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An Open Letter to my Quarter Life Self …

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I write this blog post now, TO, FOR AND FROM the angle of the Person who DOESN’T SEEM TO FIT INTO A MOLD OF SOCIETAL EXPECTATIONS, MILESTONES, OR THINGS WHICH ARE COMMONLY HERALDED AS A SUCCESSFUL HUMAN EXPERIENCE OR THE ‘AMERICAN DREAM.’ Maybe you always felt ‘different.’ You may be at a point where you are truly HAPPY and relieved, that you didn’t ‘fit into the cage’ which your specific culture has built, just for you.  …Maybe you’re into Anarchy in every aspect of your life. Maybe you consider yourself to be StarBorn or a Wanderer. This is an homage to you and to me!  Spread the Word– Help others who seem to LOoooOoooOong: To Be Free by Living Free! 😛

Remembering to just a few years ago (hah!) to being a 25 yr old young woman… I was only 2 years into a positive, conscious Spiritual Quest, (including autodidactic research, also class and workshop taking and a personal practice of meditation which included primarily– study of Buddhism, at the time.) I have much fondness of remembrance to that time in my budding Spiritual Life– but also a lot of CONFUSION which I remember being amidst, too.
I always felt I was in a different stream than the MAINstream but I couldn’t help but peek over the banks of the stream which I indeed found peace and ‘true home’ to flow within …..and wonder why everyone found so much ‘joy’ in this Mainstream and flowing along with meeting ‘expected cultural milestones.’ Almost like, it was more they were all responding to programming of their parents, who responded to their parents, and they also respond to their parents, etc etc…. ~~~~ “WHY AREN’T YOU LIVING YOUR OWN LIFE, YOU ROBOTIC FREAKS?!!!” I wanted to scream…
I wasn’t naturally interested in following the flow towards the port of  ~~Marriage and Children~~ (Though there were a few happily married and also WITH children people around me, and GOOD ON THEM!)  But even with a few examples of nice couples around me, It never felt a natural inclination that I’d necessarily re-create a similar story of their white picket fence and 2.5 kiddos. Though, I was always and AM always interested in Human Relationships, Inter-minglings, Sexuality, Quarkyness, Peculiarities and the Psychology and quasi-dynamics of and all permutations within this earthly experience!
Anyway, I noticed quite a few friends around my age at the time of being 25, were engaged, or already married and heading towards procreation. In the back of my mind, I felt they were on the young side, per se, to be making ‘permanent-seeming’ life decisions at age 24, 25.  I had been asked to be a bridal party person in 5 weddings of good friends, by age 25 alone.  I started to feel like the ‘odd one out.’  Why isn’t dating and the road to this marital bliss and all this other ‘normal, common’ stuff which I was noticing others, my age, were doing …is not coming ….easy to me?

Because it’s not me…and never will be.

Ok without further ado: Here is the letter from me, to me. And if it applies to you and helps, How I am ever so Grateful to share!!…

Dearest Kate,
Your *almost* 10 year-older-than-you-are-self, here.  You are about to be 25.  I know you’re looking around and ye see most of your girlfriends and guy friends are in committed, conventional, monogamous relationships. They’re doing things like their parents did. They are buying houses. They’re thinking of having kids. They have lawns. They buy cars.  They like stock options.  I know you’re starting to wonder why they’re ‘blue pill’ addicted.  You do long for happiness, but you don’t think it will look like for you, as it does for how everyone else seems to obtain and cling to it. You are still walking around wondering– is it OK to not do things, as everyone else goes about them, on Earth? You are right now, in a relationship with a really vanilla wafer guy, who’s even downright unmindful to rude a lot of the time. He’s stable financially and you think it’ll make you more ‘normal’ to be with a financially stable, run of the mill guy.  I write you today to say:….. NO, STOP.

DUMP the Motherfucker, already!

Girl, you be YOUNG! You are going to feel sooo Good N Blissed — when…. you… dump….this dofus of a dullard guy. (I remember that day of dumpage well)!
It was your, well, our (haha) birthday.. when you made the dumping official.  THEN, You went out for a dinner for one and a silly movie and **it rocked** to be free of the deadweight dude. You can dump the MF’er sooner than this, though. Stop waiting around. Go enjoy time on your own! Go be Wild! Go be Free! Go Meet and Greet! Go Do!  Life gets better and better! And MOSTLY, STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS and TRYING TO FIT IN THE BOX OF ‘NORMAL!’

This is for all y`all young’uns thinking you MUST settle in to the majority –when it doesn’t feel right, intuitively, to live for others or comparatively….. HEY!: “You’ve felt it your entire Life. That there is something wrong with the world.
You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.”

Here’s some links, vids and book recommendations… I’m using the Terms ‘Quarter Life’ and speaking to a younger me, in this post, but really this speaks to the awakening process– ANYTIME in Life!


Give this a listen…. this man is speaking from his experience of marriage to a woman …but I am conversely taking his words and applying it to my life in other ways. I appreciate his channel and where he is authentically speaking out of. It may be offensive to some. Hey, I say, IsN’T It RoMaNTic ?????
This guy is a living Ron Swanson, if I may say so!
I share this as: Life isn’t a fucking bed of roses or a fairy tale whenst no effort is put forth to make it so! (IE: making oneself healthy and good to go, Eyes Wide Open, No Fear and Spiritually Awake is KEY!!)– And marriage and a relationship won’t make one complete, it can just ENHANCE a life which is ALREADY COMPLETE …if thee relationship is the RIGHT compatibility on all Levels!

Interesante Books, check ’em out!



Spiritual Awakening Support Links:










Peace and Graceful Awakening to all Sentient Beings on this Dimensional Vibeage where we be, temporarily floating on and traipsing upon!
ओं मणिपद्मे हूं