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I’ve recently had one of my blog posts ‘Orgonite Adventure’ posted on Shaman’s Well website. I’m so grateful to be a contributing writer within a very resonate online community!!

If you are a Shamanic practitioner, Lightworker, or generally interested in natural healing & land ancestry– and you have not gotten a chance to enjoy the Shaman’s Well website, the link is below here….I invite you to check out some great info, there!
There’s the link for the article of my writing, on Orgonite.


Some various, yummy articles on Shaman’s well…
Shamanic Fire Ceremonies For Releasing, Cleansing, And Balancing

“Shamans perform fire ceremonies for releasing, cleansing and balancing. Fire ceremonies are essential to purifying the body, spirit and heart, and can be used for healing and creating fruition in our lives.
The fire is an ideal place to re-connect to your Oneness with the Universe. By honoring Pachamama (Mother Earth), Great Spirit, the Angelic light Being, and those who came before us and will come after us, you will re-orient yourself as to your true place in the Universe.” by Pamela Panneton


Black Obsidian: Protects, Grounds, And Reveals Your Patterns
by Bill Damon

To my dear friend, Corinne, if you’re reading this…thank you for really, really bringing Obsidian into my life! Corinne gifted me with a large heart-shaped Obsidian specimen. I work with it and it’s a wondrous shield protecting from discordant energy, especially along with Orgonite and my other crystal friends, in my home.
Indeed, Black obsidian and black stones, a Shamanic practitioner/Lightworker’s great protection tool and friend. In fact, I’m thinking I may whip up a ‘favorite black stones’ blog, next! Stay tuned…
Yes, Black stones are known for great absorption and transmutation of low vibe or negative energy, hence protecting the ‘wearer’ or practitioner, every day or in session.


Ayahuasca and Schizophrenia
In my daily practice, I am a non-entheogen practicing healer, however, I am a proponent for healing with psychoactive Plant deva’s in certain cases, when called for. Certainly healing with medicinal plants in teas, foods, tinctures, elixirs ad balms– goes without saying. Always a new way to say ‘Hooray!!’ Above is posted a great article from another phenomenal site, ~singingtotheplants~ which is featured on Shaman’s Well.


2012: The Difference Between Western Prophecies and Native American Prophecies

“There is a remarkable difference between Western prophecies and those of native peoples. When Western prophets see into the future they envision Armageddon. The end of the world. When native prophets look down that same path they see the completion of a great cycle. A change of worlds…..” by Bill Damon
~Shifting to the Ether, 2012~


Journeys to Support You Through Life’s Changes
This is my friend, Danielle’s post. She’s an amazing fellow practitioner, in my neck of the woods and I’m so grateful to evolve together, in community.


Take Care of your Psychic Well-Being
Also featured on Shaman’s well, this was a great article/reminder for us, as Practitioners….how do we cleanse after sessions? How about daily care of the Spirit body?
One of my teachers, Thich Nhat Hanh says that each time, after he meets with a Monastic or Practitioner, while at Plum Village or anywhere, he’ll do a walking meditation after the ‘one to one session’ to help transmute and balance the energy exchange.
After I facilitate a session and it’s complete with a client, I like to disconnect by going to the sink, washing my hands and shake and release my hands over the toilet. Flushing, then, symbolic of release of any discordant energy.
Often I’ll sage (smudge) myself and the healing room & the Reiki table after a session, and spray some homemade crystal elixir for cleansing of my energy field and also the healing room.
Regarding my own mental health balance and spirit body, on a daily basis, I, too, will meditate– which includes walking meditation. (I wrote a lil piece, a few blogs ago, about how Walking meditation really healed an anxiety bout.)

Maybe take a bath in a crystal tub to cleanse? 😉 Or at least …go there in meditative Journeywork.

~Enjoy some cleansing, relaxation, revitalizing and good reading with a cozy beverage, friend and/or Higher Self connective warmth.~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Happy Journeys!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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  1. Thank you for all these great informations!! A lot to digest and put into practice but better to know it… 😉

    • Gracias, Sis*Star 🙂 ~ Yes, they call the Shaman’s Well site, a ‘watering hole for the inner sage’ … what a great phrase!

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