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~~~~Wild Way To Heal~~~~

Rose De Dan, Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing LLC, is a mesa carrier in the Peruvian shamanic tradition, animal communicator, Reiki Master Teacher, author and artist.

She invites us to:

~Unleash Your Animal Spirit~

“When the animals share with us who they are, they also show us the way back to who we are.”
Rose De Dan, Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing

Think Outside the Cage…in Life (Live Free) and Supporting Freedom alongside our beloved Four-Leggeds…

  1. Stop using paper towels for everything.

  2. Look for new ways to reuse everything.

  3. Start thinking about planting a garden.

  4. Cook it yourself.

  5. Conserve resources.

  6. Learn how to make things yourself.

  7. Switch to simple cleaning solutions

  8. Use and enjoy what you’ve got.

  9. Buy quality items and share them with others ~~Bartering practice or just GIVING from the Heart~~.

  10. Shop locally.


  11. And speaking of our four-leggeds and not least here, …start making food for them– especially for cats, getting them off the kibble.Links to click about Natural feeding for our animal friends:

How about Animal Healing, Wild Reiki, Utilizing Crystals to Healing Animals and Animal Massage?
Check out some vids here!

Crystals for wear on animals with Hibiscus Moon and Topaz!

Crystal Grid for animals healing

Massage for our large animals

Massage for dogs

Cats love TO Massage

Now it’s time for CATS to receive ~ Scratch ’em good!

For the rabbits of the world whome we Love and Love…

Wild Animal Reiki in Sanctuaries, wherein they are healing..

If you have any other video’s for other varieties of animals or other  modalities of animal healing, Share in the Comments, please! Thank you!

And finally a vid
Rose, our Wild Reiki womyn sharing in an interview….

Today there are many “lineages” or modalities of Reiki and other LightWork Healing, some utilize what are considered more traditional methods, some non-traditional.

I like to weave in Shamanic Practice into my healing sessions, as I find the nuances of Shamanism to be very Grounding and Healing to one becoming more comfortable inside the body.

Excerpt via:
“Shamanic Reiki draws its foundations from concepts of shamanic journeying and channeling the living energy to create healing techniques that are powerful and effective. Treatment involves chakra healing techniques, the use of stones and quartz crystals as well as herbs and oils. The Shamanic Reiki energy, together with crystals, helps increase the flow of spiritual energy, thereby regaining the balance that was lost.

Another unique aspect of Shamanic Reiki healing is that often, ancient spirit and animal guides are often called upon to help with healing and giving energy to a patient. The practitioner or the patient may be in direct communication with these guides, who can greatly assist with the patient’s healing.

The Shamanic Reiki session is an interactive session which involves both the patient and the channeler as she takes the patient through a guided meditation which begins with the patient visualizing that she is floating up from her body to the ceiling and then turning around and viewing her body in a crystaline form, so that she can find any obstructions that may be causing her physical, emotional or spiritual problems. Once the obstruction is located, the Reiki practitioner helps her patient neutralize this object. For example, if it is rough, she asks the patient to imagine that it is becoming smoother; if it is cold, she prompts the patient to make it a little warmer, and so on. The protocol continues until the object has been totally neutralized. At this point, the Reiki practitioner asks her client whether she would like the object to be assimilated into her body or removed. If the client requests that it is removed, then the practitioner proceeds to slowly move the object with her hand up to the client’s right shoulder and down her arm until it reaches her hand. The practitioner then places a special rock or crystal into the client’s hand so that the energy of the obstruction is absorbed. After the client indicates that the obstruction has been fully absorbed into the rock or crystal, the practitioner removes the stone and drops it into a bowl of seasalt water, which clears away all remaining energy.”

I also, personally, consider Shamanic Reiki to include EnergyWork, working with the Orgone or Prana …& also with the use of Nature elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air…)  Usually how this is represented in session, in having these elements in that: Fire–used in Smudging, the Smoke Deva cleasning, Water— a bowl of water under the table, used to catching and cleansing released energies, Air— Feathers used in Session or actual blowing into the Chakra, inviting in wholeness to any energy fragmentation and also this can include the spraying of elixirs into the air, Earth— Crystals, Branches, Plants, Herbs used in a variety, intuited and creative ways during the session._ ….Also, to me, Shamanic Healing includes sound healing, other sacred objects such as Dorjes, Obsidian or Stone Arrowheads, Soul Catchers, Orgonite, Sacred artworkings, mindfully ulitized sacred object of and selflessly gifted by our Animal teachers, chanting, Interdimensional travel. The processes are beautiful, nature and full of Light and Play, as well!

I’d like to invite everyone to this book: I’ve taught some ongoing Shamanic Reiki Classes at The Reiki School and Clinic and this book’s exercies were homework and reading material  but I also intuited exercises for the students to practice, to hence, find their own unique way to facet their Reiki and Holistic Healing Practice.


I am so grateful to be practicing Shamanism, Native American Modalities and my unique ways of utilizing EnergyWork in Healing for Others, as a conduit. I am also grateful that the Universe has allowed perfect conditions to come together, for a community to develop around me and my local area! We are working with humans and animals to bring in Healing, Harmony, Transcendence, Healthy eating, Healthy Body/Mind/Spiritus, Awareness, Togetherness and Cohesiveness. Here is an example of the type of Community Healing Work we’re makin’ happen, as a Union of Lightworkers, monthly:

Join us for a Day of Healing Modalities, Sharing Spirituality, and Community!!!
Shamanic Practice, Medicine Wheel Readings, Soul Retrieval Sessions
~Energy Chelation
~ Reiki and Chakra Balancing
~ Scrying, Intuitive Artistry, Tea Leaf Readings
~ Shiatsu, Reflexology, & Massage for PEOPLE AND ANIMALS!
~Tarot Card Readings
~Spiritual Counseling
~Angel Readings and Mediumship
~BodyWork , Yoga, Tai Chi
~Healthy, Organic Foods


~A Day of Healing ~

Enjoy Nature and Beauty of the Gardens

On Most 4th Sunday’s of the Month
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Check our website for many events of Healing, Expositions, Art and Music!




❥ Heart Healing ~ Our favorite PINK Crystals…

Esoteric, multi-dimensional Heart Healing just isn’t solely about pink stones for sweetness. Just like energetic heart healing  just isn’t about red stones for ‘love’ and/or vitality, lifeforce energy. Or just like it isn’t solely about GREEN stones…as the color of the heart charka centre, being a green color vibration.

Today, I was feeling ‘pink stone’ energy, and I just went with it– full on! It was Valentine’s day, today. Some four years ago, on Valentine’s day, I inexplicably broke out in hives. So then, I was very pink (and itchy, perhaps allergic to consumerism!)

But today, I was healthy. My skin, free of pink blotches, I was feeling bliss and gratitude. I donned pink, today, in heart-patterned, Bohemian garb. I wore my favorite rose quartz, wire-wrapped pendant, gifted to me from a childhood best friend. I even attracted images of pink roses to be posted to me, from some sweet friends, online.

What might ‘pink energy’ mean, regarding color therapy? (Don’t even get me started on Komen PINK foundation.)

~Pink Sapphire~

Ok, so, esoterically/spiritually when we speak about healing with pink energy or we think of the chakra system– pink is about the High Heart. The High Heart or the thymus chakra is the area right above  heart but– below the throat. You could say when you massage your breastbone area, (which definitely needs some lovingly attention. Sometimes the heart is more sore, than we are consciously aware, often.)– you are massaging the High Heart. Give yourself a lovely massage today, while filling yourself with blissful thought/energy! Ahhh….
This energetic centre of the High Heart is where we focus our energy when we wish to practice speaking from the heart. This High Heart area is an energy centre of where past life energy converges. Your past life merits and memories lie celluarly, within the High Heart.

I also associate pink energy with that of gentleness, sweet friendship, platonic love. Perhaps pink means other things to you!! Take the poll below: 🙂

~Pink & Green Tourmaline ! Beautiful Heart Healer and Balancer!~

Today, I read a simple and wonderful article about combining a trio of pink stones. It was suggested that wearing Rose Quartz, Rhodondite, and Rhondochrosite would be very helpful for heart energy balance, healing and to aid in flow of LOVE energy.  We certainly do not solely NEED crystals to feel balance, flowing peacefulness and LOVE. However, if you feel called to invite some crystals into your life, the energy/devas of the stones are wonderful assistants with aiding energy, vibrational flow. Our crystal friends bring fun and play into our lives!

I felt inspired to write a bit about the metaphysical properties these ‘heart trio’ stones mentioned and share a bit of my findings about  my other favorite pink stones..

Rose Quartz ~ A stone of love. Rose quartz is so well known and so well loved. The stone is a great ‘go to‘ for someone who is just getting into working with crystals, for the first time.  Rose Quartz is a clean, clear energy for aiding in cultivating and resurrecting self-love. Rose Quartz loves to be placed into crystal grid work … <– Link there, to an interesting book of crystal grid work writings/suggestions.

Kunzite ~ This stone will lovingly, with ease, help one open to more unconditional love for oneself and for the world. Feel discouraged with the events on the world stage? Feel dehumanized or undervalued? Kunzite will help you rekindle that self-love in a powerful, slowly- igniting-BURN way. Kunzite will help you heal those worries, being overwrought with concern for the world. Kunzite will help balance energy if you’ve had too much adreneline due to stress, trauma, intense ruminating thoughts. Divine Love abounds. Kunzite will help you open your higher chakras, with grace and ease, to feel and see that ever present support of the cosmos, the Angels, the Source– again and again. Ask Kunizte to aid you in CLAIRVOYANCE! You are never alone, never separate! Thank you, Kunzite!

Morganite (Pink Beryl) ~ This stone comes in to help you attract that Divine Soulmate relationship &– my friends, that relationship just might be with solely yourself, for the time being. That’s ok! Hey, There’s plenty of LOVE, INSIDE! Morganite will help you open your eyes– all eyes– the Buddha eye, your Sangha eye, your third eye, the eye of Love, in a slow, graceful way– but revelations will reveal themselves to your eyes, with Morganite. And, There will be magic and synchronicities, if you just allow the eyes to open softly, with awareness! Morganite is a beautiful heart balancer. Morganite will aid you in searching within your High Heart chakra centre and support your Journeywork, especially regarding– past life scenarios. This type of Journeywork with past life is beautifully healing especially when we see present day issues, as patterned energy/ habit energy, which are not serving your highest good, any longer. Turn to Morganite for support with aligning with LOVE, inside and out, forgiving, shedding the old, clearing space for the NEW and MOVING ON UP!

Rhodonite ~ “Rhodonite has quite a distinct pink or rose red color, although material containing black veins is more popular than the uniform pink. This is a stone of self confidence born out of trust in your own heart, your own voice, and your own choices. Carrying this stone will keep your mind calm, allowing you to process chaotic situations and patiently assess your options. Rhodonite will strengthen your resolve, helping you be more disciplined in your walk. Helps us to express confidence and lovingness on physical plane in day-to-day ways with those around us. Rhodonite calms and feeds the soul through the heart; love and service.” ~excerpt from;

Rhondochriste ~ This stone will aid you in your meditations, bringing soothing self love energy to you and assist with Shamanic Journeywork. If you need some support in healing childhood wounding, especially while traversing through the process of Soul Retrieval work/integrating after a Soul Retrieval session, Rhondochrosite is just one stone, of the like, for you!

Pink Sapphire ~ This stone will help you clear emotional blockages, in the heart and High Heart,  like a PINK FLAME!! Place those desires– ON THE FIRE, baby! Pink Sapphire will aid your heart in surrender. This surrender is the letting go desires, of needing to control every which situation. Pink Sapphire is the power stone of the folk wisdom: “Let go & Let God.”

Pink Tourmaline ~ Attraction of a  True Love!! Pink Tourm is also a Succulent Love revival and good abundance attraction for and in a relationship-kinda-stone. Pink Tourmaline is helpful in  emotional balancing to the High Heart area, healing past-love trauma. Strong feminine YIN vibration with Pink Tourmaline, definitely can be felt. This deva will help you tap into those deep, Goddess Roots. This stone is also supportive for males who are in need of balance, when feeling exhausted from ‘going through the motions of daily drudgery.’ If you need comfort of a strong heart-y stone, wish to invite in an ABUNDANCE OF LOVE and also support, Pink Tourmaline is for you. This deva will assist you to keep the heart HIGH in good vibes– Hey, Invite Pink Tourmaline deva or any stone deva to be around you!!

Mangano calcite ~ Soft, peaceful, flowing love energy. When you just would love a love ‘sprinkle.’ It’s like having a refreshing rain shower to receive relief from overbearing heat in summer. This is a perfect stone to place under your pillow, for a soft brushing of the Angel wings of LOVE, the whole night through.

Pink Petalite ~ This stone will aid you with alignment with your heartsong, spiritual unfoldment, & also, very much help you tap into the realm of the plant devas and the Love of the 4D positive Faeries!

Know that you can, as I said– simply just invite the essence or deva of the stone/crystal to be around you. Sometimes buying rare stones can be expensive. Sometimes lugging around your stones from place to place is heavy in weight or maybe you’re concerned you’d lose a stone or cause some breakage to it, in travel. Spend time connecting with the energy of your stones or in meditation or Shamanic Journeywork. Ask the stones/crystals’ deva to be with you, and when you feel their energy is needed for the highest and best good, You then, can channel the energy of the stone/crystal through your hands, for self healing, or healing of your holistic-hands-on healing clients.  

                                        ~Pink Petalite, Raw~                                      


~Rose Quartz~


Pink energy and REAL LOVE, AHO! I hope you enjoyed my writing. Please, Comment about your most favorite pink stones which you’re working with, lately/over the years. Share if you’ve been practicing color therapy & share some testimonials!

More on color therapy:

One does not need to buy a Special Lighting unit for color healing . There are colored light bulbs at any party-favor store. Once you chose what light bulb color you’d like to utilize…. Simply spend some time in meditation, under a colored light bulb, w/ your desk lamp. Generally, a green light bulb will serve as a balancer, in color therapy. A yellow light bulb can be uplifting, if you’re feeling quite down and needing some energizing. A red light bulb would bring a grounding/vitality force, if you’re feeling lethargy or apathy. A blue light bulb could be calming, if you’ve been having hyper energy excess. However, check in with that intuition of yours, trust thyself and perhaps, research a bit on the color you are drawn to, for your own healing color therapy session. Viva los colores!

~~Coming Next: Green Stone Healing, for the Heart! Just in time for thee IDES OF MARCH AND ST PATRICK’S DAY! 😉