The realms of Spirit, Breath, Life ~ Shamanic Endeavors

Know Thyself, Accept Thyself, Love Thyself.
Something to reflect on for everyday…
With what comes up of your seeds in deep consciousness– Do you tend to those seeds with nurturing acceptance and non-judgment?
When we *LOVE* deeply where we are at … we find flow and a movement so artistic, so beautiful and we see to drop a habit energy of constricting the moment with ‘good’ & ‘bad.’
When I’m raging … *I work consiously to* not to take it out on others nor myself… but let the fires cinge up — infinitely spiral up … *without grasping*
When I’m sad, I move with the oceanic flow of the waters.
When I’m fearful I furl inward and be seemingly more close, to source.
When I’m lonely, I look to the sky, the sun, the clouds, the stars, the ether — I see my ancestors & guides… I am then, still, and know that I am never alone.

~Gratitude~ to the original writer, here!
Let’s be comfy w/ ourselves, hey. We’re the best friend we got!


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