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Very lovely, early recording of Thay, Thich Nhat Hanh….speaking of Walking Meditation.

As we traverse through these strange times, a few weeks ago, I know I found myself anxiety ridden. As symptoms of anxiety began to well-up in the body: Heart palpitations, dizziness, nausea. — The question of the internal mind, “What is happening?” Through the fear and confusion: Another question, “Could something ‘wrong’ with me? Really wrong?” I breathed, checked in with myself to hear my inner knowing.

“You know this, girl. This is the seeds of anxiety being watered by life conditions. Shed Light and water seeds of SELF HEALING.”

I said aloud and declared to the nearest person to me: “This is anxiety. I’m having physical manifestations of anxiety, again…like it was over a decade ago!!!!”

Through this declaration, Shining the Light, my healing began….

That night, I went to sleep with some of my favorite crystals, under my pillow. I had done a reading for myself earlier in the day regarding my symptoms and what course to take for healing. Agate (Australian Agate) and Green Selenite came up, for me, as two very healing stones, in this time.

When I awoke that next morning and began my morning routine, anxiety symptoms welled-up again.

I said, aloud, “This is not going to defeat me.” And then, one of my teachers, Thich Nhat Hanh, came to me. The practices in the community of Mindful Living have saved my life over and over again. Why have I not implicated any of these practices yet, for these uprising symptoms of anxiety?


I Thought of Thich Nhah Hanh (Thay) and how when he was exiled from Vietnam and moved to France, to deal with the indescribable grief of this kind of betrayal of one’s country’s exiling an inhabitant (for speaking for Peace)… Thay did Walking Meditation. He walked, He breathed, He Healed.

So I walked.

With Every Step, a Breath. ~In Out~

I walked through an etheric membrane.

~Breaking Through.~

I walked into Graceful SelfEmPowerment.

I walked into being Born.

I walked into Union, Life-Giving– to Knowing a Deeper facet of my Essence.

~With Gratitude and Awareness.~

I walk.

I walked into strength. My physical symptoms of Anxiety subsided, immensely, instantaneously. Calmness & Happiness welled-up. Since that day, no symptoms of severe Anxiety have returned. I invite all to this practice of Walking Meditation. For grief, pain, worry, anxiety, sadness. For sharing the merit, over-bubbling bliss, Love and peace… Walking with Awareness, with the breath can heal you deeply from the base and give peace to the Earth.  


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  1. Such an important thing to remember! Thanks for this post, girl…

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