The realms of Spirit, Breath, Life ~ Shamanic Endeavors

A Blessed & Happy Ostara to all!

Hoping that peace, cozyness, enjoying time w/ family and friends, sweetness and lovely memories abound!!

~ What do you wish to Resurrect today/this month? ~




Positive, warm Memories


Better Living

A garden

Health anew

A spark of Passion

An ol’ friendship


Fav ol’ hobbies

An ol’ fav Movie

A fav ol’ book

A oracle deck which you haven’t touched in some time?

Ol’ photograhs

Your dream Journal

Your writings/musings/art!?!

Share in the comments about your inspiration and new beginnings of yore! 

I resurrect an ol’ facet of myself whom felt more free, carefree and in alignment with the playful, happy, fae realm! Aho!

And so it is!



Comments on: "~ I resurrect ~ ☀" (1)

  1. I love all the inspiring things listed for reserrection. Beautiful thoughts that could change the world, ONEderful ☼

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