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To my delight, as I stroll around the grounds where I live, I see the Snowdrops, popping up! Alas– Spring is on it’s way. Tonight, as I write this, there may be a light dusting o’ snow, to be falling, upon the ground. This is nothing that the hardy Snowdrop flowers can’t handle.

The metaphysical or symbolic meaning of Snowdrop is that of Hope and Strength. Yes, regeneration & regrowth, heralding the come of Spring.

We certainly had a mild winter. I enjoyed checking the Farmers Almanac in November 2011, and reading that we may have little snow, this winter.  (I think I belong in a warmer region! 😉 ) Here we are in later February, to find, again, what a reliable resource, is The Farmer’s Almanac, indeed. Thus, far in 2012 — I’m grateful for not only a non-blizzard filled winter, honestly…but also SO GRATEFUL for new/old friends in my life, a deeply rooted spiritual community, and supportive family. You all keep me warm and hopeful, for better and better life-giving situations to come! To ONENESS of all!!!

~Geometry of
the Sacred, I see expand
In Gentle Snowflakes.~
❉ ˚ ˚ ˛❈˛ • ❄❉ ˚ ˚ ˛❈

by Kate Bee Moon

Some snowy music and vids below….

~Peaceful Winter remnants~



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