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When hanging out with some ol’ friends this Friday ~ which was…the theorized ‘end’ to the calendrical system of the Mayans… THEE 28TH was the day. Twas the day that Carl Calleman theorized was IT!

And…There was definitely something noteworthy from Friday…get ready for this — this is HUGE, ascension crew:

The unexpected nuances of fun in a day…Love in a family…enjoyment with friends…cute, new smiling baby with dimples, sunshine, falling, colourful leaves and yummy food from a vegetarian Asian cafe ….

Yeah. That really happened. 😉 Great last day of the world as we know it!

And I’m damn grateful to be in this body, in this time, in this place! Effin’ A, yeah!

So, My friends, whom I visited, create some awesome books. They showed me the Hardcover of their latest creation. I was particularly inspired by one of their Haiku’s, within the book…and this is why I create this entry today. :::::

I have no regrets

I didn’t live a clean life.

The Past is not mine

That’s by my buddy, Chal.

It made me think about my life…the story which I tell, up until this point…I think about how Eckhart Tolle invites us to drop the stories & BE PRESENT.

(So firstly, check out my friends’ book here:)

Spiritual Gardens: A Guide to Meditating in Nature

How do you tell your story? What would happen if you dropped your stories? What would you manifest differently, in the moment? Would your relationships be different?

A Story which I often tell after a relationship dissipates:

Love Haiku After a Bitter Break Up
Broken no repair
happy couples bug me now
Scald them with coffee

written from:


I flunked chemistry
Just like our relationship...
Too combustible

written from:


But then sometimes the stories aren’t so lousy…And there’s a happy ending … without the bitterness and hurt…just movin’ on W/ gratitude, baby…

Sentimental me
You liked rockin’ metal bands
Sexy Dark Man Love.

It’s ok where ever you’re at, in relationship with another human or with God, Nature, yourself …. In a sappy, honey soaked cosmic union, or releasing something which was good/bad, or on an even keel. In neutrality, or in uncertainy, more like a Koan than a Haiku ;-), or having a new baby w/ your partner, or already balancing raising a fam,  or planting a garden w/ your sweetie, or planning a ceremony to exchange vows or even in a messy breakup … Hey, Enjoy that beauty — whether a CHAOTIC mess or blissful goodness. It’s a fingerprint which can’t and won’t be duplicated. Let it inspire and CREATE something out of it. Share the merit!


Mayan Calendar ♁
Love reigns on the New Earth, now.
Show your love in Art.

~~written by k8Bee~~

**If you have a HAIKU which you’d like to share ~ post it in the comments (… let it loose on the New Earth!)

((Letting go of the past ~ into the presence of NOW!))


Comments on: "❦ Relationships, Haikus, the Past. (All time is NOW.) ⌛" (2)

  1. This was a great post, buddy. I cracked up at the haikus and I loved the spiritual hug image. Ahh, true love…so true.

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