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Hey, I’m having a weird Hallowe’en day ~ Anyone else? Just wonky energies and everyone seems a lil ‘off’??  Just thought I’d share that tidbit fact….

So for the past few days, I had been thinking I wanted to write about my theory on Glenn Danzig’s karma, and what better day, than today???….


My fav~!!!

Since I began my meditation practice, I noticed alot of sensitivities to certain things which I used to enjoy…ie Staying out late, drinking alot of beer, waking up to punk rock music, watching horror movies and going on dates with pricks. All of these things do not have anything, necessarily, to do with each other,– But they can correlate on certain days. **(Also, it’s not wrong or bad to enjoy such things…just sharing, simply, of my side symptom of meditation.)

One niche ‘like’ that has not ceased to change is that appreciation for the Misfits / Sir Glenn Danzig. Since this ‘like’ has stayed strong, I began to contemplate …and just,– look deeply into the lyrics of Danzig’s music….

Oh yeah!

So, this lyrical content, even though violent and disturbing when read outside of the sound vibration of the song  …   I thought to myself– there’s some kind of energy of pure catharsis made without anger, when recording/performing these songs, themselves– that causes the song to be digestible and enjoyable ..without that nauseous feeling you might incur from watching a gory horror flick ((which most probably has little soul refinement or social responsiblity of the director/writer.)) **(Disclaimer: And this nausea, which I speak of towards Gore, of course, is depending on who you are, your affinities and what movie, to have such a response.)

I started to ponder a few years ago and then proclaim– to myself — and..also to my boyfriend at the time, who I thought would care about my theory… (He also love, love, loved Danzig/the Misfits)… that Glenn Danzig was indeed an enlightened, evolved being who is here to do service work, helping us to purifying our darkest of urges, our most low vibe, sinister thoughts….Yes, thoughts so deep in the recesses of your mind, you may not even feel their stirrings. But Glenn, he shines the LIGHT on ’em…so you — may not– unconsciously ACT ON EM!!!!

Keep on rockin’ in the free world, Bodhisattva Danzig.

Peace y’all ~ through purgation of the Shadow ~

And Happy Halloween.



Comments on: "☠ Halloween tribute to Danzig ~ Mucho Necessary before the day is out…." (2)

  1. God bless the misfits!

  2. AHO, to that, my sister o’ shreddin’ axe!

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