The realms of Spirit, Breath, Life ~ Shamanic Endeavors

The Green realm calls us to our hearts….and it’s that time of year ….

pic by Kate Bee Moon

Our Heart Center being of Green Vibration, our High Heart of Pink…..

Balancing, to the Crown Chakra!!
Lotus, Divine!

Down by the pondside ~ the breath of plant-life and the cooling water….

pics by Kate Bee Moon

We can connect to the Green realm of plants through our JourneyWork or basking in the healing of that Nature which Plant Deva’s share with us in LIVING GREEN …

Kate Bee Moon in pic, taken by friend … 😉

In a Journey circle which I participated in years ago, herbs and flowers were brought into the center, of where we all sat together. I felt drawn to choose Lavender, in Shamanic Journey amongst the variety of herbs. After some journey work…moving with the drumbeat into the alternate reality with the the Lavender, I meet the deva of the wondrously smelling purple herb. She, being Purple w/ a black mask across her eyes, it was a very peaceful journey to be with this potently relaxing deva. When I emerged from the Journey, I found another Journey- mate in our circle, also was journeying with Lavender. This person shared aloud to the circle, that within the journey– the same, exact vision of the purple fae-like being, of Lavender, appeared. How I love the syncs in Journey circles!

Yes, Gathering with friends to do Journeywork, this Spring and Summer to integrate and commune with the elementals of Nature…to Love and Healing of the Devas!

Happy Fernal Vernal, My friends!


Comments on: "⊕ Shamanic Endeavors ☼ : Plant Realm" (4)

  1. Beautiful pictures!! Lavender is really great for relaxing and soothing. I use it for cleaning the air and taking a bath of relaxing sents soothing my mind and body. Thank you for sharing this great journey with the Deva from the lavender flower. 🙂

  2. Yamyah said:

    Loving your posts, girl! 🙂 All these beautiful pictures of flowers fill me with wonderful energy, thank you for sharing ~ Oh the lotus….how much i LOVE them….thank you again ♥

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