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The Bees be.

As we’ve come to understand, our bees are either under various types of attack or are ‘disappearing.’ Since around 2006, we started to hear more of one aspect of this strife of disappearance. We’ve come to know this as ‘Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). This is when worker bees disappear. Hence, entire bee colonies are wiped out, in essence, almost overnight. Other bee diseases: parasitic mites, viruses, fungi as well as pesticides are all on the forefront of the ‘depopulation’ of our honeybees.

We are well aware of our interdependence to the honeybee, and ALL species. To  keep such balance, for our continuation on earth, we need our bee’s!  We need our nature in harmony. This is a blog of sharing reflections of possible solutions toward taking steps– either small or large which can serve as a spiritual evolution to yourself and to the planet, as we focus on: How to change our ways, thus positively affecting the ways of the masses, to help bring the Bee back, to just be.

“The leaf and his body were one. Neither possessed a separate permanent self. Neither could exist independently from the rest of the universe.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh “Old Path, White Clouds

~Thich Nhat Hanh~

We can sit here, ponder and surmise that the disappearance of the bee is a smaller and ever-progressing mirrored fractal of our existence. A disconcerting and despairing snapshot of the suffering of the honeybee seems as though, it may be an intricate plot, when we bring to mind the fever pitch, at which world events have progressed. As one does descend down the ‘truther’ rabbit hole — One thing leads to another. It comes into focus that the ‘powers that be’ or more aptly– the powers that ‘AREN’T” could very well maniacally and ritualistically utilize the bees, amongst many, many other pawns to move toward our continued depopulation. Well, even though this power elite doesn’t like it, there’s STILL more of us, than… them–The 1% of the aristocratic ‘aire’s o’ billions,’ making choices to muck up our sky and land without consent. We see, thus– a causing of breakages, in microcosms, leading to the macro –(as though I have to mention it.) So let’s work on and towards solutions, together. It’s BEEN time for Archaic Revival…as Terrence McKenna, with inspirational fervor, spoke about. My personal focus today is awakening and merging into what the LAND knows and what the LAND wants to say, through sobering, clear, unquestionable intuition. TODAY, we’ve come so far. Our wholeness of being is in the ~~ Quickening. The most exhilarating piece here is ~ We are awakening to that very expanding understanding of reality–where plant medicine has lifted the veils to see, in times past.

I’m so inspired to write and speak in a colorful, circumstantiated way, after hearing talks by Terrence.


— Think of the movie “A Bug’s Life,” Even though, this may incite a chuckle of silliness–(& speaking of insects in this blog.)  …Seriously, our situation: The masses versus the 1% is laid out, uncanny, in this very animation, if you haven’t noticed. 😉 This is one, light example of answers to our plight, hidden out– in the open. Band together, get smart & transform.


  • ~Farming and Fun: The Human Connection~

Let’s also reflect that we can pull forth as a Community of Love, strength and wisdom and find solutions. Ask your local beekeepers if they could utilize any informative research & help, manpower or monetary support. Also, Carefully and mindfully tend to the land on which you dwell. Invite the extra amounts bees onto your land with certain planting/gardening techniques. Organize guerilla gardening in your city neighborhood. Let’s visit our local farms and have open discussions about their techniques and understanding of the best ways to honor the land and also keep the pollination, ALIVE and well, for our bees. If there is a co-op farm near you, see about opening a dialogue of having a more juicy, inviting plant-life on the land which builds on the indigenous inter-webbing of needed balance. Together, planting and and tending well to growth in our areas, provides pollen and nectar to attract bees, building a symbiosis to also avoid the unnecessary use of pesticides. I’ve visited many Amish farms,  in my neck of the woods, to discover what shamans, indeed, that they are. The Amish farmers and beekeepers whom I have met are people of heart, understanding and respect for herbs, healing and growing fruits and food for sustenance.  I mean, they’ve been living without our societal stressors and expectations.  They know what’s up and they know the trickery of the GMO’S and they aren’t participating! I’ve taken some pointers from these friendly neighbors. A young Amish girl directed me to read, ‘Seeds of Change’ from the library, and made me aware that almost all corn is a GMO & try to avoid it as much as you can. So, yes, let us make more connections with humans to coalesce those pieces of the societal conundrum puzzle, which seems dispersed in our reality.

  • ~Online Research~

As I researched online, I found several sites that gave some very many practical and step by step instructions on how we could traverse wisely on the winding road of concern for our honeybees. I have enclosed some cited resources here.

I read a most on-point article about Mindful Bee Keeping. The author broaches a topic: Vegan Bee-keeping. <– Link there.  An excerpt from the article: “In my hives, there are 2 deep boxes with one small super on top. This means the bees can store as much as 160 pounds of honey per hive all for themselves, while I take between 10 and thirty pounds as rent. This leaves both me and my bees with more honey than we know what to do with.”

We can most definitely reflect on how that if we build communities together, little pockets of sharing and cohabiting, there’s enough for everyone. What are actions which you already do to more mindfully consume food and products? An article here, I’ve linked about ways of “Mindful Consumption in a Hyper-Consumer World” is quite helpful!


  • The cell phone tower problem with Bees:  How Orgonite may help!!!!

Bees affected gravely by cell tower/phone radiation waves– what is a solution?  After I have been researching about how Orgonite shifts the energy — emanating from the cell towers around you– I thought, this could be a potential remedy in reversing the harmfulness of the towers into a transmutation conduit of HELPFUL energies! The various stones, metals and coils utilized in the creation of orgonite, actually creates a field to protect from harmful radiation, protection and balancing from and with heavy pain-body energy, electromagnetic interferences, negative thought forms AKA psychic attacks and ‘sky muck’ AKA chem-trail toxins. Orgonite  attracts dead orgone energy, while quartz crystals purify and recycle the energy. This process of orgone generation is further enhanced with other specific minerals, shapes, coils and design features. Thus, Orgonite can release and radiate the energy with a renewed balance. Perhaps, this new energetic balance can aid us all– the bees, in the way we function, with all the new technologies and the side effects.

Etheric Warroirs ~ An Orgonite forum site, tutorials and discussion of a variety of topics. 

Orgonite also will redirect the energy of the cell phone tower to re-route it, to be a positive beacon. — Yes, the tower then, emanating generative, positive ions.  I’d recommend to research various videos about how orgonite works & also, how to make it! There are many helpful tips out there, how to make your own orgonite. I’ve posted two video’s in the blog, below, for you to check out.  Why not have an orgonite party for your friends? After making your masterpieces, practice meditation and healing work with your creations. Then, you can also decide if you’ll make ‘tower busters’ and go on an adventure to place them about in the bushes, near the towers, around you. Imagine orgonite as a gift for friends of yours who are into crystals, who are open to various modalities of healing and who are interested in energetic protection from NWO shenanigans.

This may only be a small step. However, to wear orgonite, have it in your home and place it near the towers near you could have profound changes in the energy you have circulating in your space.

This vid here teaches how to make cell phone tower-busters!

Orgonite Pyramid

Orgonite & Sea Glass pendants! Love these!!! I’m so inspired to create them.

Metal Shavings in cupcake pan, in making ‘Tower Busters’

‘Tower Busters’ with colorful variety!


  • ~~Shamanism~~

Utilizing our intuition to make mindful steps to help the land, the animals and ourselves.

What messages are you getting from the land?  The Beings (animals, plans, minerals, etc.) of the land will communicate with you if you allow some silence and deep reflection, in your days. You can experience this communication without the use of psychedelics or hiring your own psychic to dowse/intuit/cleanse, et al, — your land and then give ya the 4-1-1,  all for a large fee. Probably saying about things which you probably already know, deeply, with your own intuition.

Let us not doubt our intuition, in this crucial time.

Bee totem medicine, in the Native American teachings does symbolize the ‘honey of life,’ fertility, achieving what is thought to be IMPOSSIBLE.

What does this teach us? The disappearance of the bees seems like a daunting feat that we wonder, perhaps: “Is it too late? What if it just gets worse?” or “I’m so ashamed, I’ve played a part in this. How can I change?” But if we look to Bee medicine, we see that our lesson here is– do not be discouraged by how impossible problems seem.  When seeming flabbergasted or frustrated about something–asking: ‘Am I sure?’ ‘What is else is possible?’ ‘What lil step can I do to make a lil change happen?’  This intention, in and of itself will awaken truth within.

Here is an example of a guided Shamanic Journey.

Through Shamanic Journey techniques, it is uncovered all which that you need to know. The messages of truth have been right there, inside of you. For instance, in the city near me, a new quadrant of a mall was to be built. A student in one of my Shamanic Reiki classes began to take some time for her own Journeywork. She had a message come to her by a vision of a woodpecker, in her Journeywork. The Woodpecker suggested that she pass along a message to delay and stop the building of the mall– because it infringed on the woodpecker’s, and most likely many other bird species,’ habitat. Our Shamanic Journeying friend wondered if this information, which she received in Journeywork, was really true & what she could actually do about it. She began to do a little research. She found that, indeed, the mall’s construction interfered with a RARE/endangered woodpecker’s habitat! Hence, this was an incredible confirmation of her intuitive power. Now, she  also could go as far as connecting and make a contribution with groups, working to protect the land habitat. Even just spreading through word of mouth about land concerns, can be enough support of raising awareness and inspiring toward making a change.  Her story also strengthens the fact that this connectedness and ability to attune to nature is prevalent and happening, NOW. I think, we, making an effort to slow down & tap into our surroundings, increasingly, will aid us in what we can do– to put the radical change, needed, not only with issues with the disappearance of bees–  into motion.

Shamanic Journey is symbiotic with a rhythmic beat and/or sacred instruments, to aid in turning off that overly wrought with mental formations,  portion of your brain– (the pre-frontal cortex). This allowance of the prefrontal cortex to take a backseat, does assist you– to move into the deep mind. If you feel you do need some extra support, if you have not done Journeywork before, then most likely, in your area, there are Journey circle communities where you can gather and share Journeywork together. Also you can find practitioners who give some support and suggestions for your trancework and personal Journey time. Browse online on sites like for events and communities.

If you already practice Journeywork or would like to try it, spend some time in Journey. Find a favorite rhythmic drum track, which you’d like to listen to. Headphones or speakers will either do fine. Find a quiet/sacred space which you enjoy being in, to be cozy. Lie down to listen to the rhythmic track, which you’ve chosen. It’s important to not be suddenly aroused out of trancework, so please, be gentle with yourself and choose a space where you will have undisturbed peace. Preferably for a relaxing journey, darken the room– or place a handkerchief over your eyes. Much of the time, this enhancement of the dark, invites forth heightened sensitivity of the body’s other devices than sight of the two eyes. The darkening of artificial and outdoor light  helps you go into the deliciousness of the dark of the inward mystery.

Enter into a landscape, in your mind’s eye and see what you see. Much of the time, you’ll see an entrance point in a landscape, like a hole in a tree, a cave or you’ll be drawn to climb up a vine, or a rainbow!  Through your intention you’ll be able to manifest in your mind’s eye, to see guides — either animal or human form, within your Journey. Ask these animal or spirit guides your questions. Many times, you will meet with lifelong spirit guides and animal totem spirit guides. You also may be shown symbolism. If you do see an animal in your Journey, research their specific ‘totem medicine.’ If at any point, in the Journey, you’re not receiving clear answers or there’s a lull, ASK to see more. Perhaps your Journey will more be about bodily sensations and healing. If so, that’s ok and normal. Allow that to be and receive some of that alternate reality support through the unseen, healing Lightwork, coming through for you. If you feel uncomfortable during the journey, ASK for the scenes or energy to ‘ease up.’ This is all within you, so, you are safe & you call the shots and make the boundaries. As the drum track comes to a close, emerge from the Journey by seemingly allowing the imagery to rewind or imagine yourself moving backwards through the space you’ve been in. This process is a safe way to slowly bring your awareness back into your fingers, toes, limbs, torso. Stretch slowly. You may find it beneficial to journal about your experience. It’s always amazing to reread journal entries, as you may find insights from the past, speaking to your present day self, for one example!

It’s really positive for us to take some time in Journeywork and self- reflection!!!! It is this self-reflection which helps us grow Spiritually, to become increasingly mindful, aware of our bodies, our needs, our intuition!

Also, if you feel comfortable to do so, facilitate a Journey circle gathering. Many times, you’ll find when doing Shamanic Journey with friends, the message and images, sync up together! As a group– solutions, ideas, support, the missing pieces–all come together, in the time of sharing, after the Journeywork. Also, the group dynamic generates healing within each other and outwardly. One of the best things people, on the positive path, can do– is gather with like-minded, good folks and set intentions, be in meditation and send Light.

Bees and Sacred Geometry <– (Article linked within! A beautiful reflection, fractal reality. More, YET, about the special medicine of Bees.)

Sacred geometry of the honeycomb

Relating to our topic today, you may want set an intention to do a BEE JOURNEY! After reading about the totem a bit, perhaps, through the ‘linsdomain‘ article — (posted above, in this blog & linked there): Ask yourself: What does bee medicine mean to me? What can bee’s medicine teach me?:

More Bee Medicine reflections: Are you overworking? Are you beelieving in yourself? Are you creating what you want to bring to life– or are you focusing too much on what others say that you should be doing?

Self- reflection and receiving & integrating messages in Journeywork are all a helpful ways to see how we may be able to take an action, however small or gargantuan, to help our bee friends and also, bring healing to ourselves. See how Bee medicine is applying to your life. Allow ‘Bee’ and any spirit animal friends to bring messages through your Journeywork.

All of us can create a healthier, non-toxic, more inviting environment for ourselves AND for the bees– even in our own back yards, by growing plant varieties indigenous to your land which that provide pollen and nectar that attracts bees, avoiding unnecessary use of pesticides. A space of Love is Here and Now, don’t await it, create it. Also, keeping mindful caring in the forefront of our mind creates mindful actions. If we, as a community, set that mindfulness as our goal, we’ll see reality begin to make more radical shifts, in the way of the Positive Path.

“Mindful consumption is the way to heal ourselves and to heal the world.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh


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