The realms of Spirit, Breath, Life ~ Shamanic Endeavors

I must say I’m anticipating a really lovely Friday.

Maybe because it’s the Friday before Samhain/Hallowe’en/Dia de Los Muertos weekend…the veils will naturally be thin…

Maybe it’s because I requested a day off of work for then…

Maybe it’s because I’m meeting my friends new baby on that day…


Teehehe  ~ I feel, fine.

What makes me say this, anyway? What’s so special about Friday….????

So what are these vids saying? Well, according to Calleman’s theory and view of the Mayan Calender, and this is just my synopsis– We’ve entered the highest level of consciousness and we are about to embark into timelessness. A liberation, a new beginning beyond description. This embarkment will truly begin, on– the 28th. I mean, I’m sure you’ve been feeling SOMETHING happening…of for about…I dunno, EVER?! So yes…we may be beginning a new phase, the WORLD AS WE KNOW IT…becoming INCREASINGLY unveiled to– the Ultimate dimension!! We shall see…(use your third eye, >>here<<.)

However…I’d like to assert as a wee reminder, to not overthink – no one will know the day or the hour – 😉

So, Keep on Truckin’, y’all!

For me the changes which I felt in my body or ‘ascension symptoms’ came, really strongly in 2007. Ya know, those unexplainable symptoms, manifestations, feelings, tweakings and/or physical irregularities which you seem to have in common, in some cosmic way, to the people who are around you. These seeming threads to my community, seeing true evidence that I was NOT alone on this crazy ride, gave me hope and new refreshment for human-ness, our experience. ALL towards this process of our cellular vibration raising to…Ascension/Remembrance/Oneness/Enlightenment

Some More Links of the ‘What’s going on’ type:


An album that is quite awesome, ‘Endgame‘, by Rise Against…good stuff, good message here…RIGHT ACTION!

RIGHT THOUGHT! To all the thoughts which lead to non-harmoniousness action…I Love You, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive me. Thank you.

We can change this world.


So, What are you feeling may happen on this Friday…with the theory, that it is the true last day of the Mayan Calendar??

Regardless ~ ALL LIGHT, Love, Ever deepening wisdom and peace to you, on all traversing of the Light Realms. ṍNE LṍVE!


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