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I must say it was great to have the opportunity to interview Scott Mandelker, PhD, for a 3rd interview. This time the focus was on the Self, identity and reality. The interest I had was to clarify a bit more the notions of Self and what specific words like Self-sacrifice, Selfishness, Pride & Humility really mean in our society and in regards of our own healing path.

As usual you will find below a short summary of the themes and questions presented during the interview.

May you be Well and in Peace

Part I

_ What is the Self ?
_ Sense of self as indentity
_ Conscious of Self
_ Notions of Selfishness & Self-sacrifice

Part II

_ Difference between submission & surrender
_ What is pride?
_ Pride as identification in a separate Self
_ Self identification as a limit
_ Persistance of false identity
_ Humility…

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