliament and by the one constituted through the next legislative elections.

So in summary of the Icelandic revolution:
-resignation of the whole government
-nationalization of the bank.
-referendum so that the people can decide over the economic decisions.
-incarcerating the responsible parties
-rewriting of the constitution by its people”
By RePeace

Also check out:


Fourth Density World is NOW! Ascension, aho!

❧ Unfurling

Unfurling Life Path
Exuberance and Healing
Thru radiance shared.

~ Finding happiness on the Long and Winding Road, within and without. ~

To the Golden mean, Fibonacci & Balance of nature.

Our Lives, in microcosms and macrocosms … may the Truth, Happiness and Love be there & apparent for you, at all posts, all roads, unfolding on the Way.

~Aho! Mityake Oyasin!~

Words & Manifestation. A Wiser World.

~Link within…Dr. Emoto’s work w/ words, water and the crystalline formation of the word vibration, paired with water.~

In reality where we are now….We can manifest way more quickly than ever before. Have you seen this, in your life?

Being mindful of our words & thoughts … not that we should suppress ourselves but if we find our mind is needing to go in a direction of expression that we find is not in alignment of Light and Love… ~ Let’s play the whole tape through– but CANCEL – CLEAR – DELETE, after it’s run it’s course, hey.

I find myself saying ‘OOPS’ to just minor manifestations from thoughts. Also, sometimes I find myself saying OPA! for the positive ones….Well, each time, I’ll take this as a wee reminder….OH, yeah, I need to be mindful of my thought formations, because we are certainly in a time to where these thoughts are spinning themselves into creation.

 *~ Dwelling in clarity now~*

~*Clear as a Herkimer*~

..or striving to be…

So, as we look at theories of timeline, certainly teachings and processes that have taken humanity very long to assimilate are being processed and digested in mere days — rather than years & seemingly eons.

Whether you subscribe to Calleman’s theory or not….I’m not saying I carve this in stone…but it’s something I mediate upon.

Dr. Calleman slightly adjusted the timeline and set the beginning of the ninth and final level as March 9, 2011 (amended from February 11, 2011) with each sub-level lasting only 18 days, but still concluding on the October 28, 2011 for a total of 233 days. In other words, he has concluded that within the ninth level of consciousness that evolution will be moving even faster than previously thought. After October 28, 2011, we will reach the end of the Mayan calendar system, or the end of linear time as we have known it. Or one might even say, the end of the three-dimensional experience on planet Earth.”

Are we in 4D, now?! Doesn’t quite feel like it to me… However, yes, feelin’ the change!!

Exact length according to ancient Maya
Beginning date
Resulting state of Consciousness
End date
13 x 18 kin =
234 days
9/3 2011
Transformation Cosmic 28/10
13 x 360 kin =
4 680 days
5/1 1999
IT revolution Galactic 28/10
13 x 7 200 kin =
93 600 days
Industrialism Planetary 28/10
13 x 144 000 kin =
1 872 000 days
16/6 3115
Writing National 28/10
13 x 2 880 000 kin =
37 440 000 days
Spoken Language Cultural 28/10
13 x 57 600 000 kin =
748 800 000 days
Human Beings Tribal 28/10
13 x 1 152 000 000 kin =
14 976 000 000 days
Monkeys Family 28/10
13 x 23 040 000 000 kin =
299 520 000 000 days
Complex life Individual 28/10
13 x 460 800 000 000 kin =
5 990 400 000 000 days
16,4 Billions
Matter Cellular 28/10


Please comment with timeline theory links or about what you may be experiencing with time!!