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Earlier this week….I found myself suddenly descending into the rapid need to lay in the fetal position on the floor with torso-centered bodily cramping, washing over me. As soon as I began to lunge toward my bedroom area of my home — “Ca-caw!!!” The screaming sound of a Blue Jay, imitating a hawk. I mean, it was LOUD, heard through my windows…from the woodland behind my home & burst through– in true shamanic, detailed intricacies. The sound vibration penetrated the moment….and got right in my face and ears.

Such a strengthening came over me. Like if you go to the chiropractor and you receive that laser therapy to strengthen a weakened limb,~~I suddenly was solid again, in the moment– with the sound of the Jay! I stood up, and meandered into my morning rituals, with a profound gratitude…

I write this today to thank my Animal Spirit friend for healing me, with a quick swoop and a call, this week!


Swooping Blue Jay

Photo by ‘Lisa!!!’ on Flickr


~Blue Jay

Photo From~ Bob Oakville on Flickr

Male and Female Blue jays do look alike, except the males, are  a bit larger. Blue Jays do form life long, monogamous pairs and the male will fed the female as she is brooding. How’s that for some totem medicine for ya?

Blue Jay Totem: <– Linsdomain’s writing, link embeded.

Similar to this vid, below, there are quite a few ‘mini-docu’s’ about a variety of animal friends! Interesante!!!!

This is an extremely HD sound vid with amazing calls of the Jay. Have this vid on good speakers, if you can.

An ol’ tyme audio field guide of bird calls! A six part video series. Awesome! I love learning my bird calls!!!!

Singing the songs….To The Winged-ones’ realm, Aho!


Blue Jay

Photo From iceberg_ca on Flickr


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