The realms of Spirit, Breath, Life ~ Shamanic Endeavors

~Honoring the Mother, The Goddess, The Feminine~

Honoring the Goddess Within me and Wondrous goddesses womyn friends, in my life….

Whether you’re a Momma to a human, a four-legged or a winged one … With The selfless acts you do ~ The warm energy of Gratitude coming your way today & always!
… Keep nurturing yourself … Remember YOU, yourself, as well …

What can you do to Nurture yourself today?

  • Taking a Salt Bath
  • Going for a walk in the woods
  • Making quiet time & boundaries just for yourself to read/soak in some positiveness ~ Guess what, ask for what you need & make it happen, AND SO IT IS!
  • Delegate, ask for help
  • Receiving a massage and/or some Energy work
  • Go see some Live Music
  • Eating yummy, healthy Light-filled foods
  • Treating yourself to a beautiful new outfit!
  • Getting your hair done/did! 😉
  • Paint some Henna on yourself
  • Take some Photography of yourself in Nature
  • Call up your girlfriends, Have a lovely chat & a laugh!
  • Receive an Intuitive Reading
  • Connect w/ some wise elders
  • Pay respects, make an offering to the womyn ancestors in your lineage…ask them for some support, here, in this realm
  • Paint, Create, Hobby it up!
  • Work w/ your crystals, if you have ’em ~ Make a crystal elixir spray!
  • Meditate
  • Take a nap
  • Take a stroll down your fav street & Breathe in the sights

If you haven’t seen this video…. Beautiful, hypnotic homage to the Divine Mother

~ ॐ Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti OM ॐ ~

Much Love to my Momma & Sending out Love/Light and Appreciation to all the womyn, strong and beautiful, who came before me & are on the otherside…
I love you Gram, With you always, across space & time!!


Comments on: "Love ~ for ~ the Mother ♀" (2)

  1. Much love to you, too – mama Kate Bee! You take good care of all of us! xoxo

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