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Chin up ~ Please don’t forget — Look to the Sky for inspiration ….

A friend posted an amazing pic of light emitting angelic-like form from a cloud (there ’tis, below) …. I don’t know who took this pic or where it’s at (so,– much props and due acknowledgment to this photog/artist) … I do believe it to be a manifestation of LIGHT, healing to our Earthly grid. Lord knows we need it.

Connecting with the fact that I’ve been seeing alot of INTERESTING clouds / Beings in the sky and also those lil rainbow prisms (sundogs) lately….more than ever!!

Ok…so, for my pictures ~~ Sundog, below (speaking of the floating, lil rainbows in the sky) with…. what I think is a sweet golden Archangel orb here…(Gabriel)


It still moves…baby… 😉  “Watchin’ a stretch of road…miles of LIGHT explode. Driftin’ off a thing I’ve never done before….You’ll be right here forever, we’ll go through this thing together. And on Heaven’s Golden Shore, we’ll lay our heads.”

And more pics o’ mine … the SHORE ~ with protective Light beings…against — a chem trail? I dunno– perhaps dispelling that energy, if so.


A Fairy in the sky with Diamonds…. and…with a wand 😉 hehehe


And Hearts and Angels ….


Sometimes more discreetly there …

What are your thoughts? Do you have Angel-sky pics? If so…post via imgur in comments below ~~~~

May the Light of the ONE INFINITE CREATOR radiate forth from YOU to ALL! Knowing these signs, and seeing them w/ a clear EYE — understanding that we are protected & shall — ultimately, BE ALriiiiight.

ALoHa, Peace ~ & Angelic Light,

Kate Bee Moon

Stone walls do not a prison make,
Nor iron bars a cage;
Minds innocent of quiet take
That for a hermitage;
If I have freedom in my love
And in my soul am free,
Angels alone that soar above
Enjoy such liberty.

Richard Lovelace


Comments on: "♒Angels εїз in the Sky♒" (3)

  1. Oh, love love love this pics so much! Thank you for an “angelic,” light-filled start to my day! 😉 xoxo

  2. Oh buddy, I originally read this on my phone, and it looked great, but now I am re-viewing it and the image is very striking but it’s hard to read the text!!! I wonder if something has changed???

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