The realms of Spirit, Breath, Life ~ Shamanic Endeavors

The shape of sound & Sound Healing

You may want to eventually mute your sound on that video, especially if you have dogs, they many not appreciate it, as much, as you may find it interesting. 😉

  Let’s reflect about these patterns created by sound frequencies.

Visual Alchemy

Where do these patterns truly lie on the continuum of our reality and how can the sacred Geometry within be healing for yourself and your clients?

Visual Alchemy

Since we see that sound has that beautiful effect of bringing forth balanced formations in sand, we can imagine how the balance can be brought forth with sacred intention within ourselves, loved ones and our clients (if you have a healing practice.)

The effects of sound vibration in water.

And to think….of our human body composition ~60-70 percent WATER.

I invite you to this exercise:

Take note how you are feeling before you begin this exercise. I have two tracks here, a sweet ambient, flowing track and also Tibetan Bowls. Also feel free to choose another similar track in your collection or on YouTube. Then, Sit and listen ~ If you body wants to move…stand up…and flow– just allow and move as you are lead.

What do you note now feels different in your body?

If you have Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, sacred bells or tinkshas around you and you utilize them, here’s a practice for you. If you have an oracle card deck– Take a breath, don’t overthink or do too much– and just pull out a card in front of you, in this moment. What does this card say/invoke?

Now.. with the cleansing of your breath and sitting around your Tibetan bowls and/sacred bells …ring them for a time, clearing the cobwebs away of the mind. Now, pick another card from your deck. How about this card? Does this resonate more deeply with your inner mind? Might you say, the sound healing brought forth more balance and clarity of which card you were drawn to chose?

This was just a simple exercise to get into the practice of clearing energy and intentionally becoming clearer in mind. We see how important clarity can be in our practices, throughout the day.

Balance of Energy is Key ~ and Sound can really aid us, in this!

The Balancing Act by Amy Brown

Bowls and Bells are definitely not absolutely needed before card readings or healing sessions, but it’s a favorite way for me to clear my space, around me and also the cobwebs in the mind.

Before or after a session with a client to receive Reiki on my table, I certainly like to invite the bell to sound. Also I find it helpfully clearing to be utilizing a sacred rattle to clear energy after a session.

Another example, We love our favorite bands … We have affinities to certain types of sound creation, made by certain people and their creative mingling of instruments, lyrics and the way they choose to integrate the sound of voice and the method of playing these instruments. There is a lot to be said about how an artist creates their music and their own  inter-workings of their minds!!

Find your own heart song, each day. Hum, sing, drum, BE your heart song.

So, we may want to tune in to our body, seek to find the method with which we’d like to bring Sound Healing into our lives! Yes, yes, yes, Be the Music!


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  1. Holy smokes, Rebecca and I were just chatting about sacred Geometry yesterday, as that is how they teach Geometry in Waldorf schools…very interesting post, especially after the Shaman documentary I watched the other day!!! This world is totes an illusion, yo. 😉

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