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Susan Seddon-Boulet ~ Bear Woman Dancing

Let’s talking about Journeying!! In the shamanic world, doing Journeywork is also called the entering into the alternate reality or non-ordinary reality.

Often you’ll hear from shamanic practitioners that in the alternate reality or non-ordinary reality, that one can visit the Lower, Middle and Upper worlds.

The Upper World: A non-ordinary reality where one would intend to move upwardly in a landscape, in your mind’s eye, within one’s Journeywork. This is an ethereal place where angelic beings, teachers, and our ancestors can be found. One may even met a bird shamanic guide here!

The Middle World
: This realm co-exists along with ours in current time. Shamanic practitioners journey to this realm to help find lost objects, soul fragmentations, in soul loss instances. This type of work is called Soul Retrieval. Ususally a practitioner who is performing specific works of healing, do visit the Middle Realm. Also, a practitioner can assist spirits which are stuck in between worlds, to cross over to the upper world. Helping spirits which are stuck, due to some kind of trauma  is called ‘psychopomp’ work. Sometimes there may just be residue energy on a portion of land or in a home. Also, this shamanic middle world work of psychopomp can help clear that energy too. However, utilizing the use of burning sage, cedar, frankincense, myrrh and sweetgrass– all air very much in clearing a space when intent is made.

The Lower World: “An ancient world that is inhabited by power animals and teachers that guide and protect us from harm. Shamans and shamanic practitioners commonly journey to the lower world to meet their power animals for guidance and instruction on preliminary analysis of a client’s condition. The treatment plan can be implemented in non-ordinary for ordinary reality.” One may intend to move into this alternate reality by intending in a journey to move downwardly, in a landscape, in your mind’s eye, in Journeywork.

Some info here I’ve wrote, with the help of Soul Retrievals dot com. <– Link embedded.

Rhythmic beats and/or sacred instruments really aid your  pre-frontal cortex in your brwin to take a back seat to deep consciousness.

Journey work is Trance Work! <– Information below from this website.

“Trance state is often interpreted to be religious ecstasy that can be created using a variety of techniques like prayer, meditation, religious rituals, pranayama, music, fasting or consumption of drugs. Trance can be created in a subject knowingly of unknowingly. Trance can be created with or without a reason. The type of technique used to induce trance depends on the mental attitude of the subject. The result of the application of trace technique therefore varies. There are many natural and neutral methods for inducing trance.
Auditory driving is one method for generating trance in a person. It affects a person through the sense of hearing. Techniques like chanting, story telling, singing, music, drumming and mantras are used for inducing trance using auditory driving. This method of inducing trance works using a process called entertainment. This method of trance of now commonly found in dance and music culture. This considered as modern version of shamanism. Jam bands can also be used to create the same effect. The services offered in churches uses this technique to induce trance in the listeners Trance state helps for neural connectivity and to solve human problems. Conversational Hypnosis is also employed to create state of trance. Conversational hypnosis works by making person move into a dream like state by showing him what he wants to get.
The usage of repeated rhythms can also induce trance. This is an ancient method used all over the world for inducing trance. Shamanistic practitioners have been using this method to induce trance for centuries. Entertainment and synchronization is the process behind repeated rhythmic trances. The breath rate and heart rate will be affected by the stimulus from the auditory channels. Rhythmic sounds can affect brain activity. The theta brain waves are affected by the auditory stimulus. Auditory stimulus can result in altered state of consciousness. Trance music creates the same effect of the military drums in the mind of the listeners.
Visual driving is another method used for generating trance in human mind. This method induces trance using the sense of sight. This method also works though the process called induction. Visual driving creates more visual imagery in the subject. The person will have decreased physiological responses. The brain wave frequencies of the subject will be altered as a result of visual driving. It affects the entertain process of the brain thereby increasing the learning capability. Visual driving can produce deep relaxation and euphoria. This will increase the creativity and problem solving ability of the brain. The theta waves of the brain are affected by visual driving trance method.
Kinesthetic driving is another method or inducing trance. This method uses the sense of feeling for generating trance. Movement of the body by dance or story telling can be used for kinesthetic driving. Other methods used for kinesthetic driving are mudra, rituals, breathing exercises, yoga, sexual stimulation or oxygen deprivation. The sense of feeling, touch and emotions are used to generate trance using the process called entertainment. You may be aware of some rituals performed by athletes before a competition. This was considered to be superstitious. But they are actually entering in a trance state that will help to improved there concentration. This will enable them to focus completely on their target.”

This is an excellent book about trancework, journeying to the alternate realities in ecstatic bliss– with Dance, by Julia R. Zay. Highly recommended by yours, truly!

Shamanic Journey is symbiotic with a rhythmic beat or a sacred instrument, to aid in turning off that overly wrought — with mental formations,  portion of your brain, (the prefrontal cortex). This allowance of the prefrontal cortex to take a backseat to assist you– to move into the deep mind. If you feel you do need some extra support, if you have not done Journeywork before, then most likely, in your area, there are Journey circle communities where you can gather and share Journeywork together. Also you can find practitioners who give some support and suggestions for your trancework and personal Journey time. Browse online on sites like for events and communities.


But really, all you need to do is take some quiet time today and see what messages messages you are getting from the land.  The Beings (animals, plans, minerals, etc.) of the land will communicate with you if you allow some silence and deep reflection, in your days. You can experience this communication without the use of psychedelics or hiring your own psychic,  all for a large fee– about things you probably already know, with your own intution.

Let us not doubt our intuition, in this crucial time.

Here is an example of a guided Shamanic Journey.

Through Shamanic Journey techniques, it is uncovered all which that you need to know. The messages of truth have been right there, inside of you. For instance, in the city near me, a new quadrant of a mall was to be built. A student in one of my Shamanic Reiki classes began to take some time for her own Journeywork. She had a message come to her by a vision of a woodpecker, in her Journeywork. The Woodpecker suggested that she pass along a message to delay and stop the building of the mall– because it infringed on the woodpecker’s, and most likely many other bird species,’ habitat. Our Shamanic Journeying friend wondered if this information, which she received in Journeywork, was really true & what she could actually do about it. She began to do a little research. She found that, indeed, the mall’s construction interfered with a RARE/endangered woodpecker’s habitat! Hence, this was an incredible confirmation of her intuitive power. Now, she  also could go as far as connecting and make a contribution with groups, working to protect the land habitat. Even just spreading through word of mouth about land concerns, can be enough support of raising awareness and inspiring toward making a change.  Her story also strengthens the fact that this connectedness and ability to attune to nature is prevalent and happening, NOW.

If you already practice Journeywork or would like to try it, spend some time in Journey. Find a favorite rhythmic drum track, which you’d like to listen to. Headphones or speakers will either do fine. Find a quiet/sacred space which you enjoy being in, to be cozy. Lie down to listen to the rhythmic track, which you’ve chosen. Set and intention about something you’d like to explore or know more about. It’s important to not be suddenly aroused out of trancework, so please, be gentle with yourself and choose a space where you will have undisturbed peace. Preferably for a relaxing journey, darken the room– or place a handkerchief over your eyes. Much of the time, this enhancement of the dark, invites forth heightened sensitivity of the body’s other devices than sight of the two eyes. The darkening of artificial and outdoor light  helps you go into the deliciousness of the dark of the inward mystery.

Enter into a landscape, in your mind’s eye and see what you see. Much of the time, you’ll see an entrance point in a landscape, like a hole in a tree, a cave or you’ll be drawn to climb up a vine, or a rainbow!  Through your intention you’ll be able to manifest in your mind’s eye, to see guides — either animal or human form, within your Journey. Ask these animal or spirit guides your questions. Many times, you will meet with lifelong spirit guides and animal totem spirit guides. You also may be shown symbolism. If you do see an animal in your Journey, research the specific ‘totem medicine.’ If at any point, in the Journey, you’re not receiving clear answers or there’s a lull, ASK to see more. Perhaps your Journey will more be about bodily sensations and healing. If so, that’s ok and normal. Allow that to be and receive some of that alternate reality support through the unseen, healing Lightwork, coming through for you. If you feel uncomfortable during the journey, ASK for the scenes or energy to ‘ease up.’ This is all within you, so, you are safe & you call the shots and make the boundaries. As the drum track comes to a close, emerge from the Journey by seemingly allowing the imagery to rewind or imagine yourself moving backwards through the space you’ve been in. This process is a safe way to slowly bring your awareness back into your fingers, toes, limbs, torso. Stretch slowly. You may find it beneficial to journal about your experience. It’s always amazing to reread journal entries, as you may find insights from the past, speaking to your present day self, for one example!

Also, if you feel comfortable to do so, facilitate a Journey circle gathering. Many times, you’ll find when doing Shamanic Journey with friends, the message and images, sync up together! As a group– solutions, ideas, support, the missing pieces–all come together, in the time of sharing, after the Journeywork. Also, the group dynamic generates healing within each other and outwardly. One of the best things people, on the positive path, can do– is gather with like-minded, good folks and set intentions, be in meditation and send Light.

It’s really positive for us to take some time in Journeywork and self- reflection!!!! It is this self-reflection which helps us grow Spiritually, to become increasingly mindful, aware of our bodies, our needs, our intuition!

Susan Seddon Boulet ~ “Polar Bear’s Tale: The Power of the Bear

If you’re looking for some more guidance about shamanic healing and shamanic Journey ~~ Please, free free to leave a question in the comments, or see my website: …as well to leave comments there, to ask questions and also place your contact info, if you’d like, more privately.

Next to come on Shamanic Endeavors– Power Animal Totems!


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  1. I just read the part about the woodpecker and the journey, and all I can say is, WOW! That’s really something, and it makes me want to go on a journey of my own! 🙂

    • When you visit, perhaps we shall Journey…especially with the sound healing circle we’ll do….But also, w/ my new Reiki Table, I can drum for you while you journey before a Reiki session/massage from Vinny and I, if you’d like!!!

    • And! You can try it in some time…when the lil one is asleep, with a drumming track ❤

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